Together with your supply chain management team, you can create a flowchart to outline the entire supply chain process flow to identify areas for improvement. Value stream mapping solution extends ConceptDraw DIAGRAM software with templates, samples and vector stencils for drawing the Value Stream Maps (VSM) in lean manufacturing practice. Inbound logistics are related to the upstream activities and include all of the movement of the product before ma… Research and negotiation are a normal part of this process because the profitability of a business can rely heavily on the cost of materials. Upstream operations are those in which the materials flow into the organization. Embracing big data is an essential principle of modern SCM, specifically real-time data which has the potential to improve the efficiency of a supply chain and negate potential risks to strategy. Next in the supply chain is manufacturing. The included set of prebuilt samples and quick-start templates, demonstrates the power of ConceptDraw DIAGRAM software in logistics management, its assisting abilities in development, realization and analyzing the logistic processes, as well as in perfection the methods of logistics management. | Supply Chain Diagram Maker, Porter's Value Chain | VSM | Process Flowchart | Value Chain Visio, Porter's value chain diagram - Template, ERD | Entity Relationship Diagrams, ERD Software for Mac and Win, Flowchart | Basic Flowchart Symbols and Meaning, Flowchart | Flowchart Design - Symbols, Shapes, Stencils and Icons, Electrical | Electrical Drawing - Wiring and Circuits Schematics. Upstream operations are those in which the materials flow into the organization. There are many opportunities within the supply chain to add value for the customer. A supply chain strategy defines how the supply chain should operate in order to compete in the market. A supply chain basically has three key parts: It focuses on the raw materials supplied to manufacturing, including how, when, and from what location. Disclaimer 9. (2) It helps manufacturers in reducing inventories as finished goods are stored nearer to the customers. How To Create a Process Flow Chart (business process modelling techniques), Bar Diagrams for Problem Solving. The supply chain includes, among others, the customer Reliance Website that accepts the customer’s order, the Reliance store, and all of Reliance’s suppliers and their suppliers. We already know that inbound logistics and outbound logistics are part of what we defined as the supply chain. Though often applied to manufacturing and consumer products, a supply chain can also be used to show how various processes supply to one another (figure 16.2).