River Tubing, swimming and all river activities have both inherent and unknown risks and dangers, which include but are not limited to injuries, drowning or injury loss of life. Summer is upon us and the cool waters of nearby rivers and lakes beckon. The Smith River float is arguably one of the coolest floats in the state, even the country. It worked for us though and had no problems. Best of luck and enjoy the Smith River! From tables to cook dinner or even just set your beer, you can’t have enough. Not only does it help you beat the heat, but you get to experience the natural beauty of the Treasure State while spending an afternoon lazing about with friends. gotten new ink in the last 4 weeks, you’ll want to hold off, 3 Ways Drivers Can Help Keep Motorcycle Riders Safe. One last item of concern, make sure your children are wearing secure footwear to protect their feet from sharp objects and from the flaming hot pavement. Recommendations, suggestions, and opinions given on this site are subjective, any action you take upon the information provided on this website is strictly at your own risk, and we will not be liable for any losses and/or damages in connection with the use of our Website. When you get off the river, then you've got sandwiches and food to eat, and best of all it will be guaranteed dry. Side creeks provide drinking water when glacial silt is an issue. If you’re really looking for comfort, have both. Most outfitters will let you leave your car keys, but if they don't, simply tie them to your shorts. There are several things you have to remember before hand Below I have created a don’t forget checklist on what to bring before your river adventure. Put it in the trash sack if you have to. Watch our YouTube Video about. Montana rivers are known for their fishing. Sample Packing List for Tubing. We have the NRS Star Outlaw rafts with the fishing frame rigged up. Things to Remember when River Tubing. Need I say more? For our 3 night trip, I used a 65L dry bag and was able to fit all of my clothes, bag, pad, cot, and pillow. I hope that the overview gave you a little better understanding of what to expect and plan for the Smith River. Tarp for the kitchen. Essentials. Some rivers require firepans to contain ash. Go with the flow and kayak the Flint River located on the east side of Huntsville, Alabama.. Much of the Flint River is a safe, lazy river suitable for paddlers of all ages and skill levels. Safety Tips for Comal River Tubing and The Tube Chute CHILDREN must be 4 years old or older and should be accompanied by an adult at all times for tubing on the river at Texas Tubes. Just be sure to bring aluminum cans, not glass bottles. Boutique, small ship adventure cruises in Alaska's Inside Passage, Cruises depart from Whittier, a 1 hr drive from Anchorage. It wasn’t warm enough for us to just wear shorts and shirts, so I just had the waders on to make getting out and pulling the raft to bank easier. Trips available from Whittier, Homer, Seward, Juneau, and Sitka. Cruises and land tours are great ways to see Alaska. Sign-up for any of the following email series to help plan your Alaska trip. After your trip, check for ticks. Depending on when you go, the weather can be a bit unpredictable, like everywhere else in Montana. For snacks, bring something small and individually wrapped. The best way to do this is go down your list and put all the things you have in one pile or room to be sure it is all there. Explore Rentals has been providing superior outdoor gear rentals since 2011. The Comal River has an uneven bottom with drop-offs, underwater obstructions, and slippery surfaces, especially on steps for entering and exiting the river, please use handrails when available. that is with the Keys on hold. Thank you! But don’t worry, it isn’t hard to be safe and still have lots of fun floating the river. There must be something to this floating thing and my husband and I were going to find out. I will point you in the right direction as far as what you’ll need to bring to make sure you are comfortable. The one thing I have found is that you can never have too many tables. We recommend Coleman 2-burner propane stoves. Some rivers require firepans to contain ash. If the cooler dumps over it's gone. But the type of tube you choose differentiates between a decent experience and an epic one. We also had our cooking gear in these to keep everything together and dry. Before tack­ling your first back­pack­ing trip in Alas­ka, be sure to famil­iar­ize your­self with these impor­tant key concepts. Your must-have activity guide + map while in Alaska. This merits repeating, anytime you enter a body of water to go tubing, swimming, canoeing, rafting, etc... it's always better to do these activities with 2 or more people so you can keep an eye on each other in case help is needed. A quart-size cartridge lasts about 1½ days for 3 people. Texas Tubes, How To Shoot The Tube Chute or Walk Around It Guide, Can Ban Options (How To Guide) New Braunfels, Comal River, Guadalupe River, and San Marcos River Lost & Found recovery Divers, Comal Chris's Underwater Property Recovery, Comal River Conditions, River Flows, & River Levels. As far as where to keep your food, you’ll need some coolers. © 2020 PayneWest Insurance.All Rights Reserved. Skin lathered white with sunscreen isn’t either, but it’s the best of two evils. Contact Us | Terms of Use & Privacy | Updated 2020. Putting electronics in here was nerve-racking sometimes because they are only water resistant, not waterproof. You can always call us at 830-626-9900 before heading out as well. (We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason, at any time.) A little preparation when tubing will make for a better trip. ", so you can quickly untie from each other before entering any rapids or the Tube Chute. We highly recommend that all Children 8 years old and younger, as well as weak swimmers and non-swimmers wear life jackets while on the river. Find how many days you need based on what you want to see and do in Alaska. Bring a 2- or 3-gallon water bag to fill up. Coolers will be a necessity, especially in the summer months. In addition, we have bear-proof containers for dry food such as mountain houses or even chips. Floating the river is a fun summer activity, provided you take safety precautions. There are only 2 public access points to the river that are 60 miles apart. At the very-least a mesh bag with a drawstring. Use our calculator to find out, Stay casual, dress in layers, and get proper footwear, Guides to the best locations around the state to view wildlife. Keep it safe for everyone, plan ahead by having a designated sober driver or call Uber. This gives you a dry space for cooking and hanging out. Comal River | San Marcos River | Guadalupe River | Frio River. There are No Lifeguards, you will be own your own, so use caution, common sense, and think safety first! But if you're careful they can work. While floating the river is full of. Floating a river is something we had talked about doing since we lived in El Paso. Another option is a large, stand-up tent, like the Eureka Equinox 6. This is especially true if you own a raft, but also true if you’re willing to stop on the bank of a good spot and practice your cast for a few hours. 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