The areas devoid of people look better off for it as nature reclaims it's world. Okay, I'm about 4-5 hours into The Last of Us Part II, and all I have to say is: Did Neil Druckman forget that Joel literally ran over a guy because he didn't trust him and knew he was faking being hurt. I really really hate the combat, which is a Shame because the combat was so fun in the first one, more accurate representation of abby. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It’s not just about killing and evading infected fungus zombies and crazed humans, it’s about LIVING IN THE NOW. For a game that Sony has yet to stamp with a definitive release date, The Last of Us Part II has attained new polemic heights for Naughty Dog, and there’s little sign the storm will abate anytime soon. I felt like these limitations made collecting/managing resources a small game of its own, and every encounter forced me to make a decision that felt important. share. Because the Last of Us is and always will be a goddamn masterpiece in terms of story and music and graphics and gameplay. Some didn't believe the leaks were real, but those who did had some unkind words for Neil Druckmann and his team. The strangle animation always takes the same amount of time. However, games which put the story first are more like interactive experiences -- that use game elements to facilitate immersion -- then true games. It’s not just about killing and evading infected fungus zombies and crazed humans, it’s about LIVING IN THE NOW. There were however, scenes that told an old story in a new way, or even used visuals to SHOW and not TELL. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, this one talks about the behind the scenes stuff a bit and talks about druckman, The Last of Us 2 has been at the center of criticism for months now, with fans citing examples as to why they are disappointed. Theses games should be judged on the game play that they create. I was talking to my sister and mentioned being sad that we won’t likely see anything new from ND for a few years after TLOU2 (I’m a Debbie downer) and she responded with “Yeah, but until then we will have Spider-Man, Ghost of Tsushima, Days Gone, TLOU2, RDR2, Control, Cyberpunk 2077, and plenty of other awesome games coming out!”, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. the first game was cliche in an amazing way. If you're sighted you can nail a headshot from the safety of your human shield, take out your meatshield, and book it so you can retool your strategy. One of the other controversies within The Last of Us Part 2 is the characterization of Lev. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. It is absolutely beautiful in art direction. The Last of Us is a game that ticks all the boxes (interesting world, emotional and thought provoking story, exceptional writing, great characters, tense gameplay, perfect pacing) and really sacrifices nothing. The Last of Us 2 Controversy Primed to Continue. Yes, I've played the game and beaten it, and I really don't see why this game is being praised as much as it is. My responses will feed back into this later, but how do you feel about Mass Effects 2 and 3? I don't think I can name any game that has a character arc like The Last of Us that doesn't rely on cutscenes to tell it's story (sorry Metal Gear). The Last of Us isn't a bad game, its just and orange and you only like apples. Yes, she has endured a lot of pain and violence, but thanks to the guidance of her father figure and a will of her own, she’s survived this long. By the end of the game, everything changes. 3 months ago. Because you won’t get a second chance at it. An owner of every console since Atari, Anthony is willing to try any video game, good or bad, but prefers the ones that involve a deep and involving story. It should be judge for accomplishing its primary goal. Though, what I can say is that the graphics are A+ and the starting scene is amazing; it really sets the tone of horror and absolute dread from seeing someone you love die in your arms and it gives you the impression that this game isn't going to beat around the bush. But when you mix it all in one bowl it makes for a game that people can play through and never notice anything to complain about. On top of that, you say you find the gameplay bland, play it again. The fans also blamed Naughty Dog for making Joel careless in the game. [Warning! They will play it. I did not appreciate how the game played until multiple play throughs because I hadn't figured out the mechanics. If you wanted to say the story wasn’t your favorite or there was pacing issues or you didn’t think the combat was all that fun I disagree but like fair. That's a phrase you hear a lot in games these days, isn't it? One big problem I have with many stealth/action games is when you sneak and the guy you're coming up on turns and sees you before you can react, in most games your only option is to kill them on the spot loudly, use your ammo, and likely get shot while pulling out your gun to kill them. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. In late April, key, spoiler-filled plot points and level details from The Last of Us Part 2 were posted to YouTube, revealing much of the story from Naughty Dog’s upcoming PlayStation 4 game. You're FORCED to play as an androgynous ugly female hulk that beat the hero of tlou1 to Death with a golfclub for HALF OF THE GAME... so every woman should have massive tits and ass. I watched a dev diary that was explaining how this is all calculated and it was pretty interesting. It gets you thinking that maybe it's better that this is the last of us and we won't be coming back. TLOU is definitely a disempowerment fantasy, and gameplay hinges a lot more on your decisions and ways of tackling a situation than a regular survival horror/action game. Naughty Dog paints The Last of Us Part 2 as a revenge story but does not deliver what fans expect. The Last of Us 2 has been at the center of criticism for months now, with fans citing examples as to why they are disappointed. no context spoilers for #TLOU2, — chris — #BLM (@miniatureladd) June 20, 2020. The Last of Us is a perfect mix of popularily liked elements. She lost her best friend (and I'll say nothing more if you haven't played Left Behind), her mother before birth. I got stuck in Winter, pissed off, called this pile of garbage overrated. And this is certainly true, but what makes it better than other games? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the changemyview community. I also played the multiplayer for a while, that was a lot of fun. At a glance, it might not seem significant, but the game slowly reveals that Lev was born Lily and was meant to be a bride for one of the Seraphite males. He was always so cautious and aware of everything around him.#TLOU2, — William Beattie (@jediprime1) June 19, 2020. Just like so many others out there will be doing. Naughty Dog made an impressive game that has its share of pros and cons. The image and music show what happened to the city. Last of us 2 bad. I love this game and I'm always happy to rant about what makes it great. One of big reasons why this game is so good, because it strikes a particular balance between all its elements. -spoilers-Who ever advertised last of us 2 you a bitch for making us believe Joel survives you fucking ass and who ever wrote the story ur an ass and should leave writing you gave him the most Walmart death I've seen, lousy writing hAVen'T sEeN ThIs OnE BeFoRe fuck off #TLOU2 Reddit's largest subreddit dedicated to The Last of Us Part II has completely turned against the PS4-exclusive sequel, and its users have hated the game for numerous reasons for a while. So why are people acting like baby back bitches over this? Overall, I liked the game because it felt like they absolutely nailed everything they were trying to have the gamer experience, and every idea that they tried to convey. Players control Ellie and will go about exploring and completing objectives in the post-apocalyptic United States. To clarify, Abby causes Ellie a lot of pain but in the end, she spares her life. Several others have also criticized Abby. 2) Its 2018 people. Players complained about the narrative and how the story unfolded. For sure. Motherfuckers. Fans considered the ending to be illogical and unjustified. The core gameplay is fun but the main draw of the first game was the story. The criticism then is that Tommy and Joel so freely give out both their names and where they are living to complete strangers. When society collapses and everyday is a fight for survival against infected and wayward humans, that is the time to not worry about what other people think. It made me happy to see her like an awkward teenager at a school dance. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. It was revealed in DLC from 4 years ago that gave huge backstory to Ellie as a whole. The Last of Us is not a game about shooting zombies in the same way that Left 4 Dead is. The below post contains SPOILERS for The Last of Us Part 2]. The mechanics in this game ARE well defined. With last of us, I thought the mix of stealth and frantic action gameplay put a bit of freshness into the third person action, and the two types of encounter (zombie and human) meant there was a bit of variety. Unfortunately, the game opened to mixed reviews and now, many from the fan base have expressed their displeasure with the game’s storyline. The Last of Us has ALWAYS been about humans being humans in the face of overwhelming odds and adversity. Joel went from a hardend survivor who would smell an ambush a mile away to an idiot who got jumped with a golf club. They completely dropped the ball with the story in Part II. The Last of Us Part 2 is the PlayStation 4's fastest-selling game ever, selling 4 million units in just three days. Now that The Last of Us Part 2 is available on PS4, the criticisms surrounding the game have only grown. it wasn’t the best in the franchise , but it was dumb fun for an hour for cheap. Naughty Dog hinted that there would be a second playable character in The Last of Us 2, but most assumed it would be Joel. Haven't played them yet. 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