But it doesn’t last long. It always finds its mark — that is, unless you're somehow able to offer up a different life as a replacement, which usually buys you some time. King Arthur found the pages, and they revealed how to kill Hades! But Gold’s hiding something. (Rude!) What if, in order to procure a lost soul, you have to deliver another one in its place? A life for a life, type of deal. It’s a sweet moment between father and son. Even though Emma is unmarked and ready to go to battle, Gold tells everyone that it is a fight they cannot win. During one of many adventures, Killian stops by a tavern after his ship is in port. “Snow and Charming are going to find themselves in an old situation in a new place,” says, One person who won’t be affected in this finale is Belle, who will be in a sleeping curse until next season so the actress could go on maternity leave. He burned the passes that would allow his father a chance to start over and stabbed him in the chest. Sure, he'll be happy to help them, so long as they give him something in return. About Our Ads Surprisingly, Mary Margaret wants to listen to Gold. Horowitz revealed that "the rules of the underworld — what it means to be there, whether you can leave, how you can leave, where you go," will play a big part in Season 5B's story arc. And just like Hook, he changed. She texts Gold to meet at his shop, and it’s there that she confronts him about the whispers. He saves a woman, Milah, from a drunk's unwanted attention by punching the man. “Hook, I will always find you,” Emma say before boarding the vessel. Though Hook has died before on the show (remember the Season 4 finale, anyone?) Absolutely. So if Emma & Co. want to get Killian back, they may have to make a deal with the devil. Cut back to present day and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) is working hard to stop Hook before things get out of control. “Now you know what kind of man your father really is,” the captain tells Hook. Another flashback reveals more about Hook’s past. Not only did Hook die in order to rid the world of the Dark One darkness forever, but it also turned out to be completely in vain, considering that Rumple secretly consumed all of the darkness himself. A powerful Author who has connections to both Regina and Emma is an easy target for Hades. Poor Storybrooke is facing doom and gloom in the Season 5 midseason finale of "Once Upon a Time." What’s worse is that he traded his two sons for a boat to escape. Now back at her home, Emma begins to hear whispers again. “Let me die a hero,” he says. “That’s enough,” he warns her. She wanted to hire Hook to kill her mother. What exactly is Zelena talking about? But, of course, there was a catch. Zelena (Rebecca Mader) isn’t that fond of the custody agreement they forced on her and decides to take sole custody of her and Robin’s daughter. And while that’s not good for Storybrooke as a whole, it’s good for Mary Margaret, who stumbles across Emma’s note. 11:00am PT But Regina has one more trick up her sleeves. And if "where we're going" involved a permanent Hook death, I very much doubt the actor would be happy about it.