Free Shipping. Either way, it is an effective cutter, handling slicing and piercing tasks well. Here they are for each Valet model (noting that the B/H is the same for all models at .79, an excellent number): Base Model: B:W: 1.36 (2.96 inch blade/2.18 ounces). Its super thin behind the edge, making it quite effective (especially considering the stock itself is thinner than the Mini Grip stock). I have owned all of the non-Gold class Valets, the basic, the Shinola collab, and this one the 485GRY-1801 and each has been a sweet blade. Les had been to a high school shop class, so he blueprinted what his dream knife would be. Both are truly excellent knives and very close to being the perfect EDC. The review of the Base Valet is above. Its blade is made from super premium M390 steel in a matching finish. The knife comes outfitted with bright orange anodized aluminum thumb studs and an orange G-10 backspacer. A drop point style blade is one of the best shapes for an all-purpose knife. Fundamentally, it is a superior blade. At $361 retail, I am basically paying $200 for titanium handles, a crazy bright orange/red thumbstud, and DLC on the blade (not DLC coating, which would be like Billy D. Williams full name William D. Williams—Diamond-like Coating coating). The stainless steel liners are a great addition because they will need a little less maintenance. Its a natural side effect of the Axis lock and this knife appears better than most. It is a distillation of all that is Benchmade compressed into a single, EDC-focused knife. Recently, the Valet has been revamped and reborn in an exclusive, limited unlimited, Titanium Gold Class knife. Design-wise its like the Benchmade Mini Grip and the Benchmade Aphid had a baby. The pocket clip has also been treated with a Diamond Like Coating. This is not the most timely review. In fact, it is more like a dull finish with a bit of chalk dust over it. Damasteel is a true work of art. Billet titanium handle scales give the knife a heft and balance in the hand and both scales and blade are Chromium Nitride coated for a subdued look. There are are five variants: The base model with gray G10 and a satin blade (485) which retails for $180. This bar is positioned towards the butt of the blade and it extends onto both sides of the knife, crossing the liners. All of the Valets I have had just crush the design. Les chose the name Benchmade because there were “handmade knives” and “factory-made knives”. Les finished the very first knife in his garage. If there is a place where the other two would diverge in score, I will note that so this is a three for one review (Base, Shinola, and GRY). Titanium has the highest corrosion resistance out of the metals. Like so many other things on the Valet, this grind is just sexy. The blade starts out with a billet, which is one single piece of solid steel. The 485 Valet is an everyday-friendly size AXIS Lock folder made with premium materials and Benchmade's distinguished build-quality make this classy mid-sized knife ready for your everyday lifestyle. Designed and manufactured in the USA with Austrian blade steel. A deep-carry pocket clip allows comfortable and discreet everyday carry. DigitlHaus, Benchmade Valet Titanium Gold Class Knife Review, Smith & Wesson Military and Police Knives, he Valet has been revamped and reborn in an exclusive, limited unlimited, Titanium Gold Class knife. Here is the product page. N/A. The exposed rear tang and pivot business is not my favorite thing, but neither of those things are critical flaws. That plus the fact that the Valet is an underrated knife prompted me to post this review. Titanium is a lightweight material, but extremely strong. Out of stock. $39.00. After the powder is collected, it is compacted with a cold press which allows for the subsequent HIP at high temperature and high pressure. The drop point shape sports a big belly with ample cutting room, so you have plenty of room for slicing. This style of knife can stand up to almost anything and is one of the most popular blade shapes on the market today. The anodization process on this particular knife created a blue violet color. The lowered tip gives you better control and a stronger tip. It is also the same rough size as the recently released Reate T2500, though that knife is cheaper. Over time you can get used to the teeny pieces and the knife becomes smooth and easy to both open and close, but there is a bit of a learning curve and some finger yoga required. The drop point blade shape is one of the most versatile blade shapes. But the combination of those stylistic touches and the Valet’s overall design beauty make this one of the best looking Benchmades, if not THE best looking Benchmade ever. The tip on this blade shape is also stronger than a clip point, but a clip point shape would be sharper. They also added a deep carry, reversible, tip up pocket clip. Its not technically perfect, there are parts of it that I am not a huge fan of, but overall this is a knife I can really get behind. This limited edition 485GRY-1801 Valet features a titanium handle in a smoked gray chromium nitride finish. 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Today, I take down and lubricate a Benchmade Valet for a buddy of mine. It is easy to remove and switch to other positions. This is a blade that will be able to do it all. In short, the Valet is Benchmade’s current best effort at an all-around perfect everyday carry knife. The knife comes outfitted with bright orange anodized aluminum thumb studs and an orange G-10 backspacer. Knife Voyager Grip: 2 (485GRY-1801 and G10 version); 1 (Shinola version). Here the matte finish on both the handle and the blade comes off looking sun bleached after that. The pocket clip on this knife is a deep carry, reversible, tip up clip. Its exorbitantly priced for what you get. Thanks to its slender shape, snag-free edges, and a great clip, any of the Valets are a delight to carry. I’d love to see this smaller lock on other knives as it would allow Benchmade to make knives in the Dragonfly size range. Something that is unique to titanium is that it actually has a warm feel to it. Axis locks are always high fidget factor knives as they can be opened multiple ways and require some finger gymnastics to close. Retail: $425.00. Benchmade Valet Billet Titanium M390 Chromium Nitride Gray Limited Run 485GRY-1801. I tried to buy one when it first came out, going so far as to call a few internet knife retailers. One was the stock gray G10 version that I gave to a colleague when he retired after 25 years, and the other is riding along in my pocket many days out of the week — a collaboration sprint run between Benchmade and the watch company Shinola. Titanium Scales for Benchmade Mini Bugout 533. To finish off the perfect blade, Benchmade decided to carve it into a drop point shape. Model: BM-485GRY-1801. The base Valet is a superior knife. I have owned all of the non-Gold class Valets, the basic, the Shinola collab, and this one the 485GRY-1801 and each has been a sweet blade. Once seen, it can never be unseen. Damascus steel is famous for the strength, durability, and artistry that it possesses. 550-227-4946 robert It’s not a loud, shouty knife but the Valet mixes minimalistic design with high end materials in an extremely portable package, a knife that’s designed to be used, not passed around. I missed out and consigned myself to never owning one. Titanium Scales for Benchmade Mini Bugout 533. This could be classified as a shallow drop point or a very slighly asymmetrical spearpoint. Skip to the end of the images gallery This means that if you are working in cold environments often, the metal isn’t going to bite into your hand like aluminum would. Titanium Backspacer for Benchmade Mini Bugout Knife. ... Titanium Ball Cage Lock for Spyderco Manix 2 Knife. If that is a feature to you, the Valet will delight. The GRY’s special feel and features makes it really hard to compare to other knives. Especially after they have a Diamond Like Coating, to add strength and durability. For this knife, they chose a Ladder Pattern Damasteel. Benchmade is a fantastic company with an excellent reputation. If done right it can be absolutely rock solid. As it is, if you want a small Benchmade, this is pretty much the only game in town other than the visually assaultive Micro Pocket Rocket, which just may be the ugliest knife of the last five years. Otherwise, your standard valet comes in grey G10 with a natural-looking grain pattern and either a plain edge or half-serrated blade. When you sprinkle the special features of the 485GRY-1801 on top of the already solid formula of the base model, you have a wickedly cool, wickedly good knife. There’s also a Shinola x Benchmade Valet collab for $200 with “Dymonwood” stabilized wood handles if you’re into hipster things. Not that there’s anything wrong with the Mini Grip in its myriad of different configurations (especially the new G10/20CV models) but the Valet offers nicer materials and similar size in a smaller footprint, fitting more as the disappear into your pocket role than its chunkier brother. Unless your are a Sasquatch with huge hands, that is. Stay on point with the latest products, offers and more! One small point—this is a reduced size Axis lock, about 75% the size of a typical one, and thanks to good texturing around the bar ends, it is just as effective. SOLD OUT. Thanks to a well-tuned Axis lock and good access to the thumbstuds, the Valet fires open nicely and repeatedly. The Orange anodized thumb stud and Orange G10 backspacer give this Valet a splash of color without being over the top. That knife swaps out the G10 for dymondwood scales, a resin-impregnated wood product with the look and feel of wood but the durability and dimensional stability of G10.