I feel this is okay. Seeing these adjustments to higher rank spells as a whole after having some feedback, I actually agree with these changes. This Is A Stub Please Help Us By Expanding It. This spell should be swapped back with Rebirth, which would fix Rebirth and make Forest Lord an 8 pip spell like it used to be. It’s all blade removal, and Leviathan already does that at 8 pips. Thoughts: The spell is still struggling to find a balance between a strong up front hit, as well as a good DOT. Balance needs a improved AOE if they really don’t care about the damage being op for the level 48 aoes and frost giant needs a buff and keep snow barrage at maybe 70. School: Myth #wsite-title{} First, I’m going to had wave a bit and say that Ice’s shadow dpp is around 110. var DISABLE_NAV_MORE=1; The idea is that it should have some utility, and not just be all damage, which brings down the damage total. Thoughts: Being able to do about a thousand damage for 4 pips is too strong in my opinion. Tempest at 7 pips does 560 Good nerf! SB at 80/pip makes Sirens 1.5 times stronger. Watch headings for an "edit" link when available. Documentation on how to edit this page can be found at Template:FirstGenPetInfobox/doc. Mystic wasn’t meant to be the most powerful, just the most expensive. Thoughts: This spell could pack a punch before, but I’m still not worried about it because of the lack of shadow buffs available.

Hoped for a rebalance of them for years but no one seem to care. Wizard101 burst onto the MMORPG scene in 2008, eventually reaching about 50 million players by 2014. Shadow makes it hard to farm with. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Heyho, nice article! function initFlyouts(){initPublishedFlyoutMenus([{"id":"709259244303600044","title":"Home","url":"index.html"},{"id":"523341649118708177","title":"Mounts","url":"mounts.html"},{"id":"782476091455686791","title":"Pet Pavilion","url":"pet-pavilion.html"},{"id":"733601700272327168","title":"Pet Drops","url":"pet-drops.html"},{"id":"178253929794361466","title":"Contact Me","url":"contact-me.html"},{"id":"822112044341123919","title":"Supporters","url":"supporters.html"}],'733601700272327168',"
  • more...<\/a><\/li>",'active',false)} View and manage file attachments for this page. Training Points are an aspect in Wizard101 that help you train spells outside of your primary school. Fire Dragon: lower the dps, are you kidding me? Overall, the KI developers really put a lot of work into the first major patch of Summer 2020’s test realm. I just hope they do find that balance because spells like Efreet (which we said we wanted to be nerfed but not like that) are way underpowered for the number of pips it takes.

    There’s no need to replace it, since (post-nerf) very few enemies will have enough health to pose a problem for someone with plenty of blades, enchants, and Orthrus. If you want to do damage, you use your rank 7 spell (unless you’re Ice and it’s a utility spell instead for some reason). Removing 2-3 shields before hitting, or removing one blade as well would give Mystic Colossus the utility it deserves, imo. As weak as it was, Frost Giant was still too strong for an ice spell with an AoE stun. Infection wasn’t a good method, and a double dispel was terrifying at best. jQuery(document).ready(function($) { Thoughts: With the spell still keeping its utility, a damage reduction was necessary. I believe the percentage matters more. ... Wizard 101 Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. It’s not supposed to be the most powerful myth AoE – just the most expensive. Dream Dictionary. Importantly, points are used differently in PvP than they would be in PvE. Thoughts: I never really used this spell on my death, so it doesn’t impact me as much. The storm lord stun is nice but the accuracy is lower than all of these spells and the damage is lower than myth and fire? From Wizard101 Wiki. Thoughts: This spell was due for rebalancing. #wsite-content h2, #wsite-content .product-title, .blog-sidebar h2{} Thoughts: This spell became more useful, but needs more upfront healing. It was already the weakest hitting 7-pip aoe, and now it’s even worse. Death gets the full damage from enchantments now, so Frost giant is gonna be dealing 130 less damage, and have a much worse secondary effect (there is no way a stun is as valuable as life-steal damage). Personally, I’d prefer to see it lose the stun (and the same for Storm Lord), since the rank 7 spells seem (currently) to be intended as pure damage spells, as opposed to the later spells which provide utility. MAYBE snowball barrage but still really wasn’t overpowered but I get that all shads got a nerf so it makes since, I can understand the change. Additional damage is going to be a little questionable. Jump to: navigation, search.

    In a perfect spot, so strong but forest lord being as strong a storm lord is a little too much, storm lord needs a slight buff and so does sirens. The largest and most comprehensive Wizard101 Wiki for all your Wizard101 needs! What is KI thinking?. Thoughts: The spell was mainly used as a shield breaker and to kill using the DOT. For Call of Khrulhu, you wrote “Damaged decreased from 830 to 625” under “Changes from Live Realm”. To my knowledge, though, it seems that they only took it from storm. -40% Attack Debuff now Added to all enemies after attack, Now does 95 Ice Damage per pip to all opponents, Now does 665 to all Opponents (pip cost is a bug), Increase in Infection debuff from 30% to 50%, Negative Damage rebuff Reduced to -45% instead of -90%, Damage lowered by 5 from 1120 to 1115 (Pip Change is a bug), No longer Removes two Charms from everyone, Damage reduced from (1525-1625) to (1330-1470), Damage is now dealt as 75 +375 over 3 turns as opposed to 525 over 3 turns, Healing is now dealt as 75+ 780 over 3 turns as opposed to 525 over 3 turns, Damage increased by 125 from 1275 to 1400, Each head now does 230 Damage each, as opposed to 190 Damage Each (+40 damage each;120 total), Each head now does 345 Damage Each , as opposed to 340 Damage Each (+5 damage each;15 total), Spell now does 325 Balance Damage and 345 Random School Damage instead of 550 Balance Damage and 550 Random School Damage. • Yet Myth has a 700 aoe for 7 pips that has higher damage than storm… Buff storm lord to 760 or 790 at least. HUGE. 9 pips for a dot that is weaker than fire dragon is kind of unappealing. I understand making some schools more supportive, but if nobody values the side effects, make them useful so that the reduced damage makes more sense. Thoughts: I’m happy knowing the spell has more consistent spell damage values. I think this mainly affects PvP players, and it’s nothing substantial to be concerned with. The devs have specified that they are allowing each school an AoE spell at the same level that does more damage than it is supposed to. All schools are bring rebalanced equally. One week I could be in love with one school and then they nerf it into the ground and I don’t want to play it anymore, so I switch schools and then, BAM, more changes and they nerfed my new school into the ground and buffed the old one. I understand your reasoning behind this. View/set parent page (used for creating breadcrumbs and structured layout). Fire is very very strong in pvp and pve.
    Also tempest does 86% better than snowball barrage. If you want to discuss contents of this page - this is the easiest way to do it. Overall, the KI developers really put a lot of work into the first major patch of Summer 2020’s test realm. Yikes. Below 5 pips makes no sense to use SB since it costs a shadow and 4 pip AOE are used for farming mostly. //--> But you also need to think about it from two other perspectives. Change can be scary and unsettling, but we will get used to the changes and maybe end up loving them when that happens . HAHA. Mattnetic confirmed on Twitter that he planned to do a full spell audit, and KingsIsle has definitely put the hard work into this gruelling task. This most recent iteration feels a bit rushed… Like, clearly they understand that the king art utilities are overall not very useful, so they took the accuracy charm off of storm to increase. Nice to see these side by side like this, thank you! Good nerf!

    Yeah, Ice is definitely worse off coming out of the update with the lack of a damage boost for Frost Giant. Which is 30 damage more than the 7 pip difference. Append content without editing the whole page source. if (Prototype.Browser.IE) window.onload=initFlyouts; else document.observe('dom:loaded', initFlyouts); I think a little less initial damage will be the way to go. This is an AOE Judgement. talents powers; cell-content: cell-content: cell-content: cell-content: cell-content: cell-content: cell-content: cell-content: cell-content: cell-content: cell-content People will adjust, and there will be plenty of new players – and lower-level current players – who will look at things differently. Just why? Storm is quickly becoming the second best damage school and losing their identity but keeping their low health. 1)Minions https://finalbastion.com/wizard101-guides/w101-housing-gardening-guides/castle-tours-improvements-2020/. If every spell does more damage, it must be more expensive. (-216 Damage), Reduction of damage from 1152 to 948. Frankly, to continue on this response would take ages and get nowhere. If you asked them whether they’d prefer a Mystic Colossus eventually which deals 750 damage and has no pierce or shatter effect (probably still too strong for Myth DpP, but whatever) or Orthrus as 700 damage immediately, few would agree to the trade. Fire now hits harder than storm lord by far with a 975 hit compared to 690. Wikidot.com Terms of Service - what you can, what you should not etc. Also not sure what you might think about the other King Arts, the main subject of that point.