When you lift up the lid you will immediately see that even the non-submerged part of the chicken is cooked and white already. (There’s nothing worse than a dry chicken in an adobo!) All images and videos on this blog are owned by The Tummy Train and Clarisse Panuelos. Hi there, Clarisse here and welcome aboard The Tummy Train! Lower the heat and allow to simmer while covered, about 10 minutes or until chicken is tender. And of course, it’s all thanks to Nestle All Purpose Cream’s magical effect! You can transfer the sauce onto a bowl as well, or use another pan if that’s easier for you. Eating and going places. Not too much, not too little. Still learning, making mistakes, trying again. 5. There was a salty punch to my Creamy Chicken Adobo, a hint of heat, and that very nice mouth-feel Chef Rob kept mentioning during the cooking event. Pour in the vinegar-soy sauce mixture and give it a little stir to spread the garlic and chilli all over. Keep posting. You could add more chilies or hot sauce if you like. Next just place your cut-up whole chicken on top of the sauce. 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Add flour and cook for 2 minutes while stirring. Remove and set aside. Try this. Remove excess oil. Adapted from Nestle's Create With Cream website, The Tummy Train https://www.thetummytrain.com/, A Neapolitan Layer Cake made with love using KitchenAid [VIDEO], Getting a premium Korean BBQ experience at Namoo House. Self-professed food & travel storyteller. Thumbs up all around! The 1/4 cup minced garlic is really important because it gives the adobo a bit of depth. Now you can easily prepare and serve delicious dishes to your loved ones. 15 Great Matcha Green Tea Recipes You Should Try Out! Leftover food shouldn’t be left behind. The chicken releases a lot of juices so it might sputter as it touches the oil, so proceed with caution! It’s important to mix it properly so the sauce doesn’t separate! Homemaker. So now you’ll want to remove the excess frying oil from the pan, but you don’t need to get the fond (caramelized bits) at the bottom of the pan off. Let me walk you through how I prepared my version of the Creamy Chicken Adobo recipe! I ended up adding a little over half of one 250mL pack of Nestle All Purpose Cream, remembering that Chef Rob mentioned you didn’t need to add the whole pack in. All photography and text on this site are Copyright of The Tummy Train blog | Clarisse Panuelos ©2011-2020, unless otherwise stated. I learned how to prepare Spicy Chicken Meatballs in Cream Sauce with this easy and fun recipe! But most importantly it had that creamy, almost buttery element to it that you can feel in your mouth. Obviously one of the things I’ve been wanting to make is the Creamy Chicken Adobo recipe Chef Rob Pengson demonstrated during the event. The pieces will be only partly submerged. Manila, PH. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Turning those leftover roasted chicken (or even turkey) into this all time favorite Sisig will definitely give it a new life. I didn’t get to volunteer as one of the blogger-chefs for the day, but thanks to this beautiful #CreateWithCream Kit Nestle gave us, I can make it right in the comforts of my own home! See more ideas about Cream recipes, Recipes, Nestle cream. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive new posts by email. (Or almost dry if that's what you prefer.). Turning those leftover roasted Once you're happy with the flavour of the adobo, remove from heat and serve immediately with rice. Leftover food shouldn’t be left behind. The verdict? This is mostly a food blog, but I also share travel stories every so often. 4. Unauthorized use of content, removal of watermark, or edit and reupload is prohibited and will constitute theft. 3. This step helps keep the chicken’s texture nice. Original material and photographs may not be duplicated or re-published without permission. Chicken liver plays a big role in the success of this dish because it contributes a lot to the flavor of the entire dish. The Nestle All Purpose Cream #CreateWithCream event I attended last July 9 has done nothing but inspire me to cook up a storm. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Since I was feeling quite satisfied with the way my Creamy Chicken Adobo came out, I was confident they were going to love it. You’re going to want to just brown the chicken all over. At this point, it’s important to give this a taste. Hi, I tried this recipe and it was simply delicious. <3  Enjoy watching! A semi-modified version of the original Creamy Chicken Adobo recipe from Nestle. 2. Over high heat, allow the sauce to boil for a little bit since that helps eliminate any unwanted metallic taste from the vinegar. Get over 100 savory recipes contributed by members of the iFoodala Foodies community. Your email address will not be published. Pour in half the pack of Nestle All Purpose Cream first, mixing well before giving it a taste. Jul 3, 2012 - Explore Nestle Cream's board "NESTLE All Purpose Cream Recipes", followed by 554 people on Pinterest. That’s how I knew that this was it! Apart from the ingredients provided in the kit, I decided to add some chilli for a bit of heat. Creamy Chicken Adobo recipe at home with Nestle All Purpose Cream The Nestle All Purpose Cream #CreateWithCream event I attended last July 9 has done nothing but inspire me to cook up a storm. Suddenly adding cream to your adobo doesn’t seem so foreign anymore. You’ll see that there seems to be more liquid than before now that the chicken has released a lot of its juices and added more flavour to the sauce. Sauté chicken in butter. 2. The sizzling plate version is to die for! (Couldn’t resist turning all that bubbling action into a gif!). Garlic, bay leaf, and peppercorns are what will add flavour and cut through the saltiness of the other ingredients. I was aiming to replicate it as much as I possibly could. Simply put it was a lovely sensation! Chicken sisig, on the other hand, can be considered as a healthier alternative because chicken meat has lesser fat. 1. TheTummyTrain.com / @clapanuelos For other variations of the Classic Filipino Adobo recipe, you can drop by recipetv.ph! Since the Nestle All Purpose Cream has already been added, it helps balance out any overly salty flavours from the vinegar and soy sauce mix. This one has a bit of heat and just the right elements of salty and creamy! The original instruction says simmer until the sauce is almost dry but I didn’t do that. STEP 3. I would’ve preferred bird’s eye chilli but this was what we had at home. Sauté chopped onion, garlic, ginger and green chillies in butter, fry till aromatic, toss in garam masala. Recipes that are adapted from other sources will be credited as such, with a link to the original recipe at the bottom of the recipe box. A happy birthday Matcha Green Tea Souffle Recipe, Cream Cheese Ube Rolls with Tablea Coffee | The Tummy Train, The best Homemade Coffee Buns or Kopi Roti ever, Revisited [VIDEO], 1 whole chicken, cut into pieces, approximately 1 kg, 1 250-mL pack Nestle All Purpose Cream, to taste. In a pan, mix together vinegar, soy sauce, water, chilli, garlic, bay leaves, and peppercorns. Learn how to make Delicious Chicken with Bell Peppers Ala Cream , following these simple recipe steps. 1. (10 minutes). Ta-dah! It had just the right punch from the vinegar and soy sauce, plus a bit of heat from the chilli. Return the browned chicken and the reserved sauce into the pan and simmer until the sauce is a bit reduced. As you can see, apart from the 6 peppercorns and 2 bay leaves, I also added some thinly sliced green chilli pepper. I would suggest adding half of the 250mL pack first and then giving it a little mix until incorporated. Alex made a Mini-Cooking video just for you. . Enjoyed this post? Panlasang Pinoy. I’m not quite sure how new the Creamy Chicken Adobo is as a recipe, but to me, the adjective “creamy” is not something I would associate with an adobo dish. Learn how your comment data is processed. You don’t really need to do this in a separate bowl, but this is what my Mom taught me so it was an impulse on my part. Nestle All Purpose Cream changed all that by putting the spotlight on this dish and bringing it to everyone’s attention. In a clean pan, heat some oil for pan-frying your chicken. Sauté garlic, onion, potato, carrot, chorizo (optional), and mushroom in the same pan. Pour water and bring to simmer. When dinnertime rolled around, I couldn’t lift my spoon to eat until I watched my family take their first bite of the Creamy Chicken Adobo. , This is an easy-peasy dish to make too. Saute for a few minutes until lightly browned. I will try this at home this weekend! I decided not to add the Maggi Magic Sarap stated in the original recipe, although you absolutely can if you want to.