Dr Cabot recommends you take Livatone Plus 2 caps twice daily to improve liver function. I also heard that honey can protect against bile obstruction injuries within the body – have you heard about this and what are your views on it? And how long should I come back to doctor to check my health condition as well as the effect of the diet? Glad to know that you’re a great believer in the benefits of honey. It is not a high protein diet either but rather provides you with first class protein regularly throughout the day, along with plenty of vegetables and some good fats. the doctor prescribed sillimarin 3x a day for 30 days. This can worsen NAFLD and increase your risk of heart disease. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Sugar and candy; some cheap chocolates contain hydrogenated vegetable oils which are most unhealthy. Do you have an opinion on buckwheat and it's effect on the liver? I know that fish is the best along with chicken and Turkey. Food that contains high dietary fructose such as refined sugars contribute to the development of metabolic syndrome. Omega-3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fats found in foods such as oily fish and some nuts and seeds. Aim to drink two to three cups of coffee per day to lower risk of liver disease. It is good to take honey before your bedtime because when you take natural honey before going to bed, the honey is believed to be able to fuel your liver. What do u suggest? I do not drink alchohol or any fizzy drinks. I am also allergic to shellfish and other seafoods. Although the cause of NAFLD is unknown, it’s more common in people who have: There are currently no drugs available to treat NAFLD. I do like coffee (one cup a day), can I have organic half and half? Thanks for the excellent article Norleila, I knew that honey is good for me, but I have never bothered to look into details till now. It is good to take honey before your bedtime because when you take natural honey before going to bed, the honey is believed to be able to fuel your liver. It also contains the herb St Mary’s Thistle, which helps to repair damaged liver cells. Where can I download Dr Cabot's free e-book on fatty liver? I am trying to find samples of eating plans. I have mild fatty infiltration of the liver and pre diabetes and suffer from ostoeporsis in feet and hands. butter) and added salt have on a fatty liver? Now I have been diagnosed with fatty liver. I’d just like to add that raw honey has all of those properties, but honey that’s been heat treated loses most of these nutrients and they just end up affecting you almost the same as refined sugar. Raw juices are an excellent source of highly concentrated vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Anything I eat or drink makes my stomach sore and I get a tight chest. Now I’ve quit alcohol and following below mentioned diet plan. Research from 2017 suggests that the Mediterranean diet may help to reduce liver fat, even without weight loss. Keeping healthy is our responsibility. I was wondering if I can drink cranberry juice? As liver is a vital organ, we should take proper care of it. I love honey and the benefits it provides. As a result, this medication is only recommended for people with confirmed NASH. And what other protein sources can we eat if we have to eliminate ALL animal products ie meat fish chicken and eggs and DAIRY?? My choices are macadamia, olive and avocado. Do come back for more updated information on liver. With the many health problems today, we should come back to nature for our health matters. It’s important to stay active when you have NAFLD. On the contrary, honey with its natural fructose and glucose elevates the hard work on the liver thus enables the liver to relax. I also have stage 3 kidney disease. Honey is definitely one of the best natural remedies made available to us. Taking a liver supplement may be tempting, particularly when hearing the claims of supplement manufacturers. Major culprits include store-bought and commercially processed foods, such as: To identify whether a packaged food contains added sugar, read the ingredients list on the product packaging. Fatty liver disease is a condition in which fat builds up in your liver. Honey that has undergone excessive heating process would have destroyed some of the critical natural enzymes, nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Ask your doctor about vitamin E supplements, 800 international units of vitamin E per day, The Liver and Cholesterol: What You Should Know, What You Should Know Before Taking Liver Supplements. © 2005-2020 Healthline Media a Red Ventures Company. There are currently no approved medical treatments for NAFLD, though there are some in development. A hot lemon and honey drink. I seldom drink fruit juices and I drink 2 or 3 cups of tea with a dash of milk an 1 teaspoon of sugar. Here’s a brief overview of foods to focus on: According to research from 2016, coffee offers a number of protective benefits for the liver. How to Care for Baby’s Skin in the Winter, What to Know About Baby Skin Care as a First-Time Parent, Debra Sullivan, Ph.D., MSN, R.N., CNE, COI, baked goods, like cakes, cookies, doughnuts, pastries, and pies, sweetened dairy products, like flavored yogurts. In my opinion, I believe sweeteners, the artificial ones, should be replaced with honey. Cooked vegetables of different varieties including some starchy vegetables (except potatoes); this will compensate for the fact that you will not be eating bread, biscuits and sugary desserts. A maximum of 2 pieces of fruit daily are allowed while you are trying to lose weight. A 2018 review of studies identified herbs, supplements, and spices that have been used as alternative treatments for NAFLD. Honey helps liver function in human body. Also....I saw a youtube video that recommends 1 tbs. It helps your body digest food, store energy, and remove poisons. With my condition, should I use some functional products beside diet. Fried snacks – such as potato chips, tortilla chips, pretzels, crackers, etc. Changing my diet might reverse my fatty liver but what can I do about my cyst? I was diagnosed hepatitis B positive, my Liver function test is normal but the abdominal scan impression showed grade 11 fatty liver and I have discomfort in the right part of my stomach. NAFLD can progress to cirrhosis, liver cancer and liver failure. Thanks. I noticed the supplements you have suggested and I have a question. But please make sure that you only consume pure raw honey and not the processed honey because a processed honey would have lost its nutrients, vitamins, minerals…etc. real butter? Also what about smaller game such as rabbit and squirrel ? I've been on the NASH diet for 4 months and recently had labs done showing that my NASH has been reversed. Gc tea – Why is Gc tea a wellness choice? Fats to avoid include: Many of the lifestyle changes listed above — including losing weight, staying active, and adopting a Mediterranean diet — can also help you manage your cholesterol. You are right we have to look after the bees as we need the honey because honey is good for liver and other important organs. Do you want me to make Any Change in it. I was wondering if real pure honey is a good substitute for sugar for a fatty liver? Alcoholic fatty liver disease is caused by heavy alcohol use. The American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD)’s 2017 guide identifies weight loss as a critical part of improving NAFLD progression and symptoms. I always turn to honey when I have a cold. All rights reserved. I use honey as sweetener in tea instead of sugar, love the yogurts that are sweetened with honey and love honey on toast. “Diet foods” that claim to be slimming – they are usually low in fat and high in sugar or artificial sweeteners, eg. why are grains bad for liver? Hello, sourdough bread is not aption either? The Mediterranean diet also helps treat conditions commonly associated with NAFLD, including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. Extra Tip: Satisfy your hunger According to a 2018 review of studies, more research is needed to understand who can benefit from this treatment and how. According to the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, a good goal to shoot for is at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week. As a result the liver suffers damages. I would like to know your opinion. Yes, honey contains natural fructose. and ive also read, that too much protein is also bad for this condition bc the liver has to process all of it, yet your recommending protein powder? Without going into too much detail I would like to know exactly what diet to follow for a severely enlarged and fatty liver following trauma to the liver on two separate occasions. You are seriously at risk now if you don't wake right now ! It is recommended to take 2 to 3 spoonsful honey mix with hot water before bedtime as this help you to burn more fat. And, is honey taboo, as I use it to sweeten hot tea? Talk to your doctor to find out if vitamin E is right for you and whether it could help with your NAFLD. Always helps. Learn more about the best ways to protect it. If you have NAFLD, keep in mind that not all diets and supplements are healthy for your liver. I am not obese, do not have high cholesterol or diabetes and have never been an alcohol drinker. Thanks for your contributions and response. Besides that honey was used as natural sweetener long long time ago but we have forgotten about honey today. More research needs to be done to understand the long-term safety and effectiveness of this treatment. Should you have any views, suggestions or comments on “Is Honey Good For Liver?”, please pen them in the comment box below. In addition, speak to a doctor or pharmacist before taking any over-the-counter medication, vitamins, or supplements, as these can affect your liver. When I was diagnosed with NAFLD, a friend said it was probably the turmeric. Diet and lifestyle changes are among the most effective ways to treat this condition. Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Before beginning any weight loss program, it’s important to speak with your healthcare provider to see if it’s right for you. I recommend this article.I think honey is good for liver and there fore is good for prevention of cirrhosis. However, the consumption of honey is believed to help in the liver cleansing. I even tried drinking tamarind juice to get back my voice. Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) isn’t related to alcohol use. Fasting and extreme diets are often unsustainable, and they can be hard on your liver. So the issue here is the dosage of fructose. and not honey that has been heavily processed. A dietitian can develop an eating plan to help you reach your weight loss goals and make nutritious food choices. If you find this information useful, please click the share button so that  more people could benefit. Too much sugar leads to diabetes. The liver is a powerhouse organ, performing a variety of tasks that are essential to maintaining good health. Raw vegetables - good examples are carrot, cucumber, zucchini, or celery sticks, or broccoli florets dipped into tahini, hummus or freshly mashed avocado. Iam very confused about the food choices to reverse fatty liver as they seem to be contradictory....In one article ive read it states to not eat ANY animal foods, especially eggs (which claims to be the #1 worst for gallbladder attacks) and eliminate all grains, yet you say white flour is also not to be eaten....So what bread is okay? But of course the honey will have to be the pure raw honey. Hi - I recently had a blood test and my ALT result is 80 U/L. Also, be careful with coconut since it is high in saturated fats. In other words, honey taken before sleep helps to speed up fat burning metabolism and at the same time ease stress hormones. Thank you for a very informative article! I am 30 year old and had just been diagnosed with NAFL, I also have PCOS.