That was a big loss to eat. Then you have the owner of Civil War weapons who may have inherited Civil War items from a relative or purchased a couple pieces a few years back, they over paid for the gun or sword and now they not only want to get their money back but they want to make 50% premium, sorry but it doesn’t work like that. It is in pristine condition. Roger, Rodger, The other weapon you have is a Flintlock which is pre Civil War and a bit out of my wheel house but I will research and get back to you on my findings. Here we present an antique Edward Robinson Contract US Model 1861 Civil War, ORIGINAL AND EXCEPTIONAL CIVIL WAR CONFEDERATE CSA FAYETTEVILLE ARMORY PERCUSSION RIFLE DATED 1864 WITH HIGHLAND COUNTY VA. HISTORY, Fantastic London Armory 1863 Dated "LAC" P53 Enfield Rifle. Gene, I attached a picture of some items that a friend of mine says are from the civil war. I have attached one photo to this email but certainly can send several showing the few stampings on the weapon. Hoard owned the factory and received contracts from the Government to help the war effort. Please let me know if you are or if there is any value in the collection. After doing some research, it appears the government purchased the first 1000 rifles. It’s my opinion that the best way of understanding value of Civil War weapons is to do your research. Below I’ve included there description of your weapon. It belonged to my Great, Great grandfather. Interested in selling most of my antique guns (trying to retire/downsize) I can send pics. Percussion cap ignition and 1,000 yard marksman’s or sniper’s sight. Even smoothbored at conversion, the full length barrel makes it a perfect candidate for relining, that is having a rifled .58 caliber liner put in by one of the guys that specializes in that work. The other items aren’t worth much, it’s all about the buckle. Hi Gene, And a 7 but it’s not facing in the right direction. 23 thoughts on “ 1862 Enfield, P-1853 Type III Rifle Musket ” Greg on April 29, 2013 at 4:47 am said: Most camps say that the SH / G# should be attributed to Sinclair, Hamilton & Co, importers for … Civil War MOWRY Model 1861 Musket NORWICH Contract Civil War US Model 1861 with BAYONET and SCABBORD! Well that’s a good question Matt……hmmmmmmm Jay Teague, Jay only sells high quality weapons and is great to do business with. It’s my opinion based on your photos your weapon is in less then good condition……but that’s just my opinion. We live in northeastern North Carolina looking for a recommendation of someone in NC or VA. Chad, It’s a Virginia Manufactory Rifle Type 2, dated 1821, that was one of roughly 250-360 altered by Merrill of Baltimore (whom was much more famous for his Merrill carbines than conversions) in early 1861 when Richmond was trying to convert flintlocks to percussion before the war kicked off. Just inherited it and my grandpa has no clue. 55.5”. I have no idea how you did that so fast. SKU: M2595. Eric, I apologize for not responding sooner I’ve been extremely busy lately. All have sniper’s sights, marked to 800 meters maximum and there are five triangular bayonets, some with scabbards. P1853 TOWER ENFIELD - 1862 - Tiffiny. Craig, I started becoming more disciplined, I purchased all the research books I could to make me a better consumer.