0000014126 00000 n Broadband and phones need to be up and running, furniture and any cupboards and storage units. Others prefer to hand the task over to a seasoned pro who can do it for them. Nominate an office manager, executive assistant or a similarly responsible person who excels with logistics and company-wide communication. ), Any access points that require coded entry. Assign colour codes to each department. Our expert advisors can help you build the right workplace strategy for your business: Get recommendationsor call +44 20 3868 6470. This is recommended if you are moving valuable equipment. Also, this is a good time to return the keys or passes from the old space that you collected from your team. This is just an added precaution that will serve you if your previous landlord attempts to make you pay for damage that isn’t your team’s doing. The office move may be over but there are still some important tasks to take care of before normal business operations can resume. Ultimately, 5. Security: at least a month ahead of your move, get in touch with your new building manager to see if security is covered by your rental. Verify that all the details you received regarding your move in the planning stage are still set in stone — you can never be too sure! Update your website and all 3rd party online presences, and notify your clients via email that you’ve relocated. We can help you find your perfect office in a way that suits you. office move checklist to help make your move a smooth and happy one. get ready for Moving day but you should be able to make it work in half that In the majority you’ve hired to show their worth. Your clients and partners should know that you’ve moved! The office With HubbleHQ, you can choose whichever method best suits you: Search all of London’s offices on our platform. 0000012689 00000 n Specifically, you should share: You don’t have to share everything all at once — as you make decisions, you can send out emails with updates on the move process. move may be over but there are still some important tasks to take care of a successful office relocation will be. h�b```b``�f`c``���π ��@Q�$A��gā|�G'3��k�l� Qm����h�4�)���9�s�����W/S���,�O��e 2h��&��i|�U����Z�D�K`���i�� If your office is moving to a foreign country, be sure your employees' documents (passport, visa, inoculations, etc) are up to date. This means one-time services, such as telecoms installation, and ongoing services, such as vendors in your new area. 0000023273 00000 n Choosing the right cross country movers is crucial for your successful long distance move. Draft a checklist of your move, including individuals involved, required action items (like setting up phone and internet installation), and deadlines. Have your moving coordinator and a team of a few volunteer helpers manage the move. Give your employees clear reasons for the move, explain how they’ll benefit, and what you want to achieve. Thank you! time you have for planning an office move, the better your chances of managing Get a free quote and moving consultation. Will the office be closing early to accommodate the move? Office Move Checklist Planning your office move Determine a budget. Whether it’s giving you room to grow, more space to create, or more control over your brand and environment, a new space is an exciting thing—once you get past the move itself, that is. 0000025464 00000 n Plan the timing of your move carefully. You can also use our office budget calculator to get an estimate of how much you should be spending on your next office! Hire any services you’ll need to get set up in your new office ASAP. London's best areas to work in 2018 by industry. This should encompass everything — think office desks, chairs, couches, tables, phone booths, industry-specific equipment, and more. Update any paper materials like business cards and legal templates to showcase your new address. Include all the tasks that need to be completed, no matter how small, as well as the steps leading up to them and the people, teams and companies responsible for each of them. Appoint one person to do a post-move walkthrough of the old office, and to take photos of the space, as well as document any damage to the infrastructure.