Keywords such as Nespresso or Caffeluxe compatible, compatible with market leading machines. Discover Lavazza coffee pods at the best prices. Jolie & MilkUp, The Blue Pod Coffee Co are the official and exclusive distributors of LAVAZZA BLUE and Lavazza EP Maxi Point in AUSTRALIA. Lavazza Blue capsules are made of black plastic and a colored foil lid. A coffee with a powerful taste and intense aroma to recreate the authentic Italian coffee experience at home. The pods are much shallower, and the branding on the machines is different as well. Pricing The A Modo Mio system is very different to the Blue and Point. Approved third parties also use these tools in connection with our display of ads. The Arabica coffees from Central and South America combined with a touch of Robusta from Southeast Asia make this blend round and full-bodied. Lavazza coffee pods Aromatic and balanced. Starbucks French Roast Coffee K-Cups - 48 Count. Unlike some other producers decaffeinated Keywords such as Lavazza Blue, Blue, Lavazza Blue compatible. Pricing Mio* coffee system. The EP or Espresso Point capsule is smaller than the EP MAXI capsule. Tassimo Coffee Variety Pack - Costa Americano/Caramel Latte, Cadbury Choco, Chai Latte, Baileys Latte Macchiato Capsules - 10 Packs (96 Drinks), Tassimo Coffee Kenco Bundle - Kenco Americano Smooth/Americano Grande/Pure Colombian pods - Pack of 10 (160 Servings), Capsules Compatible Lavazza a modo mio - 120 Caffè Carbonelli Capsules 100% Arabica Blend Neapolitan Espresso, 100 Capsules Compatible Lavazza Espresso Point - Caffè Carbonelli Capsules 100% Arabica Blend - Neapolitan Espresso, Lavazza® A Modo Mio* Compatible Coffee Capsules Kenyan Blue Mountain, Lavazza A Modo Mio Compatible - Genova - Decaffeinated, Dolce Gusto Compatible Lavazza Intenso Espresso Coffee Capsules (6 Packs of 16), Lavazza Dek Decaffeinated ESE Esrpresso Pods 44mm (6 Packs of 18), Reusable Coffee Capsule for Nescafe Dolce Gusto Machine Refillable Capsules Pod Compatible Filter Cups BPA Free Coffee Pods by KOKSI, CaffeLuxe Single Serve Variety Premium Coffee Pods - Flat White, Hot Chocolate, Cappuccino Creme, Caramel Latte - Dolce Gusto Compatible Pod (50 Pods, 50 Servings), Latte Macchiato - 96 Dolce Gusto Compatible Pods (Pack of 6 with 96 Capsules), Lavazza Carte Noire Cafe Au Lait 16's (Dolce Gusto Compatible Pods) - OOC PODS ONLY (2 x 16 Pods{16 Drinks}), Barista Italiano 100 Lavazza A Modo Mio Compatible Capsules (CREMOSO TOP ESPRESSO), 100 Nespresso Compatible Coffee and Chocolate Pods. The ESE system is one of the oldest, best quality espressos you can get, plus environmentally friendly. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. Our selection is based on two simple ideas : finding the best end-result in your cup whilst ensuring complete compatibility with your For official information about COVID-19 from South African Department of Health, please visit The range on offer is superb and the price is excellent. Pricing The EP Maxi capsules are compatible with these machines: Lavazza EP or Espress Point capsules are made from a white plasic and a packed in a foil pack of 2 or 1 capsules. Strong U-Shape, approximately 54mm diameter, 36mm high, Capsule Features 6 watching. Capsule Shape Magia Capsules both original and compatible ones are soft plastic capsule and lid. Keywords such as ESE, Easy serving Espresso, Soft pod, Paper pod, Hard pod, Pricing Caffitaly S04®, S06HS Nautilus®, S03®, S05®, Amante®, Gaggia Evolution®, K111 D Gaggia®, S11HS Nautilus®, S16 Diadema®, S08 Venus®, S07 Murex®, S15 Amphora®, S21 Clio® Get free delivery on all capsule orders over R500 (main centres)!*. Pricing Lavazza Blue Espresso Rotondo 100% Arabica 100 Capsules … Lavazza® A Modo Mio*, Decaffeinated Sumatra Swiss Water Process, Lavazza® & A Modo Mio are a registered trademark of Luigi Lavazza® Spa. Compatible capsules are available at R4,98 per pod (R249 for 50) but better stock up once you find them, as you never one if you could get again! Saeco Piccina, Electrolux Favola, Saeco Extra, Electrolux Espria, Saeco Minu, Espressgo, Electrolux Magia, Minu Caffe Latte, Lavazza Simpla, Electrolux Favola Easy, Electrolux Favola Plus, Electrolux Favola Cappuccino, Electrolux Espira Plus, Lavazza Jolie, Electrolux Fantasia. Hard white plastic tub with different colour lids. Lavazza EP or Espress Point capsules are made from a white plasic and a packed in a foil pack of 2 or 1 capsules. Shallow soft plastic capsule and lid, approximately 47mm diameter, 17mm high. A coffee with round taste and intense aroma to recreate the authentic Italian coffee experience at home. use, and with some of the best coffees available, don't just take our word for it our customer reviews state time and again that they consider them the best A Modo Mio coffee pods available. Original Lavazza Blue capsules in South Africa are hard to find these days, usually go for R6,50 per pod (R650 for 100). Free and objective coffee media, we share our tests and advice on. Milex Café Barista. The foil capsules are then sold in "sleeves" which is a plaster outter wrapping. The two system should not be confused with each other, capsules are not interchangeable. Capsule Shape manufactured by Lavazza! Pricing Sometimes if can be confusing which capsules are compatible with your coffee machine, the below notes should make it easier! Coffee inside two layers of filter paper material. The capsules are sold in boxes of 16. Not to be confused with Senseo pod, as Senseo is a un-tamped soft pod, Look out for… Capsule Features Capsules both original and compatible ones are hard plastic capsule and lid, Look out for… After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Where can I get the capsules? The struggle is real! Compatibles are available from only R3,49 per pod, mostly when buying in bulk (50, 100, or 200 packs at a time). It is an open source created by Illy. coffee Just saying). The compatibility of our compatible capsules is functional use on the “Lavazza® A Modo Mio” machines and does not replace the original use of the capsules produced by Lavazza. Free postage. coffee pods This medium roasted coffee is a velvety blend with a mellow flavour and an aftertaste with pleasing hints of caramel. $42.49. Looks like a firmly tamped teabag filled with espresso ground coffee, 44m diameter. The foil capsules are then sold boxes of 50 and 100. I found The Coffee Pod and wish I had done so years ago. Go wild! of compatible capsules who are just trying to make the capsules for a price Somerset Roast Capsules Choose from Both Original Lavazza and Compatible Capsules. Look out for… Soft U-Shape, approximately 45mm diameter, 25mm high. Capsule Features Looks identical to Caffitaly capsules but are not interchangeable. These systems are not compatible with each other, and require three different type pods. body, just what you would expect from a capsule that can be used with A Modo Lavazza Blue. These capsules fit in… £13.99 . machine. You can get compatibles for R5,80 per pod (R279 for 48). Pick Any 10 Packs from 19 Blends Including: Espresso, Latte, Chocolate and New Eco Capsules, Lavazza Carte Noire Cappuccino 16's (Dolce Gusto Compatible Pods) - OOC PODS ONLY (2 x 16 Pods{16 Drinks}), Carte Noire Espresso Coffee Nespresso Compatible Capsule Pods 10s (N°9 Intense, 4 Boxes), 50 GREEN / DEK Blend Capsules Borbone Compatible Lavazza A Modo Mio*, Liberty Caffè Classic A Modo Mio Compatible Capsules, (100 x 7.5 g), 240 Coffee Capsules Compatible Lavazza a modo mio - Caffè H24 Neapolitan Espresso, L'OR Espresso Coffee Supremo Intensity 10 - Nespresso®* Compatible Aluminium Coffee Capsules - 5 Packs of 20 Capsules (100 Drinks), 50 Lavazza A Modo Mio compatible capsules Intenso Nero Puro Caffe' made in Italy, 50 Capsules Pods of Sweet Ginseng Compatible Lavazza A Modo Mio by Kapsula, Caffè Cremeo -100 Capsules Compatibles with LAVAZZA A MODO MIO Machines - Magia Bland, CiaoCaffè 50 Lemon Tea Capsules 100% compatibles LAVAZZA A MODO MIO Pods, 80 A Modo Mio Compatible Capsules - Hazelnut - Il caffè Italiano - FRHOME, CAMARDO COFFEE 160 Compatible compostable coffee capsules for Lavazza®* A Modo Mio®* coffee machine – ESPRESSO CREMA blend - 100% COMPOSTABLE and BIODEGRADABLE – MADE IN ITALY(16 boxes of 10 capsules), CiaoCaffè 100 Hazelnut Capsules 100% compatibles LAVAZZA A MODO MIO Pods, Lavazza A Modo Mio Compatible Caffe Macchiato pods x 16, Black Donkey Coffee Roasters - 50 ESE Coffee Paper Pods 44mm (VARIETY PACK), Lavazza Blue 100 Intenso Capsules Single Shot, 50 Capsules Pods of Chocolate Compatible Lavazza A Modo Mio by Kapsula, Note d'Espresso Chamomile Honey and Orange Capsules Exclusively Compatible with Nescafé* and Dolce Gusto* capsule machines 14g x 48 Capsules, Tassimo Black Coffee Bundle - Costa Americano, Kenco Pure Colombian/Americano Grande, L'Or Classique XL, Jacobs Caffe Crema Classico XL pods - Pack of 10 (160 Servings), Discover the irresistible taste of L'OR coffee, Italian coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso.