Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on Pinterest, Your email address will not be published. You could pass the custard through a sieve if you’re worried about lumps. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Aaron Deal is executive chef at The River and Rail Restaurant in Roanoke, VA, serving up French and Southern food. To assemble the banana pudding, layer the custard with vanilla wafers and sliced bananas in a serving dish or individual glasses/bowls of your choice. Slowly whisk in a ladle-full of the hot milk mixture to temper the eggs. If you still have room, add some more bananas, then top with a … This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Separate the egg whites from the egg yolks. Get This Southern Slow Cooker E-COOKBOOK HERE. However, it doesn’t get quite as thick as the heavy cream does. Heat the milk - In a small pot, heat the water and milk. In fact, this homemade custard made it to the National Banana Pudding Contest. This most often happens as a result of removing the pudding from the heat too soon. To add a more appealing touch, top the dessert off with a White chocolate heart and or New Orleans Pralines. Cook until pudding thickens, being careful not to overcook or scramble. Decorate with additional whipped cream. Pour the mixture over the cookies and bananas and cover with the remaining cookies. Slice the bananas and place them in a bowl with the juice of one lemon. People will argue to make an authentic Southern Banana Pudding, you will not only need to make a custard from scratch but make a meringue to cover the top of the pudding. Heavy cream, egg yolks, and banana extract combine to make the most addicting keto dessert. Assemble the banana pudding: You can assemble the pudding in individual glasses/bowls or in a trifle dish. Storage - Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 5 days. A little different taste to a classic. Banana pudding has been around since the late 1800s, when faster steam ships meant bananas could make their way to U.S. ports. If you prefer another flavor, you can always change up the flavor of the extract. Creamy homemade banana pudding is a delicious dessert recipe. It’s the snack or dessert of choice around my house, more times than not. The longer the mixture is over the heat, the more it will thicken. You can reduce the water and see if that helps. (I used a fork, it will thicken as you stir). whipped with 1/4 cup sugar, add two tsp vanilla (You could also use Cool Whip), sliced (coat bananas with a couple of teaspoons of lemon juice). The trick is to whisk the eggs while adding the hot milk continually. This means it doesn’t need to be reheated and can be served straight from the fridge. These Cartoons Will Make You An Instant Chocolate ... What’s Your Favorite Sandwich? Peel and slice the bananas into thin rounds and line the bottoms of 6 small glasses or ramekins with bananas. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "recipesforour-20"; Whip up one cup of heavy cream with 1/4 cup of confectioners sugar. October 20, 2020 by Alida Ryder Leave a Comment. Serving pudding in a beautiful glass is perfect for any special occasion. You can use your microwave to warm your milk. What's The Difference Between Bananas And Plantains? Heat this mixture just before the boiling point. No-Bake Banana Pudding Also an Award-winning banana pudding at National Banana Pudding Contest. I'm Alida, mom of twins and creator of Simply Delicious.