The two of them are far less worried though, merely taking each other by the hand and turning back to the Queen, who rubs her own hands together in preparation. The Queen rolls her eyes at this while David adds that, to save the people of Storybrooke, they're willing to do as she asks. Soon she'll have their little shared heart beating in the palm of her hand and, to fully express what's going to happen, she foregoes the mirror in favor of one of the apples from her sister's fruit bowl, holding it up and gripping it as though it were her nemesis' life-giving organ. They fight, and the Woodcutter bashes a hole in the wagon, enabling Snow to hold back the Woodcutter's arm so David can kill him. Regina believes the Evil Queen obtained it from Gold as a part of a plan to destroy the whole town. Back in time, David is seen in considerably lesser company, not that he knows that as he and Wilby continue to trek unwittingly alongside Gabriel the pretend peddler. "Snow!" She whimpers about how she's dreamt of this moment for so long. With the shepherd on the ground, the Woodcutter lifts his ax behind his head, prepared to thrust it forward and end this battle for good; however, Snow's gloved hand suddenly protrudes from the hole that he himself created, and she grabs the ax by the handle to stop the bounty hunter from being able to swing it. Brigitte Hales (story editor), She then uses her magic to make the sapling vanish from Snow's hands and appear in her own. Gold tells the witch that she needs to calm down, and she turns to him in anger. Between this scene and the next scene with David and Wilby in the past, he said that he is going to Longbourn as well, which we first heard about in season 1 when Rumplestiltskin and Baelfire went to sell something at the fare and the army guy said, “kiss my boot.” Interestingly, Longbourn is also Elizabeth Bennett’s home in Pride and Prejudice. Since there’s been no restrictions mentioned in the past (such as “There can only be one ‘True Love’ at a time” or something similar), wouldn’t a kiss from Emma on either her dad or mom work? I'll see you at the cemetery soon enough... it's a good place for endings." It's done its work, and they know their love is more powerful than anything she can throw at them. She declares that killing them would be too easy and that she wants them to feel her loneliness. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? She finds herself uttering his nickname, wanting to know how he found her, and he removes his helmet as he advances, replying that she's noting but a lost princess and he came across an excellent sheepdog. That was when he had a long hair, but that was all much more before this. She thrusts their hearts back in, and Snow quickly passes out. A spark, if you will. Snow wonders about the relevance of this and Blue assures her that all the people love her, but Snow smirks off the idea of love. The Woodcutter turns to the sheepdog and assures him that his owner is just sleeping, then saying that he has a fun game for the two of them to play in the meantime. With that, she grabs it from either end and snaps it cleanly in two. She then disappears from sight, knowing the distraction she's set up for the town's local villains to be taking form successfully. Email if you would like to arrange a corporate sponsorship of our podcast for the upcoming third season. Meanwhile, with all this going on, Zelena takes it upon herself to offer Belle some friendly advice. David's faith in Snow's resourcefulness convinces her that she can live by her wits and stay in her own kingdom; hearing that David is in need of money, she gives him her savings as a reward. Heartless / Gallery < Heartless . Are we going to see the water being used again? Emma calls out for her father while Regina crouches down to inspect him, and finally Snow is able to sit up and utter her husband's name as true consciousness befalls her once more. Meanwhile, Gold makes his way behind the counter and begins to inspect the note sent to Zelena by Regina, clearly curious about it. David points out that it sounds dangerous, asking if she's sure she wants to do it alone, but Snow, pouring the contents of her money pouch out into her palm, tells the unseen man on the other side of the door that she doesn't feel so alone right now. "Don't." The fairy, almost offended, states that love is the most powerful magic in the world. However, when they make it to the bed, they are shocked and disappointed to see that it's empty, meaning that Snow is somewhere else. The episode posted a 1.1/3 rating among 18-49s with 3.56 million viewers tuning in, up from the previous episode.[2]. "It's story time," he tells her, then opening the book up to the page which depicts Snow White and Prince Charming clinging to one another on their infamous wedding day. Gold points out that someone else with her handwriting did, at which the Queen, annoyed, realizes, "Regina..." She sets the note back down on the counter while Rumplestiltskin arrives at the conclusion that the three of them are being played. Continuing to walk with her husband, Snow ponders the thought that all of this could simply be leading to her vision, wondering if this is all just the path to their daughter's death. Ruth wonders how long he will be, at which he assures he won't be long at all, giving her a hug goodbye. Do love Regina and Emma together and Regina, Zelena and the Evil Queen, for me the best thing about the episode, continue to be awesome and the characters that seem to be most in character. His smile drops at this, and he tells her, while acknowledging that it may seem trite to say, that it doesn't mean anything. As Emma and the others prepare to defend the town, the Charmings go with Regina in search of a magical sapling created by the first spark of true love, with the latter using Gold's burgeoning romance with the Queen against them both. However, David refuses to give up, and then Snow's warning grows more pertinent as an ax is sent hurtling towards him, landing in the door. Regina believes the Evil Queen obtained it from Gold as a part of a plan to destroy the whole town. "Heartless" is the 118th episode of Once Upon a Time. Jane Espenson, Gabriel then points out that that's his cup David is carrying, recalling how he went over a bump a while back and dropped it, having thought it was lost, and comments on how it's not good for a travelling merchant such as himself to be so careless with his goods. You can overcome anything. The others inquire as to what she means and the Mayor finds it difficult to suggest that the Evil Queen and Gold's alliance might have more to it than business. The sense of relief is rather fleeting though, for Snow's eyes soon begin to close and she drops to the ground, unconscious. Gallery of photographic stills released to promote the episode. Pick a flower. "I do," we hear at the same time we see Snow taking a deep breath, the sleeping curse now absolved. "Thinking about what?" Rumple and the Queen are shocked to see the Wicked Witch there, and then she begins to storm out, distraught. The pain of being alone. As such, he bends down to lift it open, meaning the three heroes are left staring down into previously uncharted underground territory. It caws before flying off, and Zelena turns around to begin heading to Mr. Gold Pawnbroker & Antiquities Dealer across the street. And, since Snow's husband has half her heart, the Queen gets that too, for that's the "little bit more" that will make today her perfect day. He lets out a war cry as he prepares to bury it in David's skull, but the shepherd is swift and able to use the large rock he's been wielding as a shield, though this does mean he's flung into the wagon door. There are definitely good things about "Heartless". And, since she couldn't accomplish that by killing her, she's come up with something much more cruel. But, there's still a lot of dangerous stuff in there. Once Upon a Time Wikia. FANDOM. Let’s make today the perfect day and join us as we discuss probably one of the top episodes of Once Upon a Time, “Heartless” in-depth, focusing on Timmy and … Just do it quickly. These flashbacks were from the episodes “Snow Falls,” “A Land Without Magic,” “Lady of the Lake,” “The New Neverland,” “Snow Drifts,” and “There’s No Place Like Home,” and this episode. It was a set-up created at the beginning of this season that there are loopholes to the sleeping curse once again. We really liked how cleverly they twist this new sleeping curse. As he adds this last part, he turns to the page which depicts Charming standing over Snow's glass coffin in the woods, about to use true love's kiss to wake her up. Disgusted, Belle advises him to listen to himself, for that's just him all over: afraid of failing. In the present, Snow, David and Regina stand beside a familiar Storybrooke stream, with the former soon pointing in a certain direction and her husband realizing that that's where the beacon is. The two of them grow stunned at this revelation. It’s a good place for endings,” this reminds us from a poem “Do not go gentle into that good night” by Dylan Thomas. "You say you always find her," she says, "Well start looking, shepherd. Overall…FANTASTIC!”, On Twitter:  echo do_shortcode('[twitter follow="ONCEpodcast"]'); ?>, Daniel J. Lewis:  echo do_shortcode('[twitter follow="theDanielJLewis"]'); ?>, Jeremy Laughlin:  echo do_shortcode('[twitter follow="phlegon"]'); ?>, ErinJ:  echo do_shortcode('[twitter follow="erinjcruz"]'); ?>, Hunter Hathaway:  echo do_shortcode('[twitter follow="travelingpixie"]'); ?>, Jacquelyn / RumplesGirl:  echo do_shortcode('[twitter follow="punk_bunny_87"]'); ?>, In episode 6×08 “I’ll Be Your Mirror”, Emma and Regina formulate a plan to trap the Evil Queen, while Snow and David adjust to life without each other, Henry nervously prepares to take Violet to the school dance, and the Evil Queen impersonates Regina, Meanwhile, Zelena agrees to help Belle and enlist Aladdin to steal a magical object from Mr. Gold, “I’ll Be Your Mirror” was written by Jerome Schwartz & Leah Fong and directed by Jennifer Lynch, Guest starring are Beverley Elliott as Granny, David Avalon as Doc, Gabe Khouth as Sneezy/Mr. It seems her attacker was able to snag some of her scarf as he tries his best to dislodge his second ax from the trunk of the tree, finally succeeding just as Blue flies his way in order to provide her friend with a diversion.