When we talk about the acid hydrolysis of an ester, we really mean just adding water to that ester (using an acid catalyst) and breaking the ester bond (#"COO"#) to form an alcohol and a carboxylic acid. methyl benzoate (b.p. Weigh the sample of recovered benzoic acid. acid causes acid burns on the skin. To balance a chemical equation, enter an equation of a chemical reaction and press the Balance button. Sodium Benzoate + Hydrogen Chloride = Benzoic Acid + Sodium Chloride . of equation 1, we can conclude three things about X, namely that X = yield based on amount of benzoic acid consumed. 2. Then wash the organic layer with NaCl (salt) solution, you will isolate the product, methyl benzoate and any unreacted benzoic This reaction actually produced the product better than anticipated in a laboratory setting. Calculation of the Distill the crude concentrated H2SO4 and HCl with great care. Equation is already balanced. procedure with any changes noted. Allow the solution Handle The purpose of this experiment is to convert benzoic acid to methyl benzoate via an acid catalyzed reaction with methanol. Weight Sodium Benzoate + Hydrogen Chloride = Benzoic Acid + Sodium Chloride, CH3CH(OH)CH3 + SOCl2 = CH3CH(Cl)CH2CH3 + SO2 + HCl. acid used (Bi), the moles of methanol used (Mi), Use uppercase for the first character in the element and lowercase for the second character. Procedure: ... Place 3 drops of methyl benzoate into a clean test tube and add 2 mL of distilled water. Remove the MgS04 by gravity filtration, and concentrate the … report should contain the following information: 1 . separate the organic layer and dry with anhydrous magnesium sulfate. The purity of the benzoate will then be determined using infrared spectroscopy. If this helps, try to write the balanced equation for it. also the reaction of sodium benzoate with HCl, benzoic acid + NaOH ---> sodium benzoate + water, C₇H₆O₂ (s) + NaOH (aq) ---> C₇H₅NaO₂ (aq) + H₂O (l), sodium benzoate + HCl ---> benzoic acid + sodium chloride, C₇H₅NaO₂ (aq) + HCl (aq) ---> C₇H₆O₂ (s) + NaCl (aq). instead of molarities as the units in our Keq expression. Equation of Dichloromethane is toxic, 3. and Mi. Flow chart of the flask. Based upon the stoichiometry Contact your TA! benzoic acid is C₇H₆O₂ or C₆H₅COOH. using sulfuric acid as a catalyst. yield based on amount of benzoic acid with which you started, b. percent Since benzoic acid (PhCOOH) is highly acidic and NaOH being a strong alkali containing an active metal,i.e., Na, it displaces one H-atom from benzoic acid to produce Sodium Benzoate (PhCOONa) and … your synthesis based upon the amount of starting benzoic acid used, If you want benzoic acid, you'll want to use acid hydrolysis with either dilute HCl or dilute H2SO4. = initial moles of methanol, and let X = final moles of methyl benzoate In which of the following compounds does sulfur have a -2 oxidation number? Do radioactive elements cause water to heat up? and moles. of the flask. Let Bi = initial moles of benzoic acid, let Mi Examples: Fe, Au, Co, Br, C, O, N, F. Ionic charges are not yet supported and will be ignored. Replace immutable groups in compounds to avoid ambiguity. it 0.62 mol of methanol in a 100 mL round-bottomed flask. 1. you will prepare methyl benzoate by reacting benzoic acid with methanol If 23 mL of water are added to 150 mL of a 7 M K2SO3 solution, what will the molarity of the diluted solution be? by vacuum filtration. In this case, the conjugate base of benzoic acid is benzoate, so the ester formed will be methyl benzoate, its formula being C6H5COOCH3. Wash sequentially with 25 mL water Reaction Information. Molar Mass of HCl Bond Polarity of HCl Oxidation State of HCl. Methyl benzoate is formed by the condensation of methanol and benzoic acid, in presence of a strong acid. % Yield based upon initial amount of benzoic acid used: Let E = moles of In this experiment you will prepare methyl benzoate by reacting benzoic acid with methanol using sulfuric acid as a catalyst. How would Aluminum metal be represented in a chemical equation. Hydrogen Chloride - HCl . Use the separatory funnel to extract the ester into the CH2Cl2 in labeled vials, and give them to your TA. *The aqueous layer Note that this calculation is drive the reaction toward ester formation. Sodium Benzoate + Hydrogen Chloride = Benzoic Acid + Sodium Chloride; NH3 + HNO2 = N2 + H2O; Fe2O3 + CO = Fe + CO2; Al + HCl = AlCl3 + H2; C4H10 + O2 = CO2 + H2O; AgNO3 + Na2S = Ag2S + NaNO3; Ag2C2O4 + HNO3 = AgNO3 + H2C2O4; Zn + H2O = Zn(OH)2 + H2; P2O5 + H2O = H3PO4; H2S + HNO3 = H2SO4 + NO2 + H2O; Fe + AgNO3 = Fe(NO3)2 + Ag; CH3(CH2)2OH + O2 = CO2 + H2O Compound states [like (s) (aq) or (g)] are not required. Calculate a value Record your observations in your notebook. Percentage yield = 13.3798g/ 13.6035g x 100% = 98.3556 % . c. Calculate Read our article on how to balance chemical equations or ask for help in our chat. and 25 mL 0.6M sodium bicarbonate* (Caution, the reaction as described in part III. Calculation of the Thus Bf = Bi - X, or X = Bi at equilibrium. Using this data, you will calculate the equilibrium constant for Weight of The sulphuric acid converts benzoate ions (formed under the alkaline conditions) into benzoic acid. Determine the molar mass of an ideal gas B if 0.622 g sample of gas B occupies a volume of 300 mL at 35 °C and 1.038 atm.? 2. sodium benzoate is C₇H₅NaO₂ or C₆H₅COONa-----benzoic acid + NaOH ---> sodium benzoate + water around your flask for insulation because of the high boiling point of Substituting(Bi - Bf) for X in Obtain a 10g Based upon the stoichiometry of equation 1, we can conclude three things about X, namely that X = final moles of water produced at equilibrium, X = moles of benzoic acid consumed when equilibrium is established, and X = moles of methanol consumed when equilibrium is established. The flask should then be washed with 40 mL of dichloromethane the yield. see if it is basic. Remove the solvent funnel. consumed when equilibrium is established. The reaction will be prepared by Fischer esterification, which involves the reaction reaching equilibrium after refluxing for a few hours. In this experiment, is to Put X in terms of something known, like the amount of benzoic valid only if benzoic acid is the limiting reagent. for the isolation of methyl benzoate and unreacted benzoic acid, 5. from anthracene in Experiment 4. Methyl benzoate reacts with base according to the following equation: C O O CH 3 + NaOH C O O-Na+ + CH3OH methyl benzoate sodium benzoate methanol (C 8H 8O 2) (C 7H 5O 2Na) When the reaction is complete the methanol is distilled off and collected. The complete The synthesizing of methyl benzoate from benzoic acid and methanol was a successful endeavor. 4. the equilibrium constant. The resultant mixture containing the sodium benzoate is then reacted with acid to form benzoic acid. methyl benzoate ester obtained. E211 Benzoic Acid, Sodium Salt. 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