Not Registered? We thank you again for choosing marijuana-guides as your go to for all the best strain information. You was pleased or pissed by a strain and like to share your tipps about? First, start by selecting your desired therapeutic or medicinal end result - e.g. Together with our database for historical weather data we can provide very detailed climate zones and weather data even for your area! We offer an interface for cannabis breeders, seedbanks, cultivation and hemp-forums, communities, growers and cannabis-enthusiasts all around the world. Every strain profile we generate offers an image, name, description, growing information, flavor characteristics, and ratings on their medicinal and/or therapeutic properties and in only seconds! For the medicinal properties of individual cannabis varieties we have installed the Medicinal Strain Finder. Headbanger (Sour Diesel K.G. Our licensed seeds were born free in Boulder, Colorado in the heart of the marijuana industry. Lots of more options and stuff are available at the SeedFinder, browse around - you will find it! You also can use the search to find strains by commercial availibility and prices. Well... at the moment we use a bit google-analytics - but in the anonymized version, they not use your full IP - and soon we will kick them out again anyway! Next, choose the growing factors that best suit your needs. If you do not have any preferences, scroll down and choose "Next". cut x Biker Kush V1) by Karma Genetics - one of THE MOST AMAZING AND BEST STRAINS the last years! Our strain finder is designed to help you find the perfect strain of marijuana based on your personal preferences, needs, and previous search history. If this isn't you, no worries! You like to use our strain data for your own purposes, programs or websites? Check back regularly for all the newest in updates. Cannabis Varieties with significant amounts of Cannabidiol (CBD > 2%) you can find here, ordered by different cannabinoid proportions. You can find the SeedFinder at Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram for news, infos and pictures! Click through to discover and learn more about each of these different marijuana strains on Leafly. 35 feminised seedsActual special-offer onOriginal Seeds StoreNow 10.00 % reduced!Use the bonus code SEEDFINDER10 to get this discount! Westword has arguably the largest database of marijuana strains in the Denver area. Dont stay in the back, start helping other growers to find the right strain and get better and bigger yields! Our seeds are available at recreational dispensaries throughout Colorado. You have written a Growreport into a cannabis community? Our strain finder is designed to help you find the perfect strain of marijuana based on your personal preferences, needs, and previous search history. If you prefer to browse, view all strains will bring our full list of strains and their profiles. All questions are optional! Thanks that you are able to look out for strains with a special effect, taste or aroma and to visualize it with a nice pie-chart! Forget everything what you have seen... now! Here you can find all information about the cannabis breeder Colorado Seed Inc.. We've collected data about 29 Cannabis Strains breed by Colorado Seed Inc. (2 of this strains got reviews of the SeedFinder users, with an average rating from 7.5 out of 10!) The SeedFinder needs your input: You have information or experiences about a cannabis strain? Onto this way we can standardize grow-info, tips and tricks, smoke reports and valuations for the different varieties - and even for their phenotypes. Find your favorite medical and recreational marijuana strains near you. Join the biggest Cannabis Platform for free. All information at the marijuana strain database is for free and accessible even without any user-account. Important: The SeedFinder is not a shop, we do not sell any cannabis seed and are not addicted to a breeder or shop. Our platform is currently in public alpha..But we're working hard and have lots of cool things being prepared! Help us to expand and advance the single strain-descriptions with your knowledge. Get weather-data and possible varieties for your area! Remember, the more we get from you the better we can develop the system on our end to bring you better service in the future. However, we want you to be the expert. We enable you to find the tips and tricks for cultivation and growth who are scattered all around the web or to find pictures, profiles and opinions. Happy smoking! An incredible THC-HAMMER of best quality, very medical. 581 various unknown or legendary varieties. Help us help you find the right strain to stimulate, relax or all around develop your enjoyment and connoisseurship of marijuana. You need to have a free account before you can do that. With over 2500 strands, we're sure you'll come across something you'll like. Its all completely anonymous and you even dont need an email address. Join the biggest Cannabis Platform for free. We collect the main grow- and plant data directly from the grower with our multilingual Strain Review Function. 43 are also integrated into the SeedFinder, including offers and actual prices. All strains come from somewhere, if known we store the heritage as exact as possible. These settings are for users who will be growing the strain themselves.For cultivators, the perfect strain will better depend the growing properties, instead of medicinal factors.You can select "Next" if you won't be growing the marijuana strain. Here you can list all pure varieties by origin and countries. With the help of our SeedFinder-System - especially made for this purposes - we are able to collect all important information about individual strains in a compact and searchable way. The more selections you make, the better we can pin point your perfect strands. Here you can watch all Colorado Seed Inc. strains and their ancestors (sorted by origin) with our dynamic strain map! If you are planning your vacation to Colorado, we would recommend supporting the cities and counties that respect your right to marijuana. SeedFinder collects, combines and provides a lots of useful data with the help of its users worldwide. Our objective is to bring you the latest in new and accurate information to help make you the authority on marijuana smoking and growing. We sort our catalogs using a variety of important growing characteristics to make your life easier. Strain Browser; Loacate A Strain; Top Strains; Strain Suggest; Gallery; Dispensary Map; Help/Tips ; Contact; Dispensary Owners; Login; Register; Search cannabis products at dispensaries near you with our interactive map. Finally, you can click to select any flavor profiles that you would prefer your ideal strain to have.Select as many as necessary, or scroll down and select "Finish"! You also can have a look onto our alphabetical list of strains, or view only autoflowering varieties - or the clone-only ones. Read through our profiles, educate yourself, then help educate others by leaving ratings and comments on your personal experiences. The winners of the most important cannabis-cups are connected with our cannabis database. They are sorted by in- and outdoor plants and also by the flowering-time. Help us help you find the right strain to stimulate, relax or all around develop your enjoyment and connoisseurship of marijuana. Simply add your geo-coordinates to get climate- and grow info for your spot! For example: Check out our small helpers and calculators for the indoor grower. You must authenticate before performing your action. With the help of our unique Cannabis Strain Wizard you are able to filter and search your strains based on real reviews and user info! Here you can find 286 Shops at the moment. 25 feminised seedsActual special-offer onOriginal Seeds StoreNow 10.00 % reduced!Use the bonus code SEEDFINDER10 to get this discount! Now in Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Michigan, Oregon, and Washington. You made some pictures? Login We will refine our list so you find everything you need while still having an assortment of options to compare and contrast. At Colorado Seed Inc., we have been breeding connoisseur strains for commercial production since 2008 and we are excited to share our labor of love with fellow gardening enthusiasts. You also can find 143 clone-only strains and last but not least 581 various unknown or legendary varieties. 18055 of the listed strains are from 989 known breeders - connected and expanded with 99 pure local breeds. Use this list to browse through all cannabis strains, whether indica, sativa, or hybrid. You also will not need any Cookies to use the SeedFinder - only for some things it would be useful to accept them - but this is only for remembering strains at the seedsheet or to stay logged in as a user - and anyway - the cookies will be deleted from your browser automatically only one hour after your last visit! With our users best interest in mind, we've developed a system to assist logging your progress through our marijuana guides. You can report something about aroma, taste and/or effect of a variety? Behind the SeedFinder there is a strain-database with momentary 18878 different cannabis varieties. Look around and see what's out there and possibly available to you. Our extremely detailed strain-search-function enables you to research for certain characteristics such as flowering time, heritage or availability.. Strain Wizard. Nice - i like the curious ones ;-) Maybe you are also interested in the fact that we not send your IP address to any other servers or companies - no facebook-shit, no advertising-networks - no nothing! This helps in the search for certain varieties, and also stores information about their optimal dose for certain diseases. Didn't find what you were looking for? With our Review-Function we also collect data about the aroma, the taste and the effect of the cannabis strains. They have been developed through an intensive breeding program designed for the high expectations and high volume requirements of the medical and recreational dispensary markets.Whether you’re growing for yourself or your dispensary, a few plants or thousands, we provide you with expertly sourced and highly crafted genetics that will add unique and boutique quality cannabis strains to your collection. SeedFinder uses its own ecophysiological climate specificiation system. With the help of our ThreadFinder we connected the 34 largest and most popular cannabis communities to our page. Use our family tree search-engine to look out for special hybrids! Otherwise, we'll work with whatever information you decide to give us.