The flavouring agent, Cinnamon, isn’t just a miracle spice for diseases like diabetes and cholesterol, it is also quite helpful in weight loss. Cinnamon for Weight Loss & Other Health Benefits. Cinnamon powder contains only small amounts of magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, selenium, sodium, zinc, niacin, and vitamin K. We are specialized in manufacturing, & delivering Cinnamon products, Dehydrated Foods & Spices, worldwide. Also Read: 5 Handy Tips On Healthy Weight Loss. Cinnamon does eradicate fats from your body and helps in minimizing the presence and effect of cellulite in the body. Benefits of honey for weight loss are not lost on people. The effect of including cinnamon in regular diets has shown that the spice can be beneficial in lowering of type 2 diabetes as well as lowering of bad cholesterol levels. While the weight loss industry is filled with several gimmicks, healthy eating happens to be the smartest move for maintaining weight. Our experts came up with a yummy recipe to help you include more cinnamon to your daily routine. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hence, dieticians have shown positive reviews about adding cinnamon to cuisines to prevent cholesterol, diabetes as well as belly fat. Home | About Us | Privacy Policy | Affiliate Disclosure | Non Disclaimer | Attributes, Best Diet and weight loss plans for a healthy life in Sri Lanka, How to lose weight after pregnancy naturally at home – Sri Lanka. Everyone knows that proper exercising and a healthy diet are the best ways to lose your weight. Cinnamon is a very effective natural ingredient for regulating the blood sugar levels. Moreover, by adding lemon to honey and cinnamon, you can create a very effective weight loss diet, but also add flavors to your daily cuisines. Receive the Latest Health Articles via Email! Ceylon Cinnamon powder is a low-calorie spice with only twelve calories in two teaspoons of cinnamon powder. These statistics are associated with lowering the risks of heart diseases. It will do you no good except thwarting your weight loss goals. Sri Lanka is known to produce most of the world’s Ceylon cinnamon. Cinnamon helps in cutting the body fat and hence, expedite the weight loss process. The recipe is simple! It is advisable not to use cinnamon if you are pregnant, cinnamon and honey for weight loss does it really work, Health Benefits of Tuna ( Kelawalla / Balayaa Fish ) – Common Variety of Fish found in Sri Lanka, Bitter Gourd or Bitter melon ( Karawila )- Health Benefits for You, Ramonchi, Uguressa or Governor’s plum – Healthy Fruit Found in Sri Lanka, Healthy Weight Loss Foods To Eat – Tips by Dostara Sri Lanka, Foods Bad For Your Health and Foods to Avoid ! Start Your Day With Green Tea & Cinnamon: Take water in a tea vessel and add a few tulsi leaves and a cinnamon stick. Another study proved that the polyphenol type-A polymer found in cinnamon, acts as insulin-like molecules. It improves the metabolic rate of your body and improves the overall digestion system of your body. Besides the aromatic compounds, the spice contains many medicinal properties too. Educational purpose articles only. Subscribe to Truweight Blogs Today! Cinnamon helps in cutting the body fat and hence, expedite the weight loss process. A significant amount of Sri Lankan cinnamon products is used in Europe, Spain, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Bolivia and Chile. Genda Kola (Portulaca oleracea) uses, Omega 3 in it and other nutritional values that you should know! It will remove the harmful toxins from your digestive system and cleanse the whole system and also the liver. [3], Besides impacting the blood glucose levels, cinnamon is also believed to influence cholesterol levels. The spice has several medicinal properties for which it is a well-known ingredient in ayurvedic science. [, Besides impacting the blood glucose levels, cinnamon is also believed to influence, levels. Boil it for next 5 – 6 minutes, let the water cool down … Articles must be neutral and should not be in favour of subjects that neither Truweight believes nor endorses. Cinnamon helps you in getting control over untimely and bad eating habits that is one of the main causes of weight gain in the first place. One way is to use cinnamon pills weight loss, but you may not find it as enjoyable as using cinnamon in its natural form. In fact, taking high amounts of dry cinnamon may reach the lungs and create lung infections too. However, only a few ways are feasible for daily routines. Once water has boiled, add the water in the mixture of honey, cinnamon, and lemon juice and it’s ready to help you fight your battle against your excess weight. There are mainly four varieties of cinnamon, Chinese cinnamon, Indonesian cinnamon, Vietnamese cinnamon, and Ceylon cinnamon. Honey comprises of nutrients like water, Vitamin C, fiber, sugar, protein, energy, other vitamins, minerals, calcium, and so on. Cinnamomum verum is usually labeled “Ceylon cinnamon”. Excess weight is one of the leading health problems many people are facing today. Besides using it as a home remedy for cold and nausea, there are many aspects to cinnamon nutrition facts. Before you start your aerobic workout session, you can begin with the stuff like stretching as it can be very effective when you begin your workouts. Losing weight … [, Researches have proved that consumption of cinnamon is directly linked to a significant lowering of fasting plasma glucose, total cholesterol levels in humans. Yes. The percentage of oxalate that was water-soluble differed markedly between cinnamon (6%) and turmeric (91%). When cholesterol level in your body increases, it leads to the formation of cellulite. Popularly known to add taste and flavour to dishes, cinnamon is one of the spices in the world that comes with several health benefits. Cinnamon is a common ingredient in Indian cooking, included in curry powders and the Garam Masala spice mixture. A wrong start can spoil the rest of your day. Cinnamon is delivered to the consumer in various forms such as oils, powder, chips, quilling, cut form, and in bail form. You can use a different recipe of cinnamon and honey in the morning with empty stomach. – Tips by Dostara Sri Lanka. You can take it in the morning with an empty stomach. Currently working as a content writer with truweight. It makes it 20 times easier for a body to absorb the glucose and convert it into energy. They know its value and many dieticians do recommend people on adding honey into their daily diet plans. A. [6]. After this classification, naphthalene-methyl ester, a newly formed compound from, derivatives, has shown glucose-lowering effects that further establishes cinnamon’s anti-diabetic properties. You might lose about 2 pounds using the diet of cinnamon weight loss in a week. Here are a few tips on when using honey and cinnamon for your weight loss plans: The combination of honey and cinnamon is one of the best blends that can help you with your health issues, improve your metabolic rate and digestive system, and ultimately help you lose the excess weight off your body without any side effects. From extreme diet plans to extreme exercises, there are so many ways one can go for weight loss. All articles must have relevant background information about the core subject of the article. The term “cinnamon” means mid-brown colour. That way you won’t feel enticed by unhealthy snacks. But before jumping into how to use cinnamon for weight loss, let’s know a bit about the nutritional facts of this spice. You can add honey and cinnamon to your Sri Lankan diet plan to lose weight. If you love green tea instead of black or coffee, you can make it more pleasant-tasting by adding cinnamon and honey to it. Go for a healthy breakfast by adding cinnamon to it: Take a bowl of water and add some amount of oats to it. Also, discover why you may … Here you will learn about how cinnamon and honey diet works. Take some cinnamon powder to it along with some milk. [7]. A graduate in bachelore of technology, Deepika is an enthusiastic story writer. Study papers, referenced and internal links sited in the articles must be from reputed and relevant academic associations or journals. The most available form of cinnamon is powder form. These statistics are associated with lowering the, Cinnamon’s aqueous extract is also found to promote disintegration of recombinant tau filaments associated with Alzheimer’s Disease.[. ] If you want to boost your metabolic rate, ginger tea is no doubt an excellent beverage, and if you add honey to the mix, it will become more effective for both your immune system and weight loss. The articles should not mislead readers. With cinnamon, the oat recipe would be doubly effective as it will help you bring down your excess weight and also add delicious flavors to your daily oatmeals or other cereals. [, 7-Day Diet Plan To Reduce Belly Fat By Expert Nutritionists. However, supplemental doses of spices such as turmeric and cinnamon may result in certain issues. But before jumping into how to use cinnamon for weight loss, let’s know a bit about the nutritional facts of this spice.[8]. It makes each nutrition unit of foods to be easily absorbed by the body. Oats are known as healthy food and a great addition to your diet when losing weight. Your email address will not be published. It is a good and healthy substitute for sugar, and it gets absorbed in the body better than sugar. Required fields are marked *.