The clock dial was also given the peacock feather treatment to match. Click on the Menu icon of the browser, it opens up a list of options. In addition to this, diesel was available at half the price of petrol back then. The battery, ignition switch and fog light switch were neatly integrated into the other tool box. Yes, the flywheel is very dangerous and may lead many to believe we have no regard for safety, but we believe it adds some thrill to the overall leisurely paced riding experience.”, The Bullet was then stripped down and the chassis was restored to its original specification. The ‘unicorn' Royal Enfield is also a priceless possession for many enthusiasts. This figure was even higher than the then benchmark for mileage among two-wheelers, the Hero Honda Splendor. While the regular Royal Enfields we see today are aimed to give a relaxed riding experience, the Taurus gave the exact opposite. The 'Local Version' Of The Diesel Royal Enfield Bullet. It indeed is bloody comfortable: ideal for long solo trips!”, They then wrapped the grips in leather grip wraps from the Trip Machine Company, which were polished to match the same colour as the seat. A complete nut-and-bolt restoration was on the cards. November 2, 2020. Jeep Willys Miniature Working Model Built In Kerala For A 10-Year Old Boy: Watch The Video Here! The downside to the great fuel economy is the power. November 2, 2020. 0-60 in 1.1 seconds. Write Your Review. [ Time Cycles Garage | Photography by Nirmesh C ]. They know a thing or two about their national treasure, so when they picked up a 1959 Enfield Bullet 350 that was in need of some love, they were ready to restore this old beauty. However, things were different for the Taurus. “If you ride it wisely, it sips about 1.3 litres of diesel per 100 kilometres. Lastly, we carefully hand fabricated the mudguard and the stays to fit flawlessly.”. All rights reserved. The horn is used a lot in India, so they decided to upgrade the ancient horn to the Hella trumpet. 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime – The Best Hybrid SUV? “Looking at the motorcycle, it was clear it needed of a lot of work. Blue RC Parts Electric Car brushless Motor Heatsink Cover + Cooling Fan for 1:10 HSP RC Car 540 550. With the bike being over 50 years old, the electricals needed to be brought into the 21st century. Its mileage of 85 kmpl, which was not beaten by any motorcycle during that era and even now also only some 100 cc bikes could achieve this. The 196kg Taurus had a top speed of just 65km/h. The team at Time Cycles took an old turkey and turned it into a beautiful peacock. They also upgraded the clutch to accommodate more plates and tended to the entire four-speed gearbox internals. However, the diesel Bullet is still living its age in rural areas and vintage motorcycle garages. The rear indicators were discreetly mounted on the rear suspension using a combination of off-the-shelf parts and custom machined bits. In fact, it was the highest selling diesel motorcycle in the world. The Royal Enfield Taurus was the first and last diesel motorcycle in India while many others were on sale abroad. Thoughts On The Royal Enfield Bullet Diesel aka Taurus. Very RARE Royal Enfield Diesel Bullet for sale: Top class condition & 65 Kmpl mileage! Output figures stood at 6.5bhp and 15Nm of torque. The motorcycle had huge vibration issues due to the high compression ratio of thediesel engine. In addition, peacocks can ‘sort of’ fly and we have 6.3 HP at our disposal, remember?” So the bike took on the new name ‘Navilu’ – which, you guessed it, translates to ‘Peacock’. It was then sent to VP Designs Custom Paint Shop in Pune and given a liberal splash of custom hydrochrome blue paint. They know a thing or two about their national treasure, so when they picked up a 1959 Enfield Bullet 350 that was in need of some love, they were ready to restore this old beauty.