HEMS (Historical Equestrian Martial Sports) is a modern competitive sport system based on medieval mounted combat techniques. Each address is treated as a separate delivery and will incur a separate postage charge. It is a powerful symbol from out of history. This is not a LARP, SCA or Boffing school, but skills learned here will transfer to those pursuits. Application. 1,733 Likes: 1,733 Dislikes: 33,524 views views: 256K followers: Sports YouTube Video Editor View attributions Our classes are geared toward students of all levels and abilities. This Company will not be liable for any delay or failure to carry out any of its rights, duties and responsibilities under these Terms and Conditions if the delay or failure is caused by circumstances outside of the control of This Company, including, but not limited to actions by others, acts of god, war, civil disorder or industrial dispute. These are in the best interests of participants. Self-defense does not require a lot of physical strength, if you understand how to use an attacker’s strength against him. The school offers long sword fighting classes for all skill levels from the beginner to the seasoned martial artist with an interest in branching out into western martial arts. Study traditional Samurai sword fighting techniques. Should the value of you Passport, Experience or Standard Voucher exceed that of the activity chosen, no cash refund or credit is given against the balance. Whether you want to learn to smith on a professional level or just want the experience of making one knife, we have you covered. It's hard to know where to start. Instead we train to disable or take down the opponent and dispatch them from a standing position. We use cookies to give you the best online experience. Practice one-on-one sparring or group combat. Everybody at Broken Plow is very friendly and super helpful. Broken Plow is the western martial arts program under Pittsburgh Sword Fighters, LLC, specializing in the training of unarmored weapons and unarmed combat. In the Armored Combat class students learn not just how to fight in armor, but also how to care for their armor, how to wear it, and how to move in it. Nothing can describe the feeling of when you first pick up a sword. The youngest age for Sword Fighting is generally 16 years old. Study strategies and tactics of ancient and medieval warfare from around the world. You have the right to return your unused Passport, Standard Voucher, or Experience within 7 days of our despatch date for a full refund. Classes that emphasize students practicing one-on-one sparring and group drills in our safe, yet exciting sword class. Kunst Des Fechtens. Students learn historically interpreted techniques ranging from German long sword and Chinese Broadsword, to Zulu Stick fighting and the Aztec Macuahuitl! By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Kendo is the Japanese Way of the Sword. Regardless of your age or physical fitness, it is never too late to learn to be safe, NOT be a victim. It is a great learning environment and I would not hesitate to send somebody I knew to learn HEMA from them. Italian stick fighting is a tradition that originated together with sword fencing in the medieval and renaissance in Italy and still practiced today. We have a program that might be just what you are looking for! Start out by learning the footwork and then progress to picking up a foil (the “sword”) and experience a real fencing bout! All of the provisions, clauses and paragraphs in these Terms and Conditions should be read and construed independently of each other. Geronigo have the biggest activity network in the the UK. Nikki assists with the training and can hold her own against any attacker! If you have a fascination for history, culture and weapons, this is the sword class for you! If you change your mind within 24 hours of making a booking we offer 100% money back guarantee. Sword to Sword offers classes five days a week in two Houston locations. Also known by the abbreviation of HEMA, this is a growing sport and hobby where people fight with swords based on studying historical sources about how people used swords and other kinds of weapons hundreds of years ago. Does your child or teen find other sports lacking in mental stimulation? No one may use our brands, names, trademarks, domain names or logos for any purpose without our express written permission. We will happily redeem your Passport, Experience or Standard Voucher against any package featured on our site up to its full value, regardless of any specific experience named. Davenriche European Martial Artes teaches historical sword fighting techniques with longsword, rapier, and other medieval weapons. What is the minimum age for Sword Fighting? School of Historical European Martial Arts and Swordsmanship. Kunst Des Fechtens is a system of combat taught in the Holy Roman Empire during the Late Medieval, Renaissance, and Early Modern periods. The prices of specific Experiences are held for the 12 months validity. Look to the Future, while Drawing from the Strengths of the Past, Clear Education in the Magnificent Art of Wrestling, Treatise on the Science of Arms with Philosophical Dialogue, Great Representation of the Art and Use of Fencing. Staying Healthy At Swordplay LA. In this instance, this company will provide full information to assist in any resolution. Just show up in comfortable athletic wear. Historical European Martial Arts and Swordsmanship. 2. In addition to coached topics, Sword to Sword students are encouraged to branch out into training with different weapons from medieval and renaissance Europe, many of which our instructors are proficient with. With Sword to Sword membership, you get access to all of our fitness equipment: Multipurpose machines Weights and bench Cardio stations And more! Geronigo, 15th Floor (North), Arena Point, Merrion Way, Leeds, LS2 8PA. If this is requested, further costs will be incurred. All our names are well known in the UK and we have acquired both registered and unregistered rights in our names, brands, trademarks, domain names and logos. Training and researching with like-minded people is invaluable to your growth as a fencer and an artist. Geronigo® has 1 Sword Fighting centres for you to choose from. The Seven Swords Academy holds mostly evening classes, Monday through Thursday (see schedule for times), and on Saturday mornings from 10:00AM-Noon. Students train with either a side sword or basket hilt sword (known as a broad sword at the time) and a strapped shield, sometimes called a targe. Jeremy's wife, Nikki, is a fierce competitor and ably demonstrates how women can handle a sword with skill and grace. Historic European Martial Arts (HEMA) group in Raleigh, Durham, Apex, Cary, Chapel Hill North Carolina (Triangle). In the Armored Combat class students learn not just how to fight in armor, but also how to care for their armor, how to wear it, and how to move in it. Our longsword curriculum is based on the techniques found in Fior dei Battaglia, a medieval combat manuscript written by Fiore di Liberi in 1409. Sword fighting isn't just for guys. Sword fighting classes are currently taught at two locations on an ongoing basis. Yes, Geronigo® has cheap Sword Fighting deals and special offers running at different times. Though this is a re-creation of an ancient, Medieval self-defense martial system, the skills acquired are transferable to modern every0day self-defense and adapt easily to any weapon type, including hand-to-hand/dagger, armored fighting Join Coach Jon and using natural movement patterns to program yourself into a Hyper-Monkey Ninja. Our facility features an indoor archery range, a private fitness program, and indoor airsoft events. If for any reason you change your mind after purchasing a Geronigo® gift voucher. There are no upcoming events at this time. The Company issues Activity Passport, Experiences and Standard Vouchers to its customers via its website, or over the telephone. These classes help you learn authentic skills and get you in shape at the same time! Sword Fighting Gift Vouchers can be purchased online via our website, through our mobile app or over the phone. transferable to modern every0day self-defense and adapt easily to any weapon type, including hand-to-hand/dagger, armored fighting, The Seven Swords Academy holds mostly evening classes, Monday through Thursday (see. This program was developed and is taught by military veterans for modern needs. It is a powerful symbol from out of history. Visit www. All refunds are processed at month-end and take between 5 and 10 working days to show in the purchaser's account. Click here to signup, Houston 1212A Cedar Post Ln Houston, TX 77055, The Woodlands 27326 Robinson Road, Suite 112 Conroe, TX 77385, United States. As students progress they begin training with the side sword and buckler, a small shield which can be used for both offense and defense. Here you can find clubs, schools, gyms, and even just people near you who want to learn. Endurance and mobility drills are taught along with combat techniques from Fiore di Liberi's manuscript Fior dei Battaglia (1409). Be safe in the future, while drawing from the strengths of the past. Our curriculum draws from Fior dei Battaglia, a medieval combat manuscript written by Fiore di Liberi in 1409.