[2][6] The 2011 census figure for the population of the Chennai "UA/Metropolitan region" was 8,653,521.[7]. Elections to the local bodies in Tamil Nadu, held once in five years, are conducted by Tamil Nadu State Election Commission. There are 11,54,982 houses in the district. Published under National Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy (NDSAP). Complete details of Population, Religion, Literacy and Sex Ratio in tabular format. Chennai is a district in the Tamil Nadu State of India. These include 16 special-grade municipalities, 31 selection-grade municipalities, 33 grade I municipalities, 44 grade II municipalities. [11], In January 2018, the state government announced that the district will be expanded to match the boundaries of the Greater Chennai Corporation. In India, the Block or C.D.Block is often the next level of administrative division after the tehsil. [7], Of the total land area, reserved forests cover 2.71 km2 and is concentrated in and around the Guindy National Park region, one of the few national parks in the world located within a city. Chennai District Rates of Daily Wages for the year 2020 – 2021 New; About District. [12] The state has 561 town panchayats. Plans to expand Chennai Metropolitan Area seven folds from existing 1,189 sq.km to 8,878 sq.km appears to be scaled down in view of opposition from the farmer in giving up their agricultural lands. CMA region has about 3,000 water bodies, most of which have been encroached upon by real estate dealers and small communities. The CMDA was formed to address the challenges in planning and development of integrated infrastructure for the metropolitan region. [8] They are effected by the means of urban and rural local bodies. There are three levels in this system as follows. Contents owned and updated by concerned Departments and coordinated by Information Technology Department Secretariat, Fort St. George, Chennai 600 009, Tamil Nadu, India During the 17th Century, the East India Company made its headquarters at Fort St. George. [18] Direct election posts include: Indirect election posts include Chairpersons of District panchayats and Panchayat unions, Deputy Mayor of corporations, Vice-Chairpersons of Municipalities and Town panchayats. They form the local government at the Taluk level. The CMA, however, has not been altered since it was first defined in 1974. [17] District collector is the ex-officio chairman of the District rural development agency. (Ms) No.13 to "declare the intention to include additional areas in the Chennai Metropolitan Planning Area" under section 2, clause (23-a) of the Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning Act, 1971 (Tamil Nadu Act 35 of 1972). Purasawalkam (Part 1) 2. The CMA is a metropolitan area in Tamil Nadu state, consisting of the state capital Chennai (previously known as Madras) and its satellite towns. This list may not reflect recent changes (). Chennai is a megacity and local government district that contains the historic centre and the Central business district (CBD) of Chennai metropolitan area. [15], On 3 July 2017 the Government of Tamil Nadu's minister for housing and urban development, Udumalai K. Radhakrishnan announced its intention to expand the CMA to 8,878 km2 (3,428 sq mi). They used the pot-ticket system of election (Kudavolai Murai) (Tamil: குடவோலை முறை) to elect representatives to the assembly. Chennai was originally known as Chennai Patnam (in the Tamil language), which was a part of Thondaimandalam. The name Chennai was derived from Damarla Chennappa Nayakudu, the father of a general of the Vijayanagar Empire.[4]. [1][2] The district has three revenue divisions and ten taluks. Vepery 4. There are 11,54,982 houses in the district. Municipal Commissioner is the executive authority. Get list of villages in Chennai , Tamil Nadu. Tondiarpet (Part 1) 2. Only area well connected with the available rail infrastructure will be included in the expansion plan of CMA. Village Name 1. In order to plan for balanced regional development, developing a larger road network, implementing an integrated transport plan and identifying a Chennai Mega Region have become necessary. In July 2012, the CMDA suggested two options to the Government of Tamil Nadu for expanding the area: Chief planners of the CMDA have suggested that the second option is more feasible. The district is coterminous with the Greater Chennai City. [9] Depending on the population and income of the urban local bodies, they are further classified into three categories.[10]. Panchayat Unions (coterminous with blocks) (Tamil: ஊராட்சி ஒன்றியம்) is the group of Village panchayats. [11][12], The first plans to expand the CMA were proposed by the CMDA in 2011. In 2018, the district limits were expanded, aligning with that of the newly formed Greater Chennai Corporation, which resulted in the area being increased from 178 square kilometres (69 sq mi) to 426 square kilometres (164 sq mi). Tamil Nadu is the first state to introduce such a classification in urban local bodies. Home | Contact Us | Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy. Central Chennai (headquarters at Ambattur) has six taluks — Ambattur, Ayanavaram, Aminjikarai, Maduravoyal, Mambalam, and Egmore – with 47 revenue villages. At the time of Independence, Madras Presidency in India was made up of 26 districts, of which 12 districts were found in the present-day Tamil Nadu, namely, Chingleput, Coimbatore, Nilgiris, North Arcot, Madras, Madura, Ramnad, Salem, South Arcot, Tanjore, Tinnevely, and Trichinopoly. Because of its strategic location and economic importance, it is referred to as the "Gateway of South India." [note 1], While no official figure has been given for the population in the newly expanded Chennai metropolitan area, the urban population was estimated to be over 10 million in early 2017. It is important to note that, In some states of India C.D.Blocks are equal to tehsils. Laudable efforts of Ripon brought legislation in this aspect which created unions in small towns and villages, to facilitate proper sanitation and lighting.