'Neighbour from Hell' misery as Scots residents at wits end over boozy parties and fights. of strong white flour instead of 500gr. Kieren Glasgow, 24, has said he was intending to travel from Falkirk home to Wishaw but he never turned up and his family haven't heard from him. Bread has to be the last thing on the list for us when it comes to recipes, and with GBBO on our screens again and it being Bread Week, I had to go in search of a simple recipe. (I like to use a proving basket, which makes a lovely spiral pattern on the top of the loaf.) There’s no need to grease. Leave in a relatively warm place for about four hours or so. Robert Clelland begged for his life while being attacked by groundworker William Nimmo outside his mother's home in Galston, East Ayrshire, in July 2019. 5. Please note: I’ve taken elements from a couple of my favourite bread recipes here to make something that I know I and my oven can handle. If so, do you know if the quantities in the two baguette-y recipes (pages 143 and 155) are correct? The extra time it takes to bake three or four loaves instead of one is minimal. Brilliant Bread is a book for the beginner or intermediate bread baker. 1. Leading today's briefing, deputy First Minister John Swinney said Scotland's death toll now sits at 3,244. Scrape the dough on to a floured surface, flour your hands and shape into a ball. I’m simply using a cup measure to throw in a cup of flour (any flour, strong, white, rye, malted, plain, brown etc. When ready, your bread will just come out of your pot. The footage showing dozens of punters breaking social distancing rules by running between groups and hugging each other at the Draught Project bar in Aberdeen on Thursday night has been criticised today. I still use it occasionally to look up a recipe or for some inspiration. Available now. 3 years on our final tier of wedding cake transformed. He has authored 5 best-selling books: on sourdough, Shetlandic cooking, brewing, baking and bread, respectively. Scots heroin addict is unrecognisable after ditching drugs for good. Paul Hollywood's Peshwari Naan Bread - India. I’ve been very busy, painting decorating and moving house, celebrating our first wedding anniversary (where has the time flown!?) If social isolation has given us anything, it's the time to get the baking sheets out. Serial offender went on Perth shoplifting spree and lost plot when she found partner in bed with another woman. Flour a work surface, and a couche or heavy tea towel at the same time (you can use a square proving basket if you have one). Use a scraper, or your hands if it hasn’t stuck, to lift the dough onto your floured couche. Turn your dough gently out onto the surface – use a dough scraper to cleanly separate it from the side of the bowl so as not to stretch the dough too much. Bread has to be the last thing on the list for us when it comes to recipes, and with GBBO on our screens again and it being Bread Week, I had to go in search of a simple recipe. If you’re using James’s book ‘Brilliant Bread’ please follow the instructions on his recipe as his recipes work really well. Add in your sourdough starter. Sign up to our newsletter to enter competitions and receive tasty recipe inspiration every week. 10. If you enjoy our content, don’t keep it to yourself. The secret is baking in batches. In a large bowl, weigh the flour. Add in your cold water and mix everything to combine into a rough dough. Brush off any excess flour from the top, and fold it in half again, gently pressing and holding to make the surfaces stick together. , Other excellent uses for starter pour-off include using it to make pancakes, waffles, and as a batter for frying (just think about the built in vinegar! When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. You can bake these loaves inside a pot or cloche – just make sure it’s going to fit. Rub in the salt at one edge of the bowl and the yeast on the other … Emergency services race to Hamilton street pensioner hit by car. He is well known as a finalist in the Great British Bake Off. Go for 250ºC/230ºC fan/Gas 9. wrap in a tea towel whilst still hot, to soften the crust and eat with whatever your heart desires! Place the dough on a heavily floured surface (like a chopping board), loosely cover and leave it for a final hour, or until it has doubled in size and springs back when pushed. My friend Kate very kindly offered to drive us to Glasgow for James Morton’s ‘Stollen Moment’ show. All rights reserved. Perfect for easy, summer entertaining, these top 5 recipes are sure to go down a treat. Chilling it means the bread proves slowly and allows the bread to develop a more rounded sour flavour!) The Scotland team took the win for the UEFA Euro 2020 final playoff in a penalty shoot out. (You take them back out again once the starter is bubbling and frothy again. My loaves were rather mishapen and usually split along the side so the top normally fell off. Delicious (!). John Swinney issues pub crackdown warning as Scots told to remember coronavirus rules. James Morton has a nice way of explaining how bread is made and all the steps that are involved. Scots mum beats 1 in 200 million odds to conceive identifical triplets before giving birth during lockdown. Then, stick your hand in and fold it over several times until stretchy. Dr James Morton is a professional amateur. Porridge, banana and coconut, The ‘what if we never sleep again?’ Seeded Coconut Banana Cake, Gadgets Galore! (My jar is quite tall so the handle works best), I feel a little guilty pouring large amounts of sourdough down the sink, so have started sharing my cast off starter with friends too which they can just feed as normal. Scaffolder and dad-of-two John Meechan decided to give himself a little beauty treatment, but the results were disastrous. ): http://alittleshopintokyo.blogspot.jp/2013/05/lip-smacking-sourdough-onion-rings.html, Also if you’re looking for further additions to your library, every recipe I’ve tried from Ed Wood’s Classic Sourdoughs book is great, it’s where I started on sours and is still my favourite sourdough book http://www.sourdo.com/, Oh wow! Ideally, cover the bowl with a damp tea towel or a plate to stop it drying out. 4. I think we’re going to need more flour! Sourdough mince pie cinnamon buns. James patiently answered our questions whilst demystifing the art of bread and sourdough baking and making a lovely sourdough stollen on stage for us to sample. I was merely accumulating large quantities of floury water. I’m still practising with the wetter doughs and recipes which James details in his book. His explanations are simple and easy to follow. With lockdown leaving us all looking for new ways to fill our days, baking has become an increasingly popular past time. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. You don’t have to knead your bread very much if you leave it for a long first prove. Alternatively, use a baking tray. Share our free eNews with your friends and encourage them to sign up. And was I relieved to find James had this all under control. I’m now wise to it. A 90-year-old man was taken by ambulance to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital for treatment to serious injuries. Method: 1. Change ). 8. This is just to stop the salt harming the yeast. Meeting James Morton – the King of Sourdough. Let the dough rest for about 20–30 minutes – this short autolyse will help it come together much better. The slap and fold method works very well. This step replaces kneading. Cover (with cling film or a wet tea towel) and leave your dough (yes, no kneading needed) to rest for about 30-60 minutes, or until you can see a few bubbles appearing on the surface. They’re rather filling! ( Log Out /  I use an old orange Le Creuset that I inherited from my mum, but even a simple, standard stainless steel pot is better than nothing. 3. (pick them out again if you don’t want sultanas in your bread), use 200g of sourdough starter in your dough when wanting to make a full sourdough loaf, or add 100g of sourdough to other breads alongside instant yeast to give a subtle sourdough flavour, 500g strong flour (I like to use a combination of whatever I have in the cupboard which is usually strong white flour, rye flour, malthouse brown, and some wholemeal chapatti flour), 300g (or ml it’s the same if you’re using a electronic scale) water. Robert, known locally as Stewart, was found dead in his flat in Galston in July 2019. Mix warm and cool water in a jug to get approximately 25ºC (colder than a swimming pool, warmer than tepid), and pour this in. In his spare time, he builds bikes and cycles them, roasts coffee and chases after two large greyhounds. He has since written two cookbooks and in 2015 James qualified as a medical doctor. 2. Will have to check out the Ed Wood book you use too. His explanations are simple and easy to follow. Xx, Oops, I should say, Classic Sourdoughs is my favourite sourdough book – until I’ve read “Brilliant Bread” perhaps! Work your way around, repeating this several times. Buy the book: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Brilliant-Bread-James-Morton/dp/0091955602, Visit James' website @ www.bakingjames.com or follow on Twitter @bakingjames. Bake for 20 minutes and then either vent the oven by opening the door and allowing the steam to escape, or remove the lid or cloche, and bake for another 30 minutes, or until a deep golden. Add your sachet of yeast on one side and stir it in, then add your salt on the other side of the bowl and stir that in too. (But it’s not that difficult to make your own too… have a look below.). ), discard a third of the mix and feed every day if you’re baking regularly, or store your starter in the fridge and feed once a week if your baking less frequently, feed it the day before you want to use it (or when it’s really bubbly), stir in some sultanas to reinvigorate a tired (flat) starter. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Brilliant-Bread-James-Morton/dp/0091955602, All enquiries should be made to:info@kokova.com.