In order to continually improve our website, we collect As I disclosed in the Hub itself! 2 pork hocks and 1 trotter = about 2kg. With time on my hands I decided to have a go but do you know, I asked three people at the supermarket for the recipe and no one had made it; middle age and all. Now was the time not only to help my late dad, but also to learn some of his special cooking processes. My late mom made an awesome brawn using pork troters and a whole head we used to help remove the bones an curried some of itt boy was it good on hot freswh bread and toast. We would never swap the bones and fat for mince as was then the common practice. The best way of eating this is as a snack supper or lunch with a selection of breads, rolls and bagels. Braun Baby Nutrition. Eileen Hughes from Northam Western Australia on July 10, 2008: Good one Rodney. How is hubby managing with the changeof seasons? Stay fit, eat healthy. CURRIED BRAWN . Pigs & Pork (River Cottage Handbook No. This is my take on a classic Coronation chicken with blueberries for a burst of sweetness and the added crunch of celery and almonds. Now I want to make it for my Dad as well as home made pickled onions (both of which I could never tire of). The cold winter mornings, the steam on our breath. Recipe Collection. A tasty, economical terrine made from the meat of a boiled pig’s head. The resulting liquid and the stripped bones in the pot is thick gelatinous rue with all slivers and bits of meat. We love a sausage roll but it’s hard to get good ones and even harder to know if the pork in them is free-range or organic. My husband wants me to make it. Rodney Fagan (author) from Johannesberg South Africa, The Gold Mine City on May 05, 2014: Many people have asked for a specific recipe, it is in the hub itself, although not item by item nor quantities. 14) to your own online collection at The butchers in those early days had very odd times and started work at 03h00 in the morning and closed at 13h00 in the afternoon. Stay fit, eat healthy. Those were indeed the days and fond memories. and so many of them too. 4 cloves. Start the day your way. I will give you feed back when cooked. - unless called for in significant quantity. Recipe Creamed spinach and ham pancakes with béchamel It makes a... A indulgent dish, ideal for a festive celebration or dinner party! hello I am despite to find a delicious BRAWN recipy, I have looked on line and googled it but nothing is catching my eye that reminds me of my childhood memories of it from South Africa , Please could you help ,Im craving it. His Mum passed away two yrs ago and she used to make it for the family. There are even fewer better than pork and cider, a bit of old English alchemy. Pour the mixture into large Pyrex bowls an let them cool down, if you do not have enough bowls use a greased loaf tin. Doing so will remove all the Bookmarks you have created for this recipe. Please read our By continuing to use It was always fascinating to watch the long lines of carcases, suspended by a hook through one of its hind legs, being trundled from one point to another along a vast network of overhead rails, which started at the docking bays and traced its way past and into the various allowed premises of the wholesale butcheries. At Eat Your Books we love great recipes – and the best come from chefs, authors and bloggers who have spent time developing and testing them. This recipe plays on that theme, with a particular nod to... Give this recipe from Steven Lamb a try and discover just how easy it is to make your own smoked duck at home. Steve has never been a big fan of roast turkey. Rodney Fagan (author) from Johannesberg South Africa, The Gold Mine City on March 14, 2009: Glad I could help you with the Brawn recipe, I will be doing a Pickle hub soon so watch my space on the hub. 14). Save this Brawn recipe and more from Pigs & Pork (River Cottage Handbook No. All there for customers to decide what their specific requirements would be. Take care and best wishes from South Africa. There are probably hundreds of recipes for chorizo. Great hub. And we did the pigs trotters too. Salt and pepper. As the pot scrapings at the end of the entire process were really the thing to look forward to, the learning process was the butter and jam. It is the bits and pieces of what is left on the table after stripping the carcasses of your trip to the meat monger! Rodney Fagan (author) from Johannesberg South Africa, The Gold Mine City on November 26, 2008: Thanks for enjoying the hub there xtra tiny. I have been looking for a recipe for ages. This was where all the major wholesale butcheries had a branch from where they received their purchased fresh carcases from the auctioneers at the abattoirs took delivery of the meat and sent it out to their various outlets, also the public could then buy directly from them at a wholesale price, in the market area. This adds a different flavor. Embarrassed to say, I have just bought half a pound from Morrisson's meat counter . Recipe Beef with mustardy lentils and mint This works as a portable lunchbox, picnic dish, or as part of a cold-cuts lunch or buffet spread. Where they were sorted by type and grades. The spicy, savoury flavours of a Bloody Mary are pretty special and needn’t be confined to the famous cocktail. There are many different ways to make and season brawn, Ernie shares his friend Piet’s recipe. Always check the publication for a full list of ingredients. Rodney Fagan (author) from Johannesberg South Africa, The Gold Mine City on November 17, 2008: Thanks RGraf, I am glad you enjoy them. Recipe Collection. Really good, authentic... We quite often blitz surplus root veg and cooked greens together. It remained a firm favourite for many people long after their circumstances improved. This is a gentle process as you do want some chunky bits of meat as well as the meat shreds. for more information. christine oosthuizen on December 01, 2009: Hi Rodney I loved the way you wrote the recipe. As I explained in my article on cooking with the head, trotter and tail of a pig, Ellen, most of the recipes that I have posted, even though I do not always write the nostalgic bits, are my favourite. That is what makes up life pages and pagesof memories, old photographs and smells that trigger off a past. We've pulled together a collection of some of our most popular meat recipes to help you breathe new life into your meat cooking and bring more excitement and satisfaction at mealtimes. There is something so comforting in preparing these things with love in your heart for your family (along with pea and ham soup etc etc). Rodney Fagan (author) from Johannesberg South Africa, The Gold Mine City on March 08, 2009: Thanks for the comment Karen, it is always a pleasure to make these hub recipes of mine sound interesting as well. 1 lemon grated rind . Again, it was the old people who made it having made it only once. This recipe does not currently have any reviews. They are what the French call meilleurs amis. The natural jelly is found is in the hocks,heads as well the bending joints of the 4 legged animals. . Take a large slice of the brawn, boil up some potatoes and mixed vegetables, a teaspoon of curry powder, drain the vegetables and drop in the slice of brawn, fry it up, there a quick stick to ribs type curry. However, will go and get some trotters and head meat ( is that right? ) There are many versions of this fabulous Mediterranean dish of chicken, peppers, olives and rice. to give it a whirl this weekend. 15 ml ( 1 T ) sugar . And, you always make it so interesting. All the bones, cartliges and the like! Left to simmer add salt pepper and any mixture of herbs! I was at the Supermarket today (nz) and saw a half of fresh pig head which I bought. This may not be quite as quick as opening a jar of ready-made curry sauce but it tastes far better. Cold water. We would like to send you details about other River Cottage activities, events, information and products that we think you would be interested in. The following simple exploitation of the happy relationship of pork and shellfish, served with bread, makes a quick and delicious lunch. Rodney Fagan (author) from Johannesberg South Africa, The Gold Mine City on December 02, 2009: Thanks for sharing those thoughts and sentiments, I am sure that the end result will come out well for you as well. non-personal data through cookies. This we would take home with us for further use, which I will now divulge to you dear readers. And you have a search engine for ALL your recipes! Fun and Simple Recipes from Braun. I was at the Supermarket today (nz) and saw a half of fresh pig head which I bought.