In the woods, Gold sits with his son's body as Zelena arrives. She walks off, leaving Gold to consider. Hades shook his head and clenched his fist. They've been living happily together ever since. After Henry is kidnapped by the coven, the sisters confront Drizella as Hook, Jack, and Cinderella ambush the other witches. She then has Gold toss Hook into a water trough and hold him under, and Emma is unable to pull him out. After Mary Margaret downs all of the orange juice, she is surprised to feel the baby kick. She defensively states that Samdi is not a snake, to which Kelly points out that she likes him. He reiterates his love for her, even explaining that he made Underbrooke in Storybrooke's image for her, as he knew she once wanted to cast the Dark Curse. With that, Regina leaves, and Zelena breaks down into tears. When Hansel kidnaps Chad, Zelena confronts him and manages to defeat him. Emma believes Zelena will change her mind in the future, but the latter considers that she doesn't mind being alone, while the same cannot be said for Emma. He saw potential in making her his partner in crime. Henry, who has destroyed magic, is now making people believe in it so that it will return and he can get his family home. Zelena demands the silver slippers from Dorothy, and after the girl refuses, she unveils Toto in a basket, using the dog as leverage to force Dorothy's hand. working fine. April 15 She even wishes to ride again when she falls off. As for Zelena, it was the same thing. dered why his alarm clock didn't go off. ("Heart of Gold"), At some point after banishing Glinda, Zelena also manages to banish the Witch of the East and the Witch of the North to eliminate her competition as the most powerful witch in Oz. It's explained that if Zelena stays then everything Cora had worked so hard for would be ruined, and so she calls in her guards to take Zelena away. Zelena becomes upset at her for this and questions why she even saved her. With her restored magic, she magically switches out of her frumpy hospital gown for a stylish new outfit and then frees Hook. Later, Kelly walks out to the front of the bar to see Lucy off, telling her that she'll call her as soon as Roni returns. While Zelena prepares to finish her with a fireball, Dorothy's dog Toto wanders into the room without her noticing. After Henry frees an imprisoned Roni with Snow White and Prince Charming's help, Zelena and the others gather with them at the castle's war council table, where they discuss the storybooks Wish Rumplestiltskin has made to entrap each of them in unhappy lives in alternate realms. While everyone else is no match for Zelena, Regina overpowers her with light magic. She goes to her and Zelena turns, her skin partially green. Later, she goes to the pawnshop, which is now run by Mr. Gold's lover Belle, to ask for a baby gift for Mary Margaret, but quickly freezes the girl, and uses Mr. Gold's blood on a locked compartment behind a wall painting to retrieve a plant called night root. According to the prophecy, the Witch of the West will defeat the great evil that Oz has ever seen. Meanwhile, the Evil Queen lives on... ("An Untold Story"), Regina invites Zelena and her daughter to come and live with her, but while the Wicked Witch goes about unpacking, Regina deals with the new threat of Mr. Hyde and the folks from the Land of Untold Stories. When the Queen returns, she persuades Zelena to come with her for a girls' day out and threatens Archie with a death sentence if he doesn't take care of Robin while they are gone. After Charming's death, Zelena flies in and casts a spell on the curse. As the Black Fairy explains why Zelena's magic, which is at an imbalance due to her lack of love and desire to prove herself, was exactly what she needed to turn the crystals dark, Zelena realizes the fairy offered her a faux alliance knowing that she would make the wrong choice by coming to the mines. Regina then leaves with the pendant to put it in her mausoleum. When Regina informs her sister about Drizella being freed by some cloaked creatures, Zelena recognizes them as the same dark coven of witches who attempted to invite her to join them. She leaves Zelena for the time being, who later rejoins her in the mayoral office after learning the heroes have managed to detain Hyde. Hades While both sisters are gone, the bar is visited by Mr. Samdi, who leaves his card with Henry and asks him to have Roni contact him. Zelena reunites with the other heroes, and brings them into the Hall of Doors to show them what the Black Fairy's curse is causing, that being the eradication of all the realms of story due to Emma's lack of belief. At nightfall, Zelena shows up, with Mr. Gold in tow, though Regina is absent. Zelena, annoyed, tells him this isn't a joke, she needs to have her magic removed, and if Snow's baby is born before their kiss, she's not going to have another option: she's going to have to start killing people, people that Emma loves, starting with her son. He then materializes three unmarked headstones, stating that for every soul his friends save, Hook will be in charge of choosing which of his friends have to stay in the Underworld forever. Blue Regina goes with Snow and Emma alone, taking Jekyll's serum to separate herself from the Evil Queen, which she then supposedly kills once and for all. It’s hard for her to believe that someone could ever love her. So in this case, you can’t argue with Hades’ situation. But they both just lost their mother, and just recently gained each other as sisters. At some point, Kronos chooses Zeus to become the next ruler of Mount Olympus, gaining everything that Hades had ever wanted. At Baelfire's former apartment in New York, they are confronted by Rumplestiltskin, who suffers a heart-attack and ends up hospitalized. The day after, Zelena is called by Regina to the townline, where someone has enacted a shield to keep people from leaving Storybrooke. After Robin Hood manages to make Regina stop, Zelena grins wickedly before pulling out the six-leaf clover and reverting to her true self. As Zelena consoles herself with drinks, Belle pleads for her to convince Hades to tear up the contract on her baby, but Zelena doubts Hades will listen. They accept each other for who they are and supports each other. Since true love's kiss doesn't work, Regina takes out Marian's heart to keep her from dying. I wish the writers went with the original story of Hades eventually. Under this Dark Curse, Zelena becomes a gym instructor named Kelly, who teaches spin classes in San Francisco. Eros chose a specific arrow, an arrow that will never stray or that will hit the target perfectly. Dorothy decides to come back to Kansas, and Glinda accepts to help her. Some time later, Marian is brought to the celebration of David Nolan and Snow White's baby, Neal. While playing with Roland at a park riverside, she passes out from remnants of Ingrid's magic re-affecting her body. Once Upon a Time is an American fairy tale television series that premiered on October 23, 2011, on ABC.The show takes place in the fictional seaside town of Storybrooke, Maine, whose residents are characters from various fairy tales transported to the “real world” town and robbed of their real memories by a powerful curse. Kelly calls Margot, who does not pick up, and leaves her a message asking to speak with her soon about some recent changes in her life. ("The Price"), Under Regina's watch as she works to free Merlin from the tree in which he has become trapped in, the mute Zelena is finally confronted by her sister for trying to escape back to Oz. He may have been faking it, but that was his view of love before. ("Secret Garden"), Zelena then uses a portal to get to the New Enchanted Forest to find Regina, who left recently to rescue Henry from Lady Tremaine. Robin, too, consents to allow Zelena visitation rights in order to be part of their daughter's life as her mother, as long as either he or Regina are present. She gives him an ultimatum to make a final choice between her or Regina, and Robin eventually chooses her, citing that they were once happy together and he wants to regain that happiness again. Zelena, the Wicked Witch of the West, is the daughter of Cora Mills. [2], As Marian, Zelena reunites with Robin Hood, which puts a wedge in his budding romance with Regina. Zelena, along with everyone else, later enter King Arthur's castle. Zelena eventually confronts Dorothy and fakes her own death, as if Dorothy had killed her. The redhead huffs and admits it's true, to which Regina insists she has to return the rattle to the Queen. Kelly West This is the hero complex where a person tends to fall for the person who saved them. Having transformed her back into the dress she wore as Regina's mute handmaiden, Emma also re-applies the cuff used to block out her magic. As Hades gets the weapon, Zeus enters the bedroom, discovering his brother and what he did. In a jail cell, Zelena asks Regina why she doesn't just kill her. That night, Emma and Regina wait outside the mayor's office, waiting for someone to take the bait. Rumple agrees, and later on, Zelena disguised as Marian confronts Robin about still having Regina as a contact in his phone. Zelena appears in the shadows. Mount Olympus Character A romantic moment then ensues, with Hades believing to have fallen in love with the Wicked Witch. She coyly implies to Belle that Mr. Gold's deal to help the Queen involved more than just business.