authors and contributors. Either/or and neither/nor (beware the double negative) Technical Help Download a Free Grammar Checker Download Grammarly's app to help with eliminating grammar errors and finding the right words. Either may be added to or for focus or emphasis on the items being considered (not both). (Choose practice (success) or failure. Advanced Google Search (which uses "and" +, "not" - , "or".). Download our compiled lists of idioms - perfect to use offline for reference or for use in class! from students and teaching forum topics. (The Grammarly app works with webmail, social media, and texting apps as well as online forms and Microsoft Office documents like Word.) They are both busy at the moment. This child understands choice. quiz which has been attempted 2629 times by avid quiz takers. (One or the other / Both. ), subtly (Adv) — in a manner that is fine, delicate in meaning or intent; subtle(Adj), track and field — a sport that includes running, jumping, throwing (discus or javelin), Related content Whether or not, Prefer X to Y , Adv for Focus (either…or / neither…nor). This quiz include sentences with either and neither. (not commonly used alone), He wants bread nor water. grammar, spelling and punctuation, through to language teaching, Which Harry Potter Hogwarts House Do You Belong To Quiz. NEITHER: adverb: Say that a negative statement is also true for another person/thing “Mike didn’t go to school today and neither did Spencer. Each of the two possible choices is OK), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window),, Use CHOICE and CHOOSE correctly (Learn fast with Audio), Learn and use 50 Common Phrasal Verbs (+free PDF), What’s the difference between GET and TAKE (a complete guide), How to use Affect and Effect – English vocabulary (Video), How to use Hasn’t / Doesn’t Have (PDF download + video), Thick and Thin - English adjectives / other uses - World English Blog, Improve English Pronunciation - To BE Contractions (+ Video) - World English Blog, not one nor the other of two things or people “. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! When both words are used as determiners or pronouns they have different meanings: ) one or the other of two; it does not matter which, doesn’t matter which one. (adjectives), We perform subtly or powerfully. Other children will need to work their way through the process or encounter roadblocks. [subclausal elements / clausal elements], for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so  ("fanboys") They don't sell Adidas; nor do they think it necessary. And is the union or overlap of the two fields. Choose the correct answer. See Grammar Notes below. [pl.+sing. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. In school, we can choose gymnastics or track. day. a) both b) neither c) and d) nor 7) Neither my friend nor I _____ that movie. Articles about learning, using and teaching the English language, (correlative coordinator). X ∨ Y  (and? both…and, not only…but also Do you want even MORE English? however, you must keep all copyright information and references to in place. (Buy some other kind of shoe), See Boolean Operators, Venn Diagrams and Advanced Google Search (which uses "and" +, "not" - , "or". Either of them—whichever you like.” (you can choose one of the two photos to keep, it doesn’t matter which one. Mary didn’t turn up and neither did Ruth. This is exclusion. Too, Either, Neither or So Quiz with Answers (Online) This quiz include sentences with either, neither, too, so. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. Test yourself with our free English language quiz about 'Either & Neither'. We can guess that either the child does not understand choice or does not understand limitation. He would rather change or remove the limitation. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Some linguists include either and neither as a focusing adverbs and others do not. (nouns), In other words, we can dance or run. Use either in negative sentences. Would you rather do artistic or aerobic activity? Here are two things for you: 10 Essential Fluency Phrases – Get the phrases for easy conversations NEW: Join The English Fluency Club – Get my 2 fluency programs + weekly challenges and group lessons, All material on this site is copyright © 2020. — real or imaginary lines that mark the edges of an area or concept, concept (N) — an idea of something formed by mentally combining all its characteristics or particulars; a construct, critical thinking â€” clear reasoned thinking, ego (N) — the opinion one has about oneself, evaluate (V) — determine what is good or bad about something; find its worth, firm (Adj) —  not bending, not yielding, or not giving in, flexible (Adj) — bending, yielding (giving in on rules), limitation (N) — having boundaries or restrictions that one cannot go beyond, look over (phrasal verb) — examine, look carefully at something, pause (V) — stop moving for a brief time, practical (Adj) — advantages and disadvantages, roadblock (N) — obstacle, something that stops movement in a particular direction, win over (N) — to gain the support or consent of (someone), roadblocks (N) — obstacles, walls, things that stop forward movement, ¹ he is commonly used for both genders   Gender & Pronouns, Grammar-Quizzes › Connectors › Coordinators › Or / Either…or / Neither…nor, Julie Sevastopoulos (contact) — ESL / ELL / TEFL — English Grammar Reference / Resource – Practices & Exercises – Palo Alto, California USA — English language resources for English learners and teachers to help adverbs (Huddleston 6 §6), either…or, neither…nor (Both not / Not both—uncertain which one), They don't sell either Nike or Adidas. “There are parking spaces on each side to the street.” That is, left and right, or North and South, etc. It's your choice :either you accept or you refuse. Exploring boundaries and limitations is an important part of learning to make choices. and clausal. Copyright © Ltd. - All rights reserved View the original online at: own real-life telephone calls. Try my EITHER or NEITHER interactive quiz! ''Neither'' is a negative reply to two alternatives. A conjunction and a coordinating conjunction differ in that a conjunction joins grammatically alike subclausal elements, whereas a coordinating conjunction joins grammatically alike clausal elements. he doesn't seem to know where he is going. Each of the two possible choices is OK), ~ each of two“The offices on either side of the hall were empty.” (the offices on the left side and the right side of the hall were both empty). In negative sentences, use ''either, or''. Choose the correct answer. English language reference including definitions of English grammar 12. Definitions from Bob and Jay will race earlier or later than you. maximum of 10 points; Pos. Nor does not occur alone. Also explore over 679 similar quizzes in this category. Neither: coordonne deux choix : situations ou sujets dont les deux sont niés et éliminés.. She neither speaks nor reads Turkish. (V or V), Bob and Jay will race either earlier or later than you. Straight talking and methodical, "Smashing Grammar" (Our Grammar Book, 2019), the difference between either and neither, Either/or and neither/nor (beware the double negative). 7. They are both busy at the moment. By Kaela_Stanowski | Last updated: Sep 8, 2020, Grammar Quiz: Test Your Grammar Knowledge With Questions. Or expresses preference "one over the other". This is also an inversion - so + do + I and it's the opposite in meaning of ''neither do I''. and quizzes, PDF lesson plans, teacher articles and a directory of They don't sell Adidas, nor do they think² it necessary. However, if one or both elements is/are plural the verb is plural in agreement. For this child, making a choice is neither appealing nor is it interesting. Only one option is the outcome. (phrases). Hurdling but not pole vaulting is your option. When three or more elements are joined, a comma is used. He can ____ speak ____walk. Because it has a negative meaning ''hates'' you need to use ''both, and'', rather than ''neither, nor''. The verb ''hates'' is positive (so you can't use ''either, or''). The boy enjoys ______ fruits ____ vegetables, but I can't remember which one.