He has no chance against a high level Celestial. I never said that they weren't.. @doththouevenlift: I'm just saying that the Celestial are still cosmic powerhouses. Star-Lord (Celestial Power MCU) vs Rune King Thor. @cgoodness: Thanks for the scans does Thor keep that weapon? so yes, his powers are THAT great. The Fourth Celestial Host. Obviously he had help because the sentry just defeated this same thor you are talking about. Asgardians powers are capped, they can only be so strong. Rune King Thor vs. So basically any decent character with jandjorn will defeat a thor with the jandjorn. Then look at this statement being made in regards to Adult Franklin Richard. and it nearly destroyed a well fed Galactus. The weapons he got from asgard (his hammer, etc) are never enough for him to beat anyone of significance. Then we have some hilarious low showings like Chthon being pushed back to his domain by Spidergirl, Neptune pwning 2 Elder gods in seperate time, Gorr ripping a heart out of an un-named Elder God, Neptune cutting half of Set's essense and sending him back to his domain. i have read U.Avengers #6..thor vs apo..nice work...@killemall I dont remember getting that notion from anywhere..i myself is clueless about celestial power...and is that all? 1. As for high level, I don't know.........but he has a chance. Set affecting various earth with his astral form, just affecting, to what level, how much is never mentioned. document.write('<'+'a href="mai'+'lto:forums'+'@'+'killermovies'+'. Honestly the best feat from an elder god are : 1. The O.P. Originally posted by Endless Mike Who wins? If it's a average celestial i think RKT can take this. The Heavenly Gardener. The battle took place in F4#603 . I'm pretty sure he used a weapon that was designed to kill Celestials. Chthon being able to teleport the city of Asgard (when the entire Asgardia, made out of 4 realms is the size of us content just think how small city of Asgard would be) into void beyond our universe. Gamiel the Manipulator. RKT makes a god blast (RKTGB)= destroy everything. Depends on the celestial, RKT ain't beating Exitar. And the only reason Galactus was capable of ripping that Celestial in half was due to him being powered by Franklin (Hickman states this himself) Moreover, the alternate reality Celestials tanking alternate IG's seems more impressive than RKT's showings. Then he uses a blast several order of magnitude more powerful than their, but he doesnt attack him directly but show them their respective realm, fearing his father skyfather bow them knowing that if they fight he they will all die. It's sort of Loki's thing, he went back in time to screw with Bor to setup Thor vs Bor to get Thor to kinslay and get banished. But killing them he can not. Marvel is pretty clear on this a celestial is a lot more powerful than any skyfather. Those Who Sit Above in Shadow are interesting beings. Log in or Sign up. -General Zod: Superman II, Gender: MaleLocation: Roaming the Universe, Gender: MaleLocation: United States, New Jersey, Home » Comic Book Forums » Comic Book 'Versus' Forum » Rune King Thor vs. B. Jandjorn isn't the Apocalypse twins weapon. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Thor with the Runes is not doing that. WHy ? That however doesnt mean celestial cant be killed with conventional means, you just need to be powerful enough to do so. Galactus is above the Fates and therefore above the Runes, Ragorrok or anything that is of or related to Asgard. Devron the Experimenterl. Marvel really need to get their stuff straight. while Thor is trying to hold all these items and dropping them,they attack him,and move on. Rune King Thor without all of those attatchments could take him. __________________ That Celestial is just an average Celestial. Actually a lot of people do. Rune King Thor is ORDERS of magnitude more powerful than regular Thor. ?..he summons all mystical magic forces in the universe...and your saying his weaker than galactus?the planet eater for power?i agree galactus is powerful..so is rune king thor more powerful than galactus..but we cant say exactly..CAUSE MARVEL DIDNT STATE HOW POWERFUL HE CAN GO...RKT ...do reply..im researching here.. @kidthunder: First good luck talking logic with 7am lol. @mjolnirson: Your comparison of galactus to other charactars sucked a*ss.. Dorrmammu, surtur and odin are all the same power level.. And mephisto isn't anywhere near as powerful as them, he got beat by thor in side his own realm.. lol.. Galactus isn't even a villian, he needs to feed or the whole universe is at stake. Space M ummy. And also, I don't know where the idea that RKT Thor is twice as powerful as Odin comes from. Celestials who would kill Rune King Thor easily: RKT shouldn't have a problem defeating an average Celestial. An average celestial takes this no doubt. All Rights Reserved.Powered by: vBulletin, copyright ©2000-2006, Jelsoft Enterprises Limited. Rune King Thor is basically Odin with the full power of the Odinforce and full power of the Runes and knowledge of the past and future puts him above Odin. RK Thor briefly appeared so its hard to gauge his ability. Celestials will end Thor almost like they did to Odin. 3. The dude actually became omniscient and i bet his power wasn't far behind. " And i have no idea where you get Skyfather are weakened when they come to Earth, although Celestials fought Odin in Asgard. Rune King is not even anywhere near Elder God level so there is no way he can stand a chance against high tier Celestials like the Dream, Scathan and One Above All. JavaScript is disabled. They are some kind of parasitic Elder gods, possibly comparable to the likes of Oshtur and other Elder gods(Loki somehow punched them out due to being god of story or some such nonsense in Agents of Asgard though). It was interesting seeing how Future/King Loki went back in time to ensure Odin when he was a kid/teenager would become the King of Asgard. Also 7am is very good with MS paint :p, and there has been statements that say the Celestials powers does come from Hyperspace. © Copyright 2000-2006, KillerMovies.com. In what if, it showed that if the sentry was able to take a break before fighting all the heros, he would of killed them all, thor included. __________________ RKT takes this with ease. Blocky. No one actually knows how powerful RKT is though. At worst they are as a sum total above Odin, at best each member(there were around 5 to 10) is above Odin individually, they are gods to even Asgardians and lived in the higher realm mooching off the Asgardians over multiple ragnaroks. forums AT killermovies DOT com - KillerMovies.com They’re far above Odin. The theme is "Destruction". Xeno Goku vs Rune King Thor . Depends on the Celestial. I prefer the low end of Odin+ to be conservative. you remember how easily the Clestials beat Odin? Alone, thor could only do so much, so they needed another powerhouse for him to "combine" his power with. Haha this is a joke. Celestials are not as big as their armor. So rune king thor should stomp a low level celestial. Celestial reside inside their armor, weird part is their armor is much biggest inside than it appears from the outside because its made of a hyperspace, and they are being beyond conventional time and space. When Vishnu, Zeus and Odin combined a blast to hit a Celestial previously, it completely no sold it, and the three Skyfathers bowed in reverence. Stopping a raging bull? He is as powerful as Odin, but has more "Wisdom", knowledge about the universe. He could kill a few but in the end thor still loses. That's a Voltron-style combination of 3 different Celestials , from an alternate universe(Earth-4280) . And he was ultimately swatted like a fly by a celestial. @ShootingNova: the most powefull celestial is Scathan, he kicked the ass of the powerfull kid that can copy all the powers of every superhero even the powers of the living tribunal. it says surtur was afraid of him and in all the comics that i saw, surtur never showed fear to anyone. He always has to have someone else's power, which is a joke. Thor as RKT scared them enough they tried to beg him to reconsider destroying the fate loop of Ragnarok, he also blew a whole in Yggdrasil. In seige, the sentry tore through all of Asgards most powerful fighters, right before tearing asgsrd apart. Click to join up Dismiss Notice; Come enter in the Cafe Banner Contest! Rune King Thor vs. However, if the apocalypse twins were able to use it to kill a celestial, and then captain America put the whooping on them two, then it goes to show you that it's really the weapon that has the power, and not the host. Win awesome prizes! As stated in his first comic, "your powers are truly limitless. He did not summon all the magic forces in the universe, his feats were limited to Asgardia pocket universe alone, even more specifically only Asgard which is the size of us continent.