The scarab-beetle spirit animal appears to you when there are crossroads that you cannot avoid, just like the robin spirit animal. Common Scarab-Beetle Spirit Animal Meanings. You assisted me so much today in guiding me to change and to remove myself from drama. Here is the deal, in my meditation I heard you and your boyfriend need a break because his family stress is too much for you right now. I’m like dang someone is really trying to tell me something. It is clear and straight to the point. You have the choice to take the same safe path or take a new and unexplored one that will lead you to a new enlightenment and awakening. Take one idea at a time as you do what you usually do and see if it fits. Gives me a bit of a chill to see how well the explanation relates to me directly. The scarab is the most venerated, the most common and the most familiar of the Egyptian symbols. Understanding the scarab-beetle meaning will help you release any unhealthy thoughts, habits, and actions. Thx so much for posting!! The presence of this spirit animal means that change will come, whether you want it to or not! So cool – I have really been connecting with my animal spirit guides – Owl, Hawk, Rabbit, and now Scarab (Dung Beetle). When this insect has green stripes, it suggests that you are waffling on that decision and unsure of yourself. Alternatively, like the iridescent Hummingbird, the Jewel Beetle meaning is a reminder that all of your dreams are possible and that you can manifest them now. They can also find their way in the darkest of moments without too much trouble. Don’tcha know there was the green beetle hanging out in my hair for like an HOUR!!! Scarab Beetle in Ancient Egypt Scarab beetles were considered sacred in ancient Egypt, and these insects were linked with the religion and mythology of the land. They are also about addiction, to the detriment of your physical body. Hmmm what is that about??? Thus this insect teaches us to find beauty in everything. Folks with the Beetle totem never give up on a project. I know there is a reason they keep appearing? I stood still for a few seconds and took some time before I got the courage walk right passed it. Scarab beetles were considered sacred in ancient Egypt, and these insects were linked with the religion and mythology of the land. There was hundreds of people out, and any other day, I would have watched there be riots out side my home. Scarab beetle is a guide of the cosmic universe, teaching us about the elements of the creative forces... For the Scarab … Mystical Powers & Scarab Symbolic Meaning... Scarab totem brings the gifts of: eternity, cosmic forces, Scarab offers the spirit animal energies of: creativity, imagination, Scarab teaches the animal magic of: astral travel, sacred knowledge. Scarab amulets would lend the sacred beetle's power to the wearer. Then, within about 15 minutes or so, he had buried himself under the soil – I can see the mound he made but haven’t disturbed him since as my sense is that he is happy and content – and if he eats plant matter, which I suspect, he has an unlimited source of nutrition for as long as he wants to stay. (See Below), Brought to you by the same people who created Spirit Animals. For unknown reasons (I have never liked touching insects like this before) I felt inspired to reach down and gently pick it up by the sides (very strong and firm). i just shock surprise when “mushi king” scarab beetle in flying in front me in our staircase last july 10, 2016 @ 10:00 pm.. as of now he / she is my pet .. they think i’m crazy.. but i don’t mind them.. What about just a standard garden beetle? Millions of amulets and stamp seals of stone or faience were fashioned in Egypt with depictions of the scarab beetle and this tradition survived well beyond the dynastic periods. These folks have excellent reasoning skills and are always in the state of transformation as they tear down and rebuild themselves. You need to go inward and see if that choice was right for you. I find it more challenging but rewarding and valuable in a sense that I build trust my intuition! but yesterday I put an end to the negativity on my block. When you have a Dung Beetle dream, it is an indication that you must look for all of the possible positive outcomes in your current situation rather than focusing on the negative. After I parked and started walking I started putting my hair in a bun. A black Beetle dream brings change and transformation. When you have a Jewel Beetle dream, like the Ladybug and the Grasshopper, these insects bring an omen of happiness and good fortune. Reading the information on the scarab being a totem animal – well – that’s me to a T. I have always loved it and think I will have it set into a ring. Symbolism still applies? Required fields are marked *. By design, scarab amulets were made to look like a scarab beetle. When you have a Scarab Beetle dream, it symbolizes your ability to survive, adapt, and change. Scarab amulets would lend the sacred beetle's power to the wearer. Thank you for the great information! I am honoured to share with you this unique and potentially life changing Sacred Attunement. It will be the one you keep thinking of and the one that feels right to you. They were neverending literally and figuratively. After all, there are some things in life that are just too beautiful to be simply passed on as a mere coincidence. black Beatles poping up inside a cavern and I was there like an expectator in a corner, I green Scarab landed on my wrist on Saturday then on Monday another one. Not a bug lover. Dream Interpretation. Folks with this bug as their spirit animal also tend to stay close to home, yet they find highly creative jobs that can have an impact worldwide. Lots of love ❤️ <3, On 7-12-2016 Sacred scarab in a cartouche of Thutmosis III from Karnak temple of Amun-Ra, Egypt Scarabs are stout-bodied beetles, many with bright metallic colours, measuring between 1.5 and 160 mm. Thus the Dung Beetle meaning prompts you to weigh your ideas before acting on them to be sure that they are right for you. More than likely, this entire predicament is related to an ongoing unresolved family situation. it got mad at me and chased me for grabbing it screaming and throwing it on the ground though x’DD. By far, the place where Beetle held the most meaning and symbolism is Ancient Egypt, where the Dung Beetle (Scarab Beetle) was an aspect of the Sun God Ra. Think about all of the pros and cons. I have found 6 or 7 of them over the past few weeks. Rebuilding your self-esteem takes effort. Maybe they’re diff beetles of same species…but I’m sure it is the same one. The Egyptian god Khepri, Ra as the rising sun, was often depicted as a scarab beetle or a… Whenever one was gone another two or three popped up. The wierd part is, although having never seen one in real life before, I always answered the childhood question of ‘what animal would you like to be?’, with: a Dung Beetle.. Because I always believed that a dung beetle is the epitome of being able to make something out of nothing. Thank you! Only then can you be a harbor of sanity amid the insanity.