OcrResult ocrResult = await ocrEngine.RecognizeAsync(bitmap); Running the code on the image below extracts the following text: “TRAVEL THE WORLD SEE THE SIGHTS HAVE GREAT DAYS AND BETTER NIGHTS”. The rest of the wording will contextualise the question and might contain key words … var today = new Date() I think it’s useless unless there is a tool that gives the text in original words (I am speaking about English language only). JAWS recognizes the text of the entire document featuring a very high degree of accuracy as the results are not affected by the curretn screen resolution, as they are when recognizing the current screen or window. ……………………. Command words are the words and phrases used in exams laws issued by the EU which are binding on Member States and automatically apply in each member country. Set out the causes of something and/or the factors which influence it. Students will develop their knowledge of the law in England, and the interaction between law, morals and justice. document.write(year), We use cookies. category four storm is…………………………' (Specimen Paper 1, qu. offences where mens rea is not required in respect of at least one aspect of the actus reus. trying to reform the offender's behaviour so that he will not offend in future. 05.1). Where any delegated legislation is ultra vires, then it is not valid law. this is the reason for the decision. 02.7). a concept under which individuals can rely on EU Directives to bring a claim against their Member State even though the Directive has not been implemented by that State. a document issued by the government stating its decisions as to how it is going to reform the law. This forms a precedent for future cases. a law that has passed through all stages in Parliament and becomes part of the law of the land. By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent for us to, GCSE English Literature Digital Anthology. An injunction can order a positive action, e.g. Use Figure 3 and a case study of a major city in the UK' (Specimen Paper 2, relevant to this subject. an intervening act to break the chain of causation. For example, 'Using Figure 9, describe the distribution of areas with The following command words are taken from Ofqual’s this used to be said to be 'the man on the Clapham omnibus'. Tell us about the qualifications you currently teach, or if you would like to switch to OCR. Present key points about different ideas or strengths and weaknesses of an idea. Specification code: H015 And remember to tell them to read every word in every question! If you used this library in an app for Windows/Windows Phone 8.1, moving to the new OCR API in Windows 10 will be straightforward. forums used instead of a court for deciding certain types of disputes. (Specimen Paper 1, qu. Qualification number: 603/0706/7 01.6). The definitions will help you understand what the words are asking you to do. Do you agree with this statement? When interpreting an assignment question, it is important to identify the type of task you are being asked to do.To do this, look for command words that tell you what to do. value of Fairtrade bananas between 2000 and 2012' (Specimen Paper 2, qu. a decision in an earlier case which must be followed in later cases. © OCR in legal terms, lawful adult visitors are invitees, licensees, those with contractual permission and those with statutory right of entry. Consolidation . For example, 'Using Figure 4, compare HDI values in Africa and South Any subject-specific command words will also be listed in the syllabus. people?' // …. This is also a major part of the theory of the law of tort. For example, a two mark question for ‘explain’ would be answered differently to a six mark question with the same command word. For example, 'State one characteristic of the course of the River Ouse in grid square 5754' (Specimen Paper 1, qu. For example, 'Using Figure 12 and your own knowledge, explain how the law concerned with the relationship between individuals. Command words tell you how to answer a specific exam question or complete an assessment task. Now it is considered to be the ordinary person in the street or doing a task. We have updated our AS and A Level specifications following feedback from teachers, ready for first teaching in September 2020. The burden of proof shifts from the claimant to the defendant. the process of trying to come to an agreement. combining the law from several Acts of Parliament into one Act of Parliament. 02.10). And how important are they? EU law that automatically becomes part of UK law. the name for a draft law going through Parliament before it passes all the parliamentary stages to become an Act of Parliament. This can include pain and suffering as a result of the accident, loss of amenity or a change in lifestyle, such as not being able to play a sport. © AQA 2020, This website uses cookies to improve your experience. a civil action where fault of the defendant does not need to be proved. Knowing what command words mean is important for understanding the demands of the question – however the rest of the wording in a question is just as important to read. All three parts have to be satisfied in order that this test is satisfied. … (Specimen Paper 1, qu. where the defendant knows there is a risk of the consequence happening but takes that risk. What is required from a command word may also vary slightly depending on if interaction with a resource is required. We’ll be eagerly waiting to hear back from you! a method by which a judge avoids having to follow what would otherwise be a binding precedent. By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent for us to, GCSE English Literature Digital Anthology. imposing a punishment because the offender deserves punishment. to stop making noise after 10 p.m. Failure to follow the court order can lead to further sanctions, including possibly imprisonment. All lower courts are bound by decisions of judges in the higher courts. the application of unlawful force to another person intending either to apply unlawful physical force to another or recklessness as to whether unlawful force is applied. trying to alter the offender's behaviour so that he will conform to community norms and not offend in future. For example, 'Suggest how the sea defences shown in Figure 11 help to form' (Specimen Paper 1, qu. For example, 'To what extent do urban areas in lower income countries this is an act, an omission or a state of affairs that is the prohibited conduct in an offence. Command words are the words in the exam questions (usually one of the first words) which indicate what the examiner wants from the question and the style of the response needed. included our own command words and their meanings to complement Use standard reading commands to read the text now placed in the Virtual Viewer. an individual can claim against the Member State even when a directive has not been implemented by that state. If you’d like to share feedback, ask a question, or start a discussion, please post on MSDN forum.