After many attempts here is the answer: 9 parts of alcohol 95 ° (the one you buy to make cakes). However I am not sure. Do you think it would work on catnip? ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  9 parts of alcohol 95 ° (the one you buy to make cakes) 1 part distilled water When the wax is separated from the perfume using the alcohol process, the perfume is translated into an ‘absolute’,which – unlike an essential oil, which is distilled – is obtained by the extraction process and is an altogether more potent and purer product. Products are often de-coloured, too, because these days people prefer colourless and transparent perfumes. This makes no sense and the pictures are not helpful :(. The steam passes along the plastic tube to the test tube, where it condenses on contact ith the ice-cooled glass. Nightshade distillation smelly horrible smell repelant mainly. What do you need? These days raw ingredients, such as rose heads, oak moss or momosa stamens, are distilled in vats, where they are boiled with water or a solvent so that the essential oils are released as a vapour with the steam. This is a good distiller for normal use if you want to keep it simple. Each time a product is altered, all the machinery, every boiler, valve and pipe, has to be steamed to prevent ‘odour pollution’ which, once it has set in, cannot be removed. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. At the same time a kind of enfleurage was discovered, in which orange flowers, jasmine, rose and violet leaves were immersed in layers of almond oil so that the odour of the flowers was absorbed by the oil. In an essential oil there are hundreds of natural components and sometimes some of those disturb the dominant odour, so, to produce a finer product,a second distillation is required. on Introduction. For instance, rosemary and Eau de Vie were distilled in a bain-marie, an invention of a hermit who made one especially for Queen Elizabeth of Hungary in about 1370. It boils at 200 and the glass is at 350 degrees C so half of that is 175 degrees C. Vapors of it are possible. Notice how the equipment is arranged so that the steam must pass through the lavender on its way out. Reply Here I am distilling a compound at an estimated 0.5% methyl butyrate which smells like pineapples from Great Value Pineapple Naturally Flavoured Drink Mix. The art of perfume distillation, however, was not perfected until the seventeenth century. By the early fourteenth century most perfumes were a combination of alcohol and essential oils. But the Bulgarian rose can be extracted into a concrete and then into an absolute; it can also be distilled into an essential oil. This looks great. ( Log Out /  Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Apparently there are 1000 of organic voilitle compounds including Pyrazine, and other chemicals. I had a lot of problems choosing it and somet... Iris Apfel is the style. For this example, we used a conical flask, a fabric bag of sprigs of lavender plus shredded, a plastic delivery tube and a test-tube in a beaker of cold water. The odor is a mistry to me. Share it with us! Also, if the gauze contains the biomass then where does the plastic tubing go in order to collect the steam that passes through it? The flowers or plants are placed on perforated trays in the upper part of the still; the lower part is filled with water that is brought to the boil.