Strangers (and police officers) come over to chat. MG, thankfully, decided to use modern brakes, retro-style be damned. Dealers say 70 is the top speed, but owners report no more than 75 mph downhill with a good tailwind. This is a motorcycle with alot of charisma - a throwback from a bygone era. Excellent example of engineering.. I often gets thumbs up from other road users. Compression is dead low at only 8.5-to-1, so you can probably get away with the cheap pump gas without suffering any pre-ignition/detonation/dieseling, which is a rare thing on modern street bikes. Though primarily a Harley rider, he has an appreciation for all sorts of bikes and doesn't discriminate against any particular brand or region of origin. Since then, the factory in India began to actually manufacture the parts to build the machines inherited from the Brits, and it has recently designed its first in-house engine and bike with its “Himalayan” model, but that’s a subject for another day. Take it for what it’s worth. The mill utilizes a Keihin electronic fuel injection system to meter the induction, All registered in England and Wales. Ride before you buy and see if it goes fast enough for you. Suspension travel clocks in at 5.11-inches up front with 3.14 inches of travel at the axle in back. Maintenance cheap and simple, can exceed 80 mpg. If you are on the lookout for a bike with muscle and lineage, the Bullet 500 would suit you just fine. 6 owners have reviewed their ENFIELD 500 BULLET (2008 - on) and rated it in a number of areas. Bought it for the looks & old world charm I have a 1200RT for serious work, best at 50-60 along winding A roads, still smiling! As dated as the engine itself may be, it isn’t all stone-age stuff, not quite anyway. Company Number: LP003328 Registered Office: Academic House, 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DT. I use it to commute 75 miles round trip twice a week all year round and for the 400 mile round trip to my head office every couple of weeks. 84mm bore x 90mm stroke. It's comfortable but not suitable for long journeys. Slightly oversquare with an 80 mm bore and 74 mm stroke, the ’Guzzi cranks out 46.9-ponies to the Enfield’s 27 (ouch), with 43 pound-feet of torque versus the 30-pounds o’ grunt from the Bullet. Naturally, the engine just finishes the look with a final dose of British-ness to close the deal. Hoping that's it? Real grunt, proper thumper of an engine. Very good after sales service. A monochrome headlight can sits nestled in the tripletree with a chrome bezel and visor to dress it up, and that bit of bling ties in nicely with the bullet turn-signal housings. You can check this on the Financial Services Register by visiting the FCA’s website. I've adjusted the chain once in over 6000 miles (white lithium grease is a must), changed one tire that wore out and change the oil regularly, staying to spec @ 50 wt. Seats need work - on a cruise you are done by the time you hit near 150 miles. It carries that British charm in spades, and reminds me very much of the mid-century plants we saw from other Brit manufacturers. Built strong, and to last if ridden within her design limitations, as mentioned above. The 87 mph top speed means it is capable of keeping up with any and all legal traffic, but not without a few issues. I first tried one in India and liked it so much I purchased one here and I haven't regretted it, I love riding this RE, I ride it more than the others I have. Well that's 3 things in quick succession. Single sprung seat gives a great look with average comfort, The Enfield is all about prosperity not performance, Excellent build quality... built like a gun. The Enfiled aims to recreate biking from a simpler time. 78 mpg gives a tank range of well over 200 miles. Overall, the bones give us a compact, 54-inch wheelbase with five inches of ground clearance. The quality of the bike has definitely improved over the years with a slew of improvements made in all areas of the bike. “What a fun little bike! ", All images featured on this website are copyrighted to their respective rightful owners. Twitter The chassis is durable although, it cannot really be tested at full tilt, because of its lack of power. Very cheap to run and maintain, spares available easily. I have a windshield on it now, and have driven it through rain storms that I could "bearly" see through and even my wet weather gear could not completely keep out - and the RE didn't miss a beat. It may be made in India but it's a traditional British push-rod single. He currently holds an Associate's degree in applied mechanical science from his time at the M.M.I. Alloy and paint not as good as Japanese offerinhs, Drum rear means it is not as efficient as a twin disc set up. Search the Devitt website for more information. The feel. You are aware of the engine working, but the vibration is not intrusive. Just go ahead and disabuse yourself of the notion that you will be making any epic trips on the thing, and you’ll be fine.”, My wife and fellow motorcycle writer, Allyn Hinton, says, "To be fair, the Bullet is a child from a long-ago era before superhighways and break-neck speed limits so it fits right in with the India bike culture. You enjoy her more and live with her longer. say no more. I have owned my Electra EFI for a year now and in that time have added 10,000 miles to the 2,000 miles it came with at 3 years old. Tubular steel. The brakes aren't up to much, with a single disc on the front and a drum brake (how quaint) on the back, so it's a good thing the engine's only packing 27.5bhp. Warm to it's character and you'll have a massive grin on your face as you thud gently around the back lanes. I have put just over 1k miles on the bike now, all niggles sorted, fitted heated grips for the winter. Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Overview. no doubt to help it meet ever-increasing emissions standards and bring performance up a bit. Nothing fancy. The cost for a new one is very low and used bikes can be picked up at rock bottom prices. Motorcycle insurance modifications explained: Accessory or modification? The brakes are old fashioned drum brakes with the pre-2004 models not fitted with an electric start. Instagram The gearbox takes a fair bit of practice to get accustomed to, but once you are adept, riding the bike is a pleasurable experience. Build quality can let it down, from Browning of bolts a d corrosion if you are not rigorous in cleaning and protecting, to fast wearing of chains/brakes/sprockets due to lower quality Indian parts. But if you want a solid simple motorcycle this bike has a lot to offer. 845898), Read more about the history of the Royal Enfield Bullet here, Read more about the full ENFIELD bullet range. The Royal Enfield Bullet 500 has a come a long way considering the earlier production models were not really up to the mark in terms of quality. These bikes are so simple servicing can be done at home- in fact it's probably a big part of the fun for alot of owners. This a machine requiring that the owner have some mechanical savvy to troubleshoot and service in a timely fashion, so problems are prevented. A true British classic, the bike is now manufactured in India and imported to the UK. Bullet Trials: Alloy mudguards, wide bars, a solo seat, different sub-frame, alloy bash plate, enduro-style tyres and upswept exhaust.Bullet Electra Sportsman: Rear sets, clip-ons add up to a saucy café racer style.Bullet Classic: Has a chrome-sided tank and matching chrome mudguards. 2017 bikes are now front and rear disc, The quality of manufacture and the fact its no different to ride than any 1960 brit single and puts a smile on my face every time I ride it, handles really well, very forgiving light and easy to ride, low power low speed but very 60s british ride, for the type of bike its pretty lively, I think it pays me to ride it !! No plastic all metal with a very nice hand painted finish. VAT no 918 5617 01 Maintain her and she keeps going - but don't expect a computer to bale you out of a fix. it also peppered my jeans leg! StarStarStarStar, "Needed insurance quickly for a pick up of my new...", Facebook Fuel injected, five-speed gearbox, chain drive, electric start. This was a tough one to find a match for. The … Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, registration number 312328. Its a very cheap bike to run, spares are very cheap compared with all other make bikes, it does around 100mpg !! Twin rear shocks. The Bullet 500 EFI will set you back a cool $4,999 MSRP, and it can be had in black or Forest Green. over 80mpg, would be an excellent commuter bike, Far exceeds what I expected, very durable, front brake excellent rear drum brake not so good, What You Need To Know About: Royal Enfield. The engine is a thumper, you know you are riding a motorcycle from the trip beginning to end. Trustpilot Had to do some work on it, but I enjoy that aspect. These bikes are built in India so if you're used to Japanese standards of build quality, you could be in for a shock. It's a bike with incredible heritage spanning 100 years. Of course, that top speed is in dispute. Haven't found anything wrong with it apart from vibration when my mirror vibrated off on motorway, caught it before it went off. got the exhaust replaced under warranty but decided to ditch the battery for a dry cell type at my cost, now at 550 miles oil filter cover is leaking oil, awaiting this to be sorted. Grunt output maxes out at four grand with 30 pounds of grunt and 27 ponies that come on fully at 5,250 rpm, but that doesn’t tell the whole story; the mill is so torquey, it has something to give if you roll on at any point in the bottom end, no need to wind it up till your teeth rattle. Royal Enfield brings old-school, British charm to the American market like no other builder in the world, and the Bullet 500 EFI is no exception. Classic charm and a 499 cc fuel-injected engine make the Bullet a modern blast-from-the-past in the best possible way. Reliability with Enfield's is patchy at best, with poor electrics. The Stone does enjoy a bit of a displacement advantage with a total of 744 cc in a V-twin configuration versus the 499 cc, one-lung mill in the Bullet, and of course, it comes with a much more modern pedigree from an engineering standpoint.