Get the posting neck gaiter and mug. You provide a service that helps people identify and inform themselves […] While some words are offensive, they NEED to be defined so that people can arm themselves with information and understanding. We hope this will improve the overall health of Urban Dictionary. Urban Dictionary is an important tool to understand what those words mean. But there is a difference between using Urban Dictionary to document the meaning of an offensive word and using it to celebrate or endorse an offensive meaning. Children ask parents what bad words mean. Post Upunknown. B)When you have to poop and you post up on the shitter. I can't believe he still listens to drum and bass, that scene is so post. To post up is to lean against a wall, table, refrigerator, countertop, and in some extreme cases holding on to the ceiling, or any other convenient surface so that you do not fall down after consuming massive amounts of alcohol. The work we are doing now aims to preserve that. by Sarah Lambert March 03, 2008. the origin of postin up can't officially be traced but it was believed to be started around the year 3000 B.C. Knowing an offensive word’s meaning can help fight to end inequality and abuse. But we will clarify Urban Dictionary’s community guidelines and build better tools to enforce them. The act of one or more people assuming random gangster poses, usually poses that originated from Run-DMC in the 80's. B)Every morning my boyfriend posts up with his PSP for a good 30 minutes. when one posts up they find themselves in a state of relaxation, … To the thousands of users who wrote in, we heard you and we want to address your concerns: The world is full of diverse thoughts and languages. We want to change that. But the things you love about Urban Dictionary will not change: the irreverence, creativity and humor will remain. An adjective used to describe things that are dated, unhip, or lame but were once considered " in vogue " and in style. We know that the real world can be offensive and is full of offensive words. Right now their behavior has an outsized impact on the rest of the site — it harms the community and often silences other voices. A) To take a shit . Urban Dictionary is an important tool to understand what those words mean. A very small number of users are responsible for the abusive content we want to remove. Yo lets post up right there where all the honeys … A)Man, I really have to post up, I need to find a bathroom soon. We agree with you. We will not ban certain words, and we can’t solve hate and abuse in the world (who can, really?). To chill or stand at a spot (like a club or a street corner etc). You asked us to protect Urban Dictionary’s irreverence and authenticity. #poop #psp #crapper #shitter #dump. (noun) When building roof trusses, when doing a hip system it is a truss that has extra support at the top which includes a horizontal beam and 2 or more supports. Crossed arms, gangster hats, bandannas, and Gumball 3000/ Puma's and 13-14 year old girls are a must to correctly "Post it up." Jeff tries to get girls to post it up with them. We want to keep hearing from you and welcome your comments in the form below. Knowing an offensive word’s meaning can combat inequality and abuse. This summer we posted Rethinking The Dictionary and invited your feedback. Kenneth, Seth, and Jeff post it up hard. post upunknown. A sexual act with the women 'posting' on top of her man. Pretending those words don’t exist doesn’t help them or anyone. Most commonly used by those who are or think of themselves as fashionably elite. You don’t defeat evil by hiding it away, you expose it to the light, because only then can people see how bad it is, and only then can their minds be changed on it. post up. To claim a spot. Get a post up mug … Post it upunknown. postin up is a privilege not a right. How could she buy him a furby for his birthday, those things are so post. Informing them and educating on meanings DOES. Hey.. Dont forget to put in the post up with that next truss! Not only does this allow for a misconception of exactly how drunk you are, but it also makes a viable applicant for the next game of beer pong. Our goal is to help users write better definitions, and empower users to flag definitions that do not meet our community guidelines. The man is flat on his back and the women straddles him and rides him up and down, up and down... Preferably facing forward, the women is riding / posting him. Solving “hate” or “abuse” will not be accomplished by selectively deeming slang words to be unacceptable for a dictionary that attempts to keep up with colloquial language as it becomes popular. But there is a difference between using Urban Dictionary to document the meaning of an offensive word and using it to celebrate or endorse an offensive meaning. You love that Urban Dictionary can be both useful and funny. You noted that offensive words can be educational and informative. The term came from drug dealers on street corners, like light posts and street posts, and there you have it POST UP!