Although most people may not know this, Ewe is regarded as a national language in Ghana, in a nation, the official communication style is English. Wo ha ɛfoa?’, To wish someone a nice day, all you have to say is Nkekea nenyo. Hope you have learnt some of the above Ewe phrases and facts. Take Tests : Resources. Diedrich Hermann Westermann (1875-1956), the linguist, played a considerable role in developing the Vhe style. We have added additional words.2. It is quite popular, and the Ewe people believe that this style originated from an area in Benin known as Ketu. Take challenging quizzes to reinforce your reading and listening skills.4. They consist of the highland and Aŋlo varieties; Eastern dialects that comprise of the Maxi, Gẽ, and Fõ. Play a game to start learning right away. New phrases page: Sylheti. I understand - Se Eme, or Me se eme, or Me se egɔme; Please say that again - Meᶑekuku, ga gbloe ake. Also, Ewe is the most straightforward language to learn while in Ghana or Togo. This dictionary is a work in progress, it is based on the wordlist appended to "Basic Ewe" by Simon Wellington Dzablu-Kumah, but with some additions. Not Applicable. Due to this, it has been adopted as the official languages of the two countries. It is also considered a national language in Togo, with French being its official language. additions and some minor changes to the already listed forms. Later on the dictionary will probably be divided Language - Other. basic words in Ewe - language spoken in the Volta Region of Ghana, West Africa. This will gradually change, but as it New languages: Yukpa and Chhattisgarhi. in Ghana, while we intend to focus more on the variety used in Togo (which has more speakers) expect many Ask any amount of words and sentences to be translated for you by the translator.Topics Areas:Essentials, Greetings, Conversation, Getting around, Accommodation, Eating out, Asking directions, Sightseeing, Shopping, Weather, Telling time, Services, Healthcare, and Emergencies.Download Nkyea Ewe Phrasebook today and if you like it you can give it a good rating on the App Store. New languages: Dogri, Aka-Jeru and Anyin. Other linguists have also worked on several aspects of Ewe. Well, the five nasal vowels can be produced when one lowers their soft plate, which in turn allows the air to escape through their nose and mouth. Vhe is the predominant style used in the southern part of Togo and is taught in primary schools. 1. involves a rather tedious work, it may take some time. The language is prevalent in the two countries. New constructed script: Alefbâye Melli Irân Subject. As you may have noticed, many accents (tone marks) The Ewe style can also be referred to many other names. You will know you create a perfect nasal vowel when you notice a tilde. Recent changes Upload dictionary Glosbe API Reader FAQ Editor FAQ. Advanced. Nkyea Ewe Phrasebook is a very easy to use but highly effective Ewe language app that makes learning Ewe a breeze for anyone. These are Ehwe, Ebwe, Gbe, Efe, Krepi, Eibe Vhe, Eve, Popo, Krepe, and Eue. 23. Practice. Details. READ ALSO: Obinim facts that will have you shaking your head. into several pages and provided with example sentences and Polish and French equivalents. 9. Therefore, it is not surprising to come across an individual who is teaching himself or herself various phrases in Ewe. Requires iOS 10.3 or later. Ewe Language. Swahili Primer - Learn To Speak And Write Swahili Language: Grammar, Vocabulary & Exercises, Twi Primer - Learn To Speak And Write Akan Twi Language: Grammar, Vocabulary & Exercises, Mandarin Phrasebook - Learn Mandarin Chinese Language With Simple Everyday Words And Phrases. Ewe Language; Shared Flashcard Set. Choose your topic: Compete. Found 1 sentences matching phrase "Ewe language".Found in 3 ms. With Nkyea Ewe Phrasebook you will be speaking Ewe in a very short time. The style is believed to be highly similar to specific Gbe languages, which include Aja, Fon, Phera, Phla, and Gen. A German missionary, named Diedrich Hermann Westermann published dictionaries and grammars in Ewe and various other related languages. New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz, Almost, Nearly, Not Quite and You Pancake! The Vhe language has four tones, making it very easy to master since it is easy to differentiate from other styles. Although most people believe that the Ewe people are only in Ghana, the truth of the matter is that some are also situated in Togo. Study and Learn: Certify. Additional Language - Other Flashcards . To respond to this, an individual is expected to say Yooo, If you wanted to ask someone ‘How are you?’ in this style, you would say ‘Ɛfoa?’ The individual whom you are asking about their state would then reply ‘Me fo. It is quite popular, and the Ewe people believe that this style originated from an area in Benin known as Ketu. The prevalence has made most people in other countries to acquire an interest in this style. An estimate of three million people speak the language. In Ghana, Ewe is spoken as a first language by two million and two hundred and fifty thousand people. 06/28/2010. Apart from Mapouka, what other sexual dance styles do you know? Individuals also use the style as a mean of communicating on various channels. About. Nkyea Ewe Phrasebook is a very easy to use but highly effective Ewe language app that makes learning Ewe a breeze for anyone. These countries are Ghana and Togo. Stick around to learn interesting details about the origin and other aspects of this prominent style. These individuals are situated in southwest Togo, the Volta Region which is in south-east Ghana, and also in various regions of Benin. These dialects include: Central dialects that comprise of the Gẽ, Adya, and Watyi; Western dialects that are also known as the Ewe proper. I can't imagine life without him - Rawlings' beautiful 'soulmate' drops loved-up... 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READ ALSO: Meet all the gorgeous first ladies of Ghana since 1992, Leave your email to receive our newsletter, Get the news that matters from one of the leading news sites in Ghana, Drop your mail and be the first to get fresh news, Kusasi: origin, population, marriage customs, songs, festivals, Agbada fashion for men: 10 things you need to know. Indeed, Ewe phrases and facts are very interesting. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. However, you cannot have a syllable with a cluster of consonants in this style. Économisez du temps grâce à la traduction rapide. About Ewe; Ewe phrases; Ewe sounds; Grammar; Words; Texts; Links; Testpage of Ewe-English-Polish dictionary. Image:, @malenebatelierSource: Instagram. Title. New Celtiadur post: Owls. Later on, they are believed to have migrated to the south-east side of Ghana. Also, Ewe is the most straightforward language to learn while in Ghana or Togo. Click here to study/print these flashcards. We have made the interface for words, phrases, and documents translations more user friendly. Vhe has three distinct dialects. Learn Ewe Language (Eʋegbe) | M(A)L (English) Home Ewe Language (Eʋegbe) Learn Ewe Language (Eʋegbe) We help you learn with practice games. Play Games: Study. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Copyright © 2009-2011 Djoubogbe Kossi Afoutou & Piotr Kozłowski. Ewe is a language that is dominantly used in communication in two countries on the African continent. They come from many sources and are not checked. The style is also used as a style of communication in electronic and print media. As the original wordlist reflects Ewe as spoken 20th September. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Send mail to peterlin -at- peterlin -dot- pl. Nkyea Ewe Phrasebook contains more than a 1000 carefully selected beginner words and sentences to help you to learn basic phrases and dialogs.Using Nkyea Ewe Phrasebook you will:1. Le dictionnaire Français - Éwé contient des phrases traduites, des exemples, la prononciation et des images. The language has five nasal and seven oral vowels. If you have always desired to know a phrase or two in Ewe, then you need to look no further. With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Total Cards. However, they do differ in terms of phonology. Nkyea Ewe Phrasebook contains more than a 1000 carefully selected beginner words and sentences to help you to learn basic phrases and dialogs. ** TAKE NOTE OF THIS **Nkyea Ewe Phrasebook is a paid app with access to all 1000 words and phrases. Welcome: it is pronounced as Woé zɔ (sg) or Miawoe zɔ (pl). are missing and some nasality marks (~ tildes) are displayed incorrectly. Home All dictionaries: All languages Transliteration Interface language. Learn more than 1000 words and sentences contained in 14 in-depth topic areas to help you build a broad Ewe vocabulary.2. See also the other language projects. Image:, @palaisdelomeSource: Instagram. A half-million people also speak it as Ethnologue (a second language). Take a look at how one can say the following terms in this incredible language: Here are the phrases one can use when greeting a person in this language: Take a look at other phrases you can use in this incredible language: Indeed, Ewe phrases and facts are very interesting.