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We knew it would be close to impossible to make a burrito at home for less than that price, but we wanted to try to make a copycat Taco Bell bean burrito recipe anyway. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices to opt-in or opt-out of this data collection, please visit. Alternatively, heat the tortillas in a microwave until they're warmed through. Our 5-ingredient Taco Bell bean burrito was so close to the original, we might not have known the difference in a blind taste test. Welcome to Nicko's Kitchen! By the time we finished, we could barely tell the difference between the burrito that came from Taco Bell, and the one we made in our home kitchen. It looked like it would be simple to pull it off without adding too many ingredients, so we challenged ourselves to make it with only five ingredients. The only other steps you need to take to make this 5-ingredient Taco Bell bean burrito involve heating the remaining ingredients. Meanwhile, in a large skillet, heat the flour tortillas one at a time over high heat, flipping once, until they're warmed through, soft, and pliable. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. One at a time, heat the tortillas in a warm skillet over low heat for about 30 seconds on each side. Taco Bell Bean Burrito made with hearty beans, real cheddar cheese, tangy red sauce and diced onions. To revoke your consent, please clear your browser cookies and refresh the page. The red sauce is part of what makes the Taco Bell bean burrito so crave-worthy. Place flour tortilla on pan, twist on pan to spread oil around under tortilla. Copycat Taco Bell Bean Burritos Recipe Ingredients: What does Taco Bell put in their bean burritos? Add Taco Seasoning (1 teaspoon), Garlic Powder (1 teaspoon) and Chili Spice Mix (1/2 teaspoon). When everything is warmed through and chopped, it's finally time to assemble the burritos. Luckily, Taco Bell is very transparent in its ingredients usage. [hidden]="groceryList.loading" Add the refried beans, 1/4 cup of the taco sauce, and chili powder to the pan with the onion. You can also store them in a freezer-safe plastic bag in the freezer for up to three months. The ingredients list for the bean burrito was short and sweet, so we headed to the store and got started. Without it, this bean burrito would be pretty boring, so picking the right sauce is essential to making a good copycat. Add a quarter of your refried beans to the warmed tortilla, using a spatula or spoon to position them in the center of the tortilla. The beans were the perfect consistency, and their savory flavor paired so nicely with the bold flavor of the taco sauce. Plan better and re-use your leftovers! Grate cheddar cheese, dice onions (red/white/yellow onions are fine). Mediavine serves content and advertisements when you visit the Website, which may use cookies. The only other steps you need to take to make this 5-ingredient Taco Bell bean burrito involve heating the remaining ingredients. Start by removing the peel and slicing the onion in half through the root. It's nothing fancy — a simple combination of refried beans, red sauce, cheddar cheese, and onions, all wrapped up in a flour tortilla — but it absolutely satisfies the taste buds for its $1.29 price tag (prices vary with date and location). We wanted to try to make a copycat Taco Bell bean burrito recipe, so we could satisfy our cravings without the long drive-thru line. While the beans are heating, warm the flour tortillas in a large skillet. The final component was the red sauce. When the tortilla is warm on both sides, remove it to a plate and continue heating the remaining tortillas. The only issue we ran into was making the beans a similar consistency to Taco Bell's — a problem we solved by adding a little water to the beans as they cooked. Continue rolling the burritos until all the ingredients are used. Tacos, burritos, and nachos, oh my! Check how much of this product you're using for this recipe. Leftover burritos can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator, or individually wrapped in parchment paper, plastic wrap, or aluminum foil. Save time, save money! hidden Or turn it into the Beefy 5-Layer burrito by adding seasoned beef, sour cream, and cheese sauce. The possibilities are endless when you use this burrito as a base recipe! They're both made with a tomato base, use similar spices like paprika and onion powder, and contain cornstarch and xanthan gum as a thickener. To finish, sprinkle two tablespoons of the cheddar cheese on top and fold the burrito. Finally, finish by slicing across the cuts to free the diced pieces from the onion. Now that we know how quickly and easily we can make Taco Bell bean burritos, we don't need to make the trip to the drive-through when a craving comes on. Add 2 teaspoons of oil, such as extra virgin olive oil. Although they have a few wallet-busters on their menu, most of their burritos are pretty affordable. Top it with 1 tablespoon of the taco sauce, a quarter of the finely diced onion, and 2 tablespoons of the cheddar cheese. http://www.networkadvertising.org/managing/opt_out.asp. Enter your zip code to find a Walmart near you. These cookies do not store any personal information. Ortega's is perhaps slightly spicier — thanks to the addition of green chile powder — but it's close enough that we were happy to use it as a shortcut to make this 5-ingredient Taco Bell bean burrito copycat recipe. The Website uses Mediavine to manage all third-party advertising on the Website. ({{display.quantity}} x ${{display.display_price}}), Vegetarian Butternut Squash Chili Cheese Fries. DIY Taco Bell recipe for its famous Burrito Supreme. Let the skillet preheat over high heat and add the tortillas once at a time, flipping them once or twice to heat both sides. It's thick and smooth, just like Taco Bell's sauce, and the two share several common ingredients. In a flat pan/skillet – heat pan on medium high. Their website lists every single component of this burrito (as well as all their other menu items, too). Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Taco Bell's tortillas are certified vegan, so we looked for a tortilla brand that used oil or vegetable shortening instead of lard. The burrito begins with a standard flour tortilla. Copycat Taco Bell Bean Burritos Recipe Directions: You can also turn this into a Copy Cat Taco Bell Pintos and Cheese: This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Next, position the tip of your knife just before the root and make several vertical slices from pole to pole, being careful not to slice through the root itself. class="body-1">, !x.display.title).length == 1 ? If you happen to make too many burritos, you can store them in an airtight container or wrap them individually in parchment paper, plastic wrap, or aluminum foil. Discover personalized recipes, organize your meal plans, shop ingredients, and cook with confidence alongside our FREE, step-by-step cooking app. Mix and … '1 Item Unavailable' : groceryList.items.filter(x=>!x.display.title).length + ' Items Unavailable'">. On each tortilla, spread about 1/3 cup refried beans, just over 3 tbsp shredded cheddar, and a bit of … Reheat the burritos in the microwave or stovetop, or reheat frozen burritos in a 350 degree Fahrenheit oven for about 40 minutes. Fold the burrito, leaving one side open if you want it to look exactly like Taco Bell's bean burrito. Top the beans with one tablespoon of the taco sauce followed by a quarter of the finely diced onions. Add ¼ cup of water (or more as needed) to loosen the beans. Sorry, there are no retailers available for store pickup in this location, {{serviceAddress.city}}, {{serviceAddress.state}} {{serviceAddress.postalCode}}, x.total_price).reduce((x, total) => x + total, 0).toFixed(2)" Add a quarter of the bean mixture to a warmed tortilla. You can also use a microwave to heat the tortillas, but don't skip this step. Heat the beans over medium-low heat until they're warmed through, adding 1/4 cup of water to loosen them up a bit. Raw onions have a very sharp flavor, and they can be overpowering if you eat a too-large slice. For the last 10 years we have been getting people into the kitchen to cook amazing meals and of course to have fun while doing it. You can fold in both sides before wrapping the burrito up to make it easier to eat, but folding in one side and leaving the other open will make the burrito look more like Taco Bell's. Make several horizontal slices from the top of the onion towards the root, stopping about a half-inch before you hit the root.