If a taxpayer who received a tax card in year N has not received his tax card for the year N + 1 before 15 March of year N + 1, they must contact the competent RTS office and inform their employer that the application is in progress. Until receipt of the new tax card, employers may apply the 2018 tax card. Antrag auf Ausstellung, Berichtigung, Eintragung einer Ermäßigung oder Ausstellung eines Duplikates einer Steuerkarte für ansässige Steuerpflichtige (Vordruck 164 R D). Applications must be renewed every year to ensure that the required conditions are met. The tax card includes an official form for notifying the tax office of any changes, which also lists the address where it should be sent. Please note: the withholding tax card is not to be confused with: If no tax card is submitted to the employer or pension fund, the tax deducted at source on the salary or pension is determined on the basis of tax class 1, and the tax rate may not be lower than 33 %. Depending on your salary level and situation, you may be required to file a tax return. In this case you would need to report your global household income and personal deductions. If any of the information on the card is incorrect, the changes must be requested from the Luxembourg Inland Revenue  using form 164 R and attaching the required supporting documents. The taxpayers must specify that they wish to have the main card changed to an additional card by including the annotation, 'Prière de reconsidérer la fiche principale' (Please review the main card). The other spouse receives the additional tax card (2nd tax card) registered in tax class 2 and with a fixed withholding tax rate (15 % in 2013). the employee must check that his data is correct, request a correction if necessary and then return the card to his employer. In all other cases, the withholding is made on the basis of an additional tax card (second, third, etc., tax card), with the application of a fixed tax withholding rate of: However, this fixed rate can be reduced on demand. The employee must return the appropriate tax card to his employer as soon as possible. Gemäß der Verordnung (EU) 2016/679 zum Schutz natürlicher Personen bei der Verarbeitung personenbezogener Daten und zum freien Datenverkehr haben Sie das Recht auf Zugang, Berichtigung und gegebenenfalls Löschung Ihrer personenbezogenen Informationen. This may result in: In case you did not yet opt for the application of tax class 2 and should you meet the required conditions, you could still request this resident assimilation and application of tax class 2 in your 2018 tax return, which should be ideally filed before 31 March 20191. Every employee must submit a tax card to each of his employers. Veuillez-vous adresser à l’administration concernée par votre demande pour connaître les destinataires des données figurant sur ce formulaire. The Luxembourg Inland Revenue reserves the right to request additional supporting documents as part of the process of verifying any information, statements, applications, declarations, claims or appeals submitted to its offices. certificates - Import, Autonomous tariff suspensions - zero rated imports, International road transport (TIR) - transit of goods between EU and non-EU countries, ATA carnets - simplified and temporary admission/export procedures, Export certificate for food of animal origin, Intra-EU phytosanitary communication document for the transport of plants and plant products within the European Union prior to their export to a third country, Health certificate for the transport of animals within the European Union or for the export to third countries, Health certificate or free sale certificate for the export of foods (of non-animal origin) or of food contact materials, Outward processing - Export and processing of goods with a view to their re-import, Health certificate for the export of animal feed, Phytosanitary certificates for the export or re-export of plants, plant products and wood, Control of exports of sensitive and strategic goods (OCEIT - formerly the Licensing Office), Technical assistance related to dual-use items, Intangible transfer of technology related to dual-use items, Definition of goods of a strictly civilian nature, Export of goods of a strictly civilian nature, Import of goods of a strictly civilian nature, Transit of goods of a strictly civilian nature, Technical assistance relating to torture goods, Technical assistance relating to defence-related products, Intangible transfer of technology relating to defence-related products, Sanctions and restrictive measures - Afghanistan, Belarus – Sanctions and restrictive measure, Democratic Republic of the Congo – Sanctions and restrictive measures, Iran – Sanctions and restrictive measures, Iraq – Sanctions and restrictive measures, Democratic People's Republic of Korea – Sanctions and restrictive measures, Lebanon – Sanctions and restrictive measures, Libya - Sanctions and restrictive measures, Myanmar/Burma - Sanctions and restrictive measures, Central African Republic – Sanctions and restrictive measures, Federation of Russia – Sanctions and restrictive measures, Somalia – Sanctions and restrictive measures, South Sudan – Sanctions and restrictive measures, Sudan – Sanctions and restrictive measures, Syria – Sanctions and restrictive measures, Terrorist groups – Sanctions and restrictive measures, Ukraine – Sanctions and restrictive measures, United States of America – Sanctions and restrictive measures, Yemen – Sanctions and restrictive measures, Zimbabwe – Sanctions and restrictive measures, Venezuela - Sanctions and restrictive measures, Transport of passengers, mail and/or freight by air - Operating licence, Registration/deletion from the Luxembourg shipping register, Requirements for the master and the crew members on a ship, Permit for occupation of the public waterway system, Permit for use of the public waterway system, Authorisation for priority use of docking sites, Registration and technical certificates for inland waterway navigation, Accreditation as an IT service provider for Electronic Consignment Notes (e-CMR), Short-time work during the economic recovery period (from July to December 2020 - application and statement), Short-time working for the months of April to June 2020 - summary statement, Short-time working due to cyclical economic problems, Short-time working due to structural economic problems, Short-time working in the event of force majeure, Short-time working due to economic dependence, Early retirement due to corporate restructuring, Identifying and preventing underperformance, Compulsory dissolution/liquidation of a company, Voluntary dissolution/liquidation of a company, Dealing with a bankrupt business as a creditor, Declaration of agricultural land and vineyard census, Application for a change of the contact details or for the inactivation of an agricultural or wine-growing holding, Financial aid for the restoration of forest ecosystems through reforestation, Aid for reinforcing the forest ecosystem through natural regeneration, Aid for reinforcing the forest ecosystem through the nurturing of young forest stands, Reinforcing forest ecosystems by horse or cable logging, Improvement and development of forest structure, planning and infrastructure – forestry facilities, Improving and developing forest structure, planning and infrastructure – aid for legal costs, Aid for preservation of the forest ecosystem by means of protection works – procedures to monitor big-game pressure, Aid for popularisation, informational and promotional activities, Organisation of training and professional development courses, Reinforcing the forest ecosystem through initial selective clearing, Maintenance and improvement of the ecosystemic benefits provided by forests for the preservation of tree habitats, Maintaining and improving the ecosystemic benefits provided by forests for the conservation of pockets of old growth, Maintaining and improving the ecosystemic benefits provided by forests – specifically protecting rare and endangered plant and animal species in the forest environment, Maintenance and improvement of the ecosystemic benefits provided by forests – freely evolving forests, Improving and development forestry structure, planning and infrastructures – basic management plan, Improving the conservation status of oak copses by coppicing, Restoring and maintaining structured forest edges, Restoring and improving the favourable conservation status of special forest micro-stands, Restoration and improvement of the favourable conservation status of rare and remarkable forest phytosociological associations, Maintaining and improving the ecosystemic benefits provided by forests – restoration of riparian zones along forest waterways, Application for a subsidy for individuals carrying out cultural projects, Application for a subsidy for associations carrying out cultural projects, Travel grant for creatives and professionals in the culture sector, Travel grant for associations in the cultural sector, Applying for a grant to support artistic creation, training and retraining, Grant for publishers of cultural periodicals, Grant following the publication of an original work of literature, Legal deposit of a publication with the Luxembourg National Library, Requesting an ISBN, ISMN or ISSN from a national agency, Avis du 15 avril 2011 concernant les versions 64bit de Microsoft Office, Mandatory reporting of infectious diseases, Mandatory notification of adverse effects of medicinal products (pharmacovigilance), Approval of continuing education courses in the healthcare sector for training organisations or persons having taken such a course, Legal deposit of audio or video documents with the National Audiovisual Centre, Temporary subsidies for the promotion of online journalism, Financial aid for publishers in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, Accreditation as a rescue training organisation, Accreditation as a rescue association or organisation, Applying for a certificate of authenticity concerning the driving licence, Paying or contesting a fine when caught by a speed camera, Financial aid for the purchase of an electric or hybrid vehicle, Businesses established in the United Kingdom, More information on Lac de la Haute-Sûre, B.P.