I bought all of the dollar planes from scg on new years and my group enjoyed it so I wanna keep track of what I have and what I still need (and with my birthday in a few weeks wanna be able to ask a few people for them). Same. Planechase was a supplemental product that came with Plane cards that are basically random modifiers for the game. Plane cards are the size of two regular magic cards side by side. Ten Minute Magic (May 20, 2016) – MTG Set Announcements, Kaladesh, Commander 2016. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. A deck can have at most two phenomenon cards. This doesn't list the Phenomenon cards from Planechase 2012. They feature all-new artwork depicting some of the more exotic realms of the Magic multiverse. The 10 oversized plane cards comprise a planar deck. Theme decks [edit | edit source] Just would be nice to see what others think. Hi, I'm trying to find a list (preferably with pictures) of all the planes printed for planechase so far, I'm planning on trying to put together a planar deck for one of my regular decks and proxy them to play with a friend who just got a precon deck. The Planechase plane cards introduce a groundbreaking new way to experience planeswalking. Planechase is a card game and a variant of Magic: The Gathering with an emphasis on multi-player games. There are boardwipes, free creatures, mass mill, insane card draw, and most importantly, goats. List of original Planechase planes and promos. The other day I was hanging out in the Discord and someone mentioned something about playing Planechase EDH, and I was intrigued so I agreed to join in. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. No two games will ever be the same, and it’s constantly changing and adding more depth. Alexis.F. share. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Planechase&oldid=668258419, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Four 60-card decks, 40 oversized Plane cards, Brian Tinsman (lead), Aaron Forsythe, Peter Knudson, Kenneth Nagle, Mike Turian (lead), Dave Guskin, Peter Knudson, Scott Larabee, Mark Purvis, Mark L. Gottlieb, "Chaos Reigns" is a five-color deck built around cascade, from, "Night of the Ninja" is a blue-black deck built around Ninjas and ninjutsu, from, "Primordial Hunger" is a red-green deck built around devour, from, "Savage Auras" is a green-white deck built around Auras and totem armor, from, This page was last edited on 23 June 2015, at 08:14. In order to keep things fair, you can only attempt a roll once per turn, unless you are willing to pay a cumulative 1 mana to roll again. The chaos roll would cause the bottom line of rules text to trigger, which in the case of Windriddle Palaces, we would all mill ourselves for one car. Ravnica. Drown your opponent in 0/1 goats. He went on to explain that the Plane is a static effect that affects everyone. This is called the planar deck, which exists in the command zone. The players may also use a "shared planar deck," which requires ten cards per player. ok, thanks! The 10 oversized plane cards in each game pack comprise a planar deck. Man, just looking at the stuff posted in this thread, I really hope we go to some of these planes. Players cannot use more than one plane with any given name. I would love another Planechase set of decks with new planes. Innistrad. I have fully settled in to the PlayEDH Discord, and have played a few dozen games to this point. Other than the above, the normal rules of the game are followed, and Planechase can be adapted to any multiplayer variant. It's been a long time since I've played with Planechase but I have very fond memories of how chaotic and unexpected things can get. Four game packs were released on September 4, 2009: "Elemental Thunder", "Metallic Dreams", "Strike Force", and "Zombie Empire". Press J to jump to the feed. I don’t think it’s the type of thing I’d want to play all of the time, but it was something new and a great first experience. Another set of these came out in 2012, and later the Anthology combined four decks with all 86 of the Planes. More details are to come this summer on magicthegathering.com. When joining the Discord server, they have a little welcome message that directs you to one of their bots that allows you to sign yourself up for various channels the server has to offer. Through this innovative new kind of card, two or more players can battle each other across a variety of diverse worlds, each with its own unique effect on the game. I’ve found that I can typically get online after I pick my son up from school and play at least a couple of games by the time the little lady gets home and we do dinner, etc. Thanks for your contributions, Can someone explain to me why commander being really big be preventing a new plane chase? Here's a quick guide to get you started: Agree on a format for your decks. This is what I love about MTG — the sheer amount of endless possibility that it brings. This. It worked out well, though we were stuck on this plane for quite some time. Anyone else here love Planechase? Planechase is simple to play, and similar to regular magic. These plane cards, 40 in all, feature all-new artwork depicting some of the exotic realms of the Magic multiverse. In addition to their normal deck, each player has a deck of at least ten plane or phenomenon cards. We got stuck on Goldmeadow once for like ten turns. Yeah, we definitely need all of those in addition to what OP said. No two plane or phenomenon cards in a planar deck may have the same name. Originally released in 2009, there were four precons that each included 10 Planechase cards. Some of these will be familiar to you—locations on Alara, Lorwyn, Dominaria, and others. Some of them depict obscure planes from Magic 's past that you may not have heard of. I assumed it would be on magiccards.info somewhere, but I was trying to do an advanced search for it, and nothing was coming of of course, lol. I found an app for it that has all of the cards and it really spices the game up when my gf and I play together. Planechase introduced plane cards that represent specific locations on various planes. Join us discussing news, tournaments, gameplay, deckbuilding, strategy, lore, fan art, cosplay, and more. Each of the 60-card decks will include 8 rares, and will be composed of cards from throughout Magic's history - including a preview card from Zendikar. This thread is archived. Press J to jump to the feed. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Planechase is a card game and a variant of Magic: The Gathering with an emphasis on multi-player games. If "Chaos" is rolled, the "Chaos" ability of the current plane card triggers. We didn’t have the official die, so instead we said roll a d6, 1’s are Planeswalk and 6’s are Chaos. There are many more plane cards than there were known planes of the Multiverse, and many planes have several famous locations within them (Alara included, now that it's one plane in the aftermath of the Conflux), which is part of why Planechase plane cards represent regions or sites within planes rather than planes as a whole. Is there anywhere to get a list of all the planes for planechase, preferably in text form? save hide report. Players also need a six-sided die, called the "planar die." Comment Report abuse. Is there anywhere to get a list of all the planes for planechase, preferably in text form? When the game begins, the player going first reveals the top of his or her planar deck (or the shared planar deck), which is the plane the game starts on. Planechase is a card game and a variant of Magic: The Gathering with an emphasis on multi-player games. List of Planechase 2012 planes and promos. It’s my MMO at this point, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Why not just release it with next to a commander set? I have a whole section in my custom deck box dedicated to plane cards. Look under "Extras.". Planechase is my family's favorite format at family gatherings. A blank roll of the planar die does nothing. T he plane cards that come with the four Planechase decks describe forty hot spots of the Multiverse on over twenty-five planes of existence. A player can roll the planar die as many times as he or she likes, but successive rolls cost an additional one mana for each time the planar die has been rolled this turn. Each game pack comes with a 60-card preconstructed deck, 10 plane cards, a planar die, and multi-player rules. Read more. Any ideas where to find a complete list? Recurring planes there are existing Plane cards for: Zendikar. Awesome. Some of these are so sick. The set utilizes new oversized Plane cards, cards that are based on various locations (Planes) within the Magic multiverse, to modify the rules of gameplay. Later, we’d walk several more times. Magic: The Gathering Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. I also would love more planechase content! So much craziness. Once such format that I never had the opportunity to play is Planechase. We're in desperate need of new planes since the 2012 Return to Ravnica. One of the things that WOTC has mentioned is that they would like to get Planechase and Archenemy online. The standard setup is a pod of four players, but I’ve played with three. You can play bigger games but you’d need a paid account to something like Whereby so that you can see more people’s cameras. All of the cards are black bordered and tournament legal in their original formats.[1]. We have one giant planar deck featuring every Planechase plane that exists. I didn’t win the game but it was still rewarding because it added another layer of complexity and I dig that. Magic: The Gathering has been on the uptick in my house as of late. I for one enjoy Planechase with a shared pile of planes instead of planes for each player because it's a memorable casual multiplayer format where big things happen without insane synergies or complicated combos. https://mtg.fandom.com/wiki/Planechase?oldid=51906. Yes!! Crazy stuff. I tried just searching gatherer for "Plane"/not "Planeswalker" type and get nothing (Plane only returned planeswalkers). Each plane card has a subtype corresponding to the plane the location is found on. A diverse community of players devoted to Magic: the Gathering, a trading card game ("TCG") produced by Wizards of the Coast and originally designed by Richard Garfield. Back in May, we announced Planechase, a "whole new way to experience planeswalking." If the "planeswalk" symbol is rolled, the player "planeswalks away" from the current plane (put it on the bottom of its owner's planar deck) and he or she reveals the top card of his or her planar deck, which becomes the new plane that has been "planeswalked to."