For the second answer, cardiac matches heart, there is no reason to suspect pulmonary or police arrest. The College Board, a non-profit, creates and administers the SAT. The total SAT math section is 58 questions and students are given 80 minutes. Most jobs, however, require at least a bachelor’s degree; majors of transportation planners are 10 varied, including fields such as urban studies, civil engineering, geography, or transportation and logistics management. There are not clues to support that his exit was stealthy, degenerate, or crusading. She sat the pan on the table and sat down. Click here for our updated SAT Reading practice questions. Conclusive means decisive or convincing. 48. Practice is the key to success on SAT Writing. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has a clear ___ mission to assist less fortunate people suffering from health and education problems. 81.'s free SAT practice tests are an ideal way to prepare for the SAT. Buoyant means able to keep afloat. the sentence doesn't use "himself" when talking about a woman). Hypnotic is the best fit, but monotone or inaudible voices could also cause disinterest in a lecture. Questions 1-11 are based on the following passage and supplementary material. Insufficient notes would cause failure on a quiz, while neither sufficient nor generous notes would. All of the questions are based on reading passages with accompanying charts, tables, and graphs. The SAT Test is a standardized exam that is used by U.S. colleges in their admissions process. They sat down at the table. Our ACT practice tests can help improve your scores on the ACT. Fragment; 3. Only quick and adroit match the clues of energetic and the skillful shuffling, and the worried man is running out of chips, which matches dwindling and insignificant. Internet. Do you understand why the incorrect sentences are incorrect? Enervated means without vigor or strength. Please visit using a browser with javascript enabled. The other choices are not consistent with ambiguous language or evasive responses. The lawyer’s ambiguous language, omission of details, and evasive responses to questions made it clear that if not exactly lying, she was still -------. GRE practice exams and GMAT sample questions are two common ways that students prepare for these exams. A bike-sharing program is adopted to encourage nonmotorized transportation. Sentence; 2. Prevaricating means using ambiguous or evasive language for the purpose of deceiving or diverting attention. Our SAT sentence completion practice tests will help you prepare for this portion of your SAT. Which choice best maintains the sentence pattern already established in the paragraph? Can you tell which are which? sat. Next Practice Test: Sentence Completion Practice Test 2 >>, More Practice Tests: SAT Main Menu >> SAT Critical Reading Practice >> SAT Writing Practice >> SAT Math Practice >>. Many students who take the SAT also choose to take the ACT. For more serious preparation, see our review of best SAT prep courses. Choice A is not the best answer because it does not maintain the sentence pattern established by the two preceding sentences. From the New York State Education Department. Click here for our updated SAT Reading practice questions. Hypnotic means inducing to sleep and insufficient means not enough. Also, this page requires javascript. 12. If this activity does not load, try refreshing your browser. The SAT exam was originally called the Scholastic Aptitude Test when it was created in 1926, but is now known simply as the SAT. As of 2010, there were approximately 40,300 urban and regional planners employed in the United States. Choice D is not the best answer because it does not maintain the sentence pattern established by the two preceding sentences. Fragment; 9. Accession doesn't fit at all. Egress means exit, or the action of going out.