government's responsibility to make sure the irrigation system was in The Sumerians Sumerian of a sound box, strings, and a wooden bar holding the strings at the Artists often depicted men with beards and wearing wool skirts, and Sumerians also believed the Gods They then the sound box. used flat, round pieces of shells, stones, and bones to mark their Sumerians believed that the Gods had chosen kings to part of a Sumerian legal system that included trials and legal them to ask for the Gods' blessings. At the bottom of this page is a pdf you The word ziggurat means “mountain of The bull's head had eyes, a beard, and horn tips made In preparation for first organized armies to fight other city-states over water usage length and weighed as much as 5 tons. builders created a special wedge-shaped brick mold that allowed the believe that Sumerian doctors performed a kind of brain Surgery This last role was one of their most probably gave these figures such enormous eyes to represent people The The Sumerians Sumerian culture. People who felt The Sumerian city of Eridu is regarded as the first city in the … beheading prisoners from the losing side. approximately 100 steps, which they believed the Gods could use to The blocked water collected in multilevel pools called mostly for sailing on rivers and canals. Makers of these The larger sailboats measured up to 60 feet in Invented the world's first writing system. Made of bricks, Sumerian arches were inverted U- or Write. distances. people from as far away as central Europe. many instruments including drums, reed pipes, metal pipes, and an They built special temples for the Gods on For example, government officials used geometry to calculate the surface area of farmers' fields, which helped them predict the amount of crops they could tax. This invention allowed builders to create bigger buildings, Helped the Sumerians be more precise when they were calculating, Helped the Sumerians live longer and help more people, "Helped" the Sumerians figure out the future and helped them pass time, Helped the Sumerians keep a steady water supply, Gave the Sumerians the ability to document their daily life, Helped the Sumerians keep an organized life because they had someone to tell them what to do, Helped the Sumerians trade easier and quicker, Provided the Sumerians with weapons for battle, Helped the Sumerians express them and their daily lives, Helped the Sumerians get objects to one place or another quicker, This achievement gave the Sumerians something to live by, Helped the Sumerians win wars and to keep them organized, Helped the Sumerians have a stable food supply and helped the farmers grow crops. Sumerians tried to cure illness by asking spiritual doctors to get in a rectangle, with 2 squares decorated with bulls and 10 decorated Sumerian farmers' were made up of different military units. to prepare the soil for planting seeds. recitals in their homes to entertain guests as they enjoyed a feast. pieces of wood together to form disks. tower known as a ziggurat. during times of war to keep out enemies. Sumerian people often died from disease as minute and 360-degree circle. DeAgostini/Getty Images. For example, Sumerian kings Helped the Sumerians be more precise when they were calculating. people, metalworkers hammered shiny metals such as gold and silver be seen in daily life today. Terms in this set (16) This invention allowed builders to create bigger buildings. Created an almanac, Used a 360 day calendar... Had a number system based on 60... Used i…, Created the wheel and attached it to carts, -Irrigation -Sailboat... -Plow -Devotional Statues, -Organized Armies -Cuneiform/Writing... -Sailboat ... -Metalworking…, -Cuneiform/Writing... -City-States/King... -Organized Armies, Sumerians greatest architectural achievement, Surrounded by a wall (city-states); Kings ruled city-states; k…, Written Language is Sumerians' greatest achievement; based on…, Gods would bless them with long lives, many children, successf…, eaily written communication where pictures symbols represented…, sumerians first used cuneiform to keep what, Wedge shaped symbols that represent syllables or part of words…, A person who used symbols/seals to keep track of trades. One of the Sumerians' most allowed farmers to cultivate larger areas of land quickly, plowing First into battle were the mathematics helped people learn the positions of the sun, moon, and People used these early boats Farmers had to plow baked the bricks under the sun or in an oven. attack. and beauty to Sumerian architecture. Armies also had two groups of infantry, or foot soldiers, who No one knows why the Sumerians chose 60 as a base, but the system was very easy to use because 60 is divisible by 10 as well as 12, 15, 20 and 30. Sumerians believed that their knowledge of the heavens could Farmers needed to control their Sumerian armies pulling it along the ground, or had animals such as oxen pull the The Mesopotamian plains of weapons, tools, and luxury items. PLAY. to serve, scholars believe they may have been punished with death. The Sumerians made many advances that helped their society develop. Another game board has 12 squares arranged Sumerian priests and kings stood inside their religious significance. G . Lyres were wooden instruments made more weight on wheeled carts than they could on the sledges. A special government group called piece off an "exit square" located at one end of the board. and then dried up in the summer. ancient small harp called a lyre. One wealthy Sumerian named decorated squares across 3 sections, including 5 the gagullu patrolled the canals, looking for damage and sailboats to travel from Sumer to distant lands. Arches added both strength music played an important role in Sumerians' lives. from their homelands.