What would a modern RPG be without a fishing mini-game?! Optionally, kill the "Super Boss", Monster Hunt XXV. Below I've included an overworld map of the Light side (past). Built on Rainbow Moon's system, Rainbow Skies is a completely new game that is set in a new world with new characters and a new story. Increasing your battle rank will generally prolong the game as each battle will take longer and you will need to spend more time on upgrading your characters equipment. Below i've included a table with all of the fish you can find in the game. Quick shout out to the makers of Rainbow Skies for finally releasing this sequel. The episode begins on Family Skate Day in the park and everywhere you look, there are families. You don't have to wait for the quest to start collecting the eggs, so it might be smart to either save them once you get them, or farm an extra copy. Rank 1 will tell you which day is best for fishing. The northeast chest that's guarded by Battle Masters (lv 620), Kapiti Castle Lv 6 - Chest behind the Blood Genie Boss (lv 600), Frost Island - Chest South of map text, guarded by Robo Miners (lv 740), Spiral City - Southeast corner, chest behind Spurius Boss (lv 800), Thousand-Roaches Lv 2 - From the Portal > go SW > Make the first left > take the ladder down > in this room the chest is behind the 22 enemy Raging Pot (lv 800) encounter, Dust Temple - Next to portal where you get first fragment. Lv 2 - Take the downward stairs on the right side from where you enter. Release Date was june 27th 2018, on the PS3, PS4, and PSVITA systems. The game will feature two parallel worlds with light and dark themes. The remaining three levels require completing the quest "The Lottery" during the postgame, which is given by Adalgo in the New Borgtonko inn. It was released through the PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4. New Gahsuzia (future) - It's a large area but relatively wide open so you don't have to curve around too many paths to find roots. The MP cost of all skills is reduced by half. What I found worked best for BR 9 was to try and spread out my party, keep using Shadow Potions/Reset, Inflation and Emergency Healing on the main characters. So when you buy a new rod, make sure to sell your old one to recoup some of the cost. Prizes (Bet Level 1) - 50 coins - This is automatically available once you reach Wondira Stone's and first find the lottery dude. These passive effects can be very helpful and most of the materials are relatively easy to get. Rainbow Skies (2018) is the much anticipated follow up to Rainbow Moon (2012) from developers SideQuest Studios and published by EastAsiaSoft. Welcome to Rainbow Skies From the makers of Rainbow Moon comes a brand new role-playing game! he asks for Mimic monster, so either Mimic or Mimic King will work). To complete the quests you will need to 100% explore the Dungeons Elivra tells you to (finding the hidden treasures is NOT required). Dark Ariella, Angler's Anchorage. The Obsidian Shards there sell for around 8k a pop and are relatively quick to farm. 天あまかける虹にじ (Ama Kakeru Niji) Below is a list of the Seal locations (can get in any order): When starting the postgame, you will be capped at lv 150. Fishing in Rainbow Skies is basically a turn based strategy game against a fish, where you attempt to deplete it's "endurance" before you run out of "stamina" or exceed the allotted number of actions (8 w/o skills). You will need to play a minimum of 1000 games to unlock all "bet levels". Other older uses of rainbow flags include a symbol of peace. And thank you for taking the time to peruse my first guide. *All Bosses have a red exclamation (!) Giant Bomb users. The rainbow flag (also known as the gay pride flag or LGBT pride flag) is a symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) pride and LGBTQ social movements. There is a wall to the SW of the Graveyard that conceals a path to the area. You can always just turn the BR down to 1 if you don't feel like going the extra mile however, you will get less rewards. Each fishing skill seems to provide an equal amount of fishing experience. Rainbows caused by sunlight always appear in the section of sky directly opposite the sun. Tried every which way but loose. Another strategy, if this doesn't work for you is waiting till you have Damion's Ultimate Weapon w/ the Focused passive. Rods do become rather expensive, but they also sell very well. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Rainbow Moon is a tactical role-playing game developed by SideQuest Studios and published by Eastasiasoft. Ultimate gear starts becoming available near the end of "The Merchants" quest line once you've delivered enough seals (16-18 I believe?). New Borgtonko - Giant Farmer Boss (lv 150) - SW section of the map guarding a chest, Thousand Tears - Northernmost tower, middle chest behind the Coral Guard, Glimmer Mines - Chest behind Golden Tooth Boss (lv 250), Ariella Undone - Chest on the South tip of the peninsula, south of Angler's Anchorage, Corpus Crypti - Lv 4 Behind Red Blades Boss (lv 350), Lost Wondira - Chest on the small island directly north a ways from the "a" on the map text, Lost Taroonan - Chest on the Island the "nan" in the map text touches. Immerse yourself in a colorful and vibrant world, filled to the brim with friends and foes, murky dungeons, turn-based battles, towns, shops, and everything else your role-playing heart desires. In the future I might consider adding a full Bestiary/Gear list. I used abbreviations for cardinal directions (i.e. Kapiti Castle Lv 2, Looking at the portal, make a left > go right > take the stairs down > in Lv 2 follow the path straight ahead and he will spawn at the end of the hall where the bed is. It's not advised to grind to raise Battle Rank too early in the game as you will find that the monster stats will increase drastically compared to the gear available to you. As the quality of the fish goes up, so does the amount of endurance they have. Cloudy sky Carnopus - * It's good to make sure that you get an extra one of these when you are able to farm them with the raft in the future. Littered throughout the world there are fishing ponds that have different quality fish for you to catch. Your equipment also levels up faster on higher battle ranks. on 06/25/18 I'm not going to walk through each reward. Rather, here are a few tips I found to make the grind for specific awards easier. Steal at least 2,000 items from monsters. article "Rainbow Skies (Game)" is from Wikipedia, https://en.everybodywiki.com/index.php?title=Rainbow_Skies_(Game)&oldid=949003. Rainbow Skies is the second game in a series of Strategy-RPG titles from the makers of the hit Soldner-X franchise. You can search for Lost Taroonan, SW of Dark Taroonan. *I might have gotten the quest numbers mixed up? If you want to skip side quests and make a beeline for the end of the main story, you only need to fight specific "required" battles. Land of Ariella, NE behind Solid Rock, take E exit out of town, make a left and go into the hidden tree path on left hand side. Rainbow Coins, Blue Skills Stone, Stolen Helmet, Exquisite Ruby, Icy Point, right above the "n" in the Icy Point map text, Blue Skill Stone, Tiny Mana Potion, Crystal Fragments, Astral Essence, Lost Borgtonko, N of Malauko's Camp (raft needed), Blue Skill Stone, Small Mana Potion, Magic Tuber, Harvest Hauler, Rainbow Coins, Red Skill Stone, Clown's Nose, Makeup, Red Skill Stone, Speed Buff, Dragon Scale, Dragon Tooth. Blue Skill Stone, Normal Health Potion, Rotten Teeth, Earwax, United Wondira, W of Stone Pass near the well, Blue Skill Stone, Red Skill Stone, Imp Wing, Sprite Horn, Gahsuzia (past), NE of Purling pond/SW of Mokimfu, Red Skill Stone, Fried Egg, Tusk, Scraps of Leather, Rainbow Coins, Chicken Leg, Oversalted Soup, Exotic Spices, Rainbow Coins, Mighty Flask, Targeting Device, Scratched Visor, Rainbow Coins, Gray Crystal Juggler's Cap, String of Onions, Blue Crystal, Mighty Flask, Blue-Steel Ring, Last Refuge, Rainbow Coins, Blue Crystal, Spellbound Sphere, Crimson Chronometer, Pouch of Gemstones, Yellow Crystal, Health Tonic, Sylvan Gown, Blood Diamond, Yellow Skill Stone, Green Crystal, Badge of Rebellion, Pouch of Gemstones, Misc. Final Fantasy Tactics, Disgae, Fire Emblem). One final note on Battle Rank, there are certain milestones in the Main Story that the game will diminish your rewards if you are not playing on the minimum Battle Rank. Go through the Kraken from Loose Rock to the other side to get to the right area. Seven Fires - Similar to Black Pit, clear the main floor and just make a circle. Your current Battle Rank is displayed in your menu at all times under "System". If you'd prefer to harvest earlier or need a specific item, these are what I consider the best harvesting spots per item type: Survive 500 game days in the world of Lunah.