Bungeo-ppang are made by pouring batter into a fish shaped mold, similar to a waffle iron, and a filling of sweet red bean paste, or other ingredient, is placed inside before the mold is closed. I loved this! And so the quest to taste some not-so-common ice cream and ice cream bars found in the Philippines continues. Photos via oh_my.store/Instagram and Zheng Zhangxin. To open the rooms for people to gather like before, without karaoke. The Strawberry flavour came with a well-proportioned amount of vanilla ice cream and strawberry syrup. Astronaut Ice Cream 12 Packs Ice Cream Sandwich … | Privacy policy. Crocodile Sisig – You Won’t know the Difference, The Sans Rival and Silvanas of Dumaguete City Philippines. You probably have seen ice creams from B.B.Big’s sister brands. http://www.lynne-enroute.com/2012/05/24/en-route-how-to-make-strawberry-basil-sangria-cocktail-recipe/, Your email address will not be published. B.B.Big popsicles are available in two flavours in Singapore: We tried the Matcha with Red Bean flavour, which tasted like creamy Matcha latte ice cream with generous amounts of whole red beans. it’s available in mercato market @ the fort (both day and night sked) and salcedo saturday market @ makati , Oh yeah We tried Merry Moo in Yummy Eats a few years ago. Melona fruity popsicles and Samanco fish ice cream sandwiches are available in Singapore too and here’s what we think of these ice creams. And when they offered it at P5 each? It has ice cream and red bean inside, wrapped in a wafer shaped like a fish. It is also great for those who love some bready-wafer-like texture on their ice cream. B.B.Big stands for “bigger ice bar”. It is sold individually for S$2.60 per piece and comes in Milk & Cookie, Red Velvet and Chocolate Chiffon. Big ice bar had some pretty whacky advertisements in the past. $30.74 #15. The sweet red beans really neutralised the bitter flavour of the green tea flavoured ice cream. At the same time, it came with a perfect amount of red bean syrup which did not overpower the flavour of the green tea ice cream. The name ‘Samanco’ is a mix of two words: ‘Sa’ (‘싸다’) which means ‘cheap’ in Korean, and ‘Manco’ (‘많다’) which means ‘big volume’ in Korean. We Are Hiring Sponsored As for those who like old-school ice cream, such as ice with rainbow bread or wafers, Binggrae also offers ice cream sandwiched between two slices of sponge cake. November 12, 2020, 07:21 PM. We tried the Chocolate flavour and found that the sweet vanilla ice cream complemented the bitter dark chocolate-flavoured syrup. The name ‘Samanco’ is a mix of two words: ‘Sa’ (‘싸다’) which means ‘cheap’ in Korean, and ‘Manco’ (‘많다’) which means ‘big volume’ in Korean. While the popsicle is of a typical potong size today, it was launched in 1975, a time when Korea was still not as developed as today. Check out the lower left of the wrapper. Photo via mundogourmetcordoba/Instagram. Stories of Us: Here's how one company director is looking out for her workers and helping them celebrate Deepavali during Covid-19 in a safe and thoughtful way. A very pretty drink with a refreshing appeal As to why it has to be a fish remains a mystery, and further research is in order for En Route. The shape of Samanco was inspired by a grilled Korean snack called Bungeo-ppang or Carp Bread. Binggrae Samanco is not really an ice cream bar, but more of an ice cream sandwich. I think this is the brand that was being sold back when I was still a student in DLSU… and man! Other than the popsicles, Binggrae’s Samanco is here in Singapore too if you have not realised. There are five flavours in total and the Melon flavour emerged as a hot (or cool) favourite at the top of the list in our internal office poll. Biting into the Samanco, one will note that the wafer bread will be quite chewy. Samanco, which serves as a filling dessert, also really lives up to the meaning of its name. Web design by Yu Sheng & Yu Siang. Your License Was Confiscated in Makati. In Japan, the fish shaped snack is called Taiyaki, but rather than a carp, it’s shaped like a sea bream. Binggrae offers more than banana and melon milk. Do note that this packaging has been updated recently. Samanco come in variety of flavors like Red Bean, Chocolate, Strawberry and Green Tea. All rights reserved. You can find Binggrae Samanco at all of our stores in our freezer section. Your email address will not be published. The shape of Samanco was inspired by a grilled Korean snack called Bungeo-ppang or Carp Bread. With 365 days of summer in Singapore, you will not get bored of just one or two flavours from Binggrae. so much controversy over the introduction of the Magnum ice cream bars by Selecta, http://www.lynne-enroute.com/2012/05/24/en-route-how-to-make-strawberry-basil-sangria-cocktail-recipe/, The World Famous McKroket from McDonald’s in the Netherlands, Patchi Designer Chocolates in the Philippines. This costs about PHP 56.00 in a Korean grocery in Waltermart in Pasong Tamo, Makati City. Similar in taste to their fruit milks, these popsicles serve as a frozen alternative for hot days in Singapore. | I guess we needed them to get through the pressure. Sure the sweetness is overpowering, but I guess that’s what captured my tastes–besides, I love the red bean paste! It doesn’t give in like a crunchy wafer, so bite a bit harder. Copyright © 2020 Mothership. Does it taste better than our red bean potong? I still love the Magnum. It’s the season of gifting at UOL Malls. :)), There really is something about sweets and college students. Kids will probably love eating Samanco as they are fond of eating treats shaped like different common things. Since this product was introduced to … | Binngrae Samanco are a popular Korean frozen treat consisting of vanilla ice cream and a thin layer of sweet red bean paste, wrapped inside a fish shaped wafer shell. The ice cream used has a consistency similar to those fast-food Sundaes, so they are very soft and seeps through any small crack. In Singapore, Samanco is available in four flavours: red bean, strawberry, chocolate, and green tea. If you’re a fan of Korean banana milk, or melon milk, you might enjoy the frozen popsicle versions of them. About Astronaut Foods Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich Space Food (5 Packets) 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. If left to soften up more, you will find the Samanco’s ice cream oozing out like watery goo from all sides. SMUCKERS UNCRUSTABLES FROZEN SANDWICHES CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT 4 CT PACK OF 3 3.8 out of 5 stars 3 #16. If you like what you read, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Telegram to get the latest updates. Samanco. Total number of cases now stands at 58,102. Wooo interesting. There is no mistaking its texture, though. The read bean can be tasted, but the sweetness of the ice cream can overpower it. Binggrae Samanco is not really an ice cream bar, but more of an ice cream sandwich. It was no surprise that this flavour was one of top three favourites amongst the staff at the Mothership office. Londres of Bauan, Batangas – Sugary Sweet! Screenshot via 최종학/Youtube. Back then, this ice bar was considered pretty value-for-money for its size as not many could indulge in ice creams. Advertise with us So after trying the Binggrae brands of Encho and Melona that some have said might be a cheaper alternative to Magnum, here is another Binggrae ice cream, with its own unique twist. Other than popsicles, Binggrae offers yoghurt-flavoured desserts, such as the Yomamte yoghurt cone. It was a fiesta for my student budget. What we made, though, is a strawberry basil sangria. The company that produces the banana milk that most Singaporeans are now familiar with is called Binggrae. As for the Green tea flavour, we felt that the taste of the green tea is mild, so this might be great for those who might not like the strong flavour of matcha. The salted caramel is addicting One thing we really liked about the ice cream was that they were very easy to eat and they were not messy to hold (unlike a popsicle that melts easily and drops on your hand). Strawberry basil? Try everything from testing DNA to ethical hacking. , This reminds me of the old drumstick sold in the Philippines where the cone is chewy not crunchy, though I prefer that one, Hehe for me I can’t remember the difference of the old drumstick to the new one , i love salted caramel ice cream from merry moo! Opening it up, the fish with the sad face greets you, probably begging that you don’t eat it. The stronger flavor of full-strength red beans is one that many Western palettes find difficult to enjoy. Cloud hosting by Vodien. | Wow! ..and heck, this was the sure-beater for my stress on exams :)), As for other ice creams that you should try… hmmm, lemme think about it; I’ll come back and leave a comment if I remember the brand! Sumita Thiagarajan Bungeo-ppang are made by pouring batter into a fish … The yoghurt cone comes in two flavours: Plain Yoghurt Cone and Mixed Berry Yoghurt Cone (as seen below). Web development by Ripplewerkz. We liked the natural flavour and milkiness of their melon popsicle. It’s quite a mouthful to read the name of this series of popsicles but here’s a short story behind its name. Check out the lower left of the wrapper. Also, you will want to eat the Samanco IMMEDIATELY. I was addicted to McDo’s plain sundae cone. If you’re looking for the yoghurt cone in Singapore, which costs S$2.70 per cone, it can be found in selected mini markets, convenience stores, and Korean specialty stores (such as Shine Korea). I guess I really am more into bittersweet chocolate. Established in 1967, the company offers a wide variety of frozen ice cream products, ranging from popsicles to ice cream sandwiches that come in fish shape. The bar has largely stayed unchanged, as seen from this retro TV advertisement for B.B.Big from the 1990s. The green tea flavored popsicle is only exclusively available outside of Korea. It has ice cream and red bean inside, wrapped in a wafer shaped like a fish. As to why it has to be a fish remains a mystery, and further research is in order for En Route.