Controversy persists over their origin, but it seems that a process of chemical change caused by wind and water erosion led to the softer sandstones being washed away, leaving the harder limestone exposed. I had no idea of the amazing beauty I was about to discover in the fairy tale lands that make up the National Parks throughout the Western United States! The state's capital, Perth, exudes a vibrant, sophisticated feel, with glitzy shops, galleries, and gourmet restaurants, but the beating hot heart of the vast desert and a wild and rugged coastline beckon just beyond. Esperance Bay and Cape Le Grand National Park. Hiking stick in hand, splish-splash your way along this hiking trail, that is actually a riverbed, through the Narrows of Zion. Check out some geothermic activity and even watch Old Faithful’s punctual eruption among the geysers of Yellowstone. Location: Pinnacles Drive, via Nambung National Park, Cervantes. Bounded on the west by the Indian Ocean and set on the banks of the winding Swan River, Perth is a hot spot for water sports. Watch as the sun dances along the rocks and colors shift before your eyes when you venture into the world’s most picturesque canyon. Appolonia at beyin. Busua beach resort 5km from fort metal cross in dixcove and 20km from takoradi it is regarded as one of the best and safest beaches in ghana. Geologists can’t figure out why this river makes a massive bend but can you? The thriving tourist town of Broome is one of the most popular Western Australian destinations and a gateway to the magnificent Kimberley region. One of the town's main attractions is Cable Beach. Broome is also a popular base for Kimberley adventures, such as the Horizontal Waterfall, Cape Leveque, the Gibb River Road, Purnululu (Bungle Bungle) National Park, and Mitchell Falls. I guess I'll just have to go back and explore the country even more :-D All houses are being built on the lake. The Fortescue Falls, fed by a groundwater river, do not dry up even in the heat of summer. Northern Region Tourist Sites Mole National Park 4840 km 2 of Savannah and rocky outcrops that are home to 93 species of mammals, including herds of elephant, buck and small plains game. Other curious granite outcrops lie in the surrounding area, including the Humps, the King Rocks, and the Gnamma Hole, and you can explore them on an 80-kilometer driving circuit from Hyden. Longer tours in all-terrain vehicles are also available. Spot the amazing sand artist creating masterpieces along Oregon’s stunning coast during a coastal drive. The famous Wave Rock is an extraordinary rock formation of banded granite, 15 meters high, in the form of a wave about to break. Cultural tourism focuses on festivals and events whereas heritage tourism focuses on the history of the slave routes. Visit the Photo Library on to find out popular tourist attractions in Western Region. It's also one of the few places in the world where you can swim with whale sharks, an experience which graces the bucket lists of countless animal lovers. Western Maryland If you’re ever daydreamed about a happy place with a sparkling blue lake, mountain views and delicious ice cream—you might have been dreaming about Western Maryland. Today, the adorable quokkas still inhabit the island and are only found in Western Australia. Cultural tourism heritage tourism recreational tourism adventure tourism and events tourism. Most of the little limestone houses around the harbor were built by convict labor and are among the oldest buildings in Western Australia. Top attractions on the island include the Rottnest Museum, housed in an 1857-era barn and threshing mill, with collections of historical material and relics of shipwrecks; the Parker Point Marine Trail; and Vlamingh Lookout. Sign up to stay in touch! Ningaloo Reef Marine Park also includes the coastal area of spectacular Cape Range National Park, where you can explore rugged limestone cliffs, dunes, and canyons. See 162 traveler reviews and photos of western region tourist attractions. Learn how your comment data is processed. Other things to do include hiking the trails, tennis, golf, cycling, and boating. Western Australia is a land of superlatives and extremes. Sample all the extraordinary gourmet treats at Pikes Place Market and see if you have what it takes to catch one of the flinging fish. This region records the highest amount of rainfall in all of ghana. Rainwater reacting with different chemical substances in the rock has created a series of vertical stripes in shades of gray, red, and ochre. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Seven Wonders Of The World In Delhi Tickets, Around The World Baby Shower Game Answer Key. Backed by striking red cliffs, this impressive shoreline stretches for 22 kilometers, with sweeping white sands and turquoise waters. Afadjato is the highest mountain in Ghana and … Tourist sites in ghana western region. Forget donuts, and indulge in a stronger adult treat by sipping your way through the craft beer scene in Portland! Stretching for 135 kilometers from Cape Naturaliste south to Cape Leeuwin through the Margaret River, the Cape to Cape Track is one of the top hikes in Australia. Help. Find out more:, 10 Must See Desert Destinations in Arizona, How to Prepare a Great American Road Trip, 7 Highlights along the Pacific Northwest Coast, The Travelettes Itinerary for Central California, Getting Ready for an Epic American Road Trip, Why You Should Let Travel Break Your Heart. Grab your sleeping bag and lie down as you gaze up at the world’s tallest trees at one of the campgrounds located inside the Redwood Forest. Watch the herds of elk wander along the mountains that make up Rocky Mountain State Park while having a summertime sky-high snowball fight! Mistaking the small marsupials, called quokkas, for rats, he named the island Rottnest ('rats' nest'). Follow the Native American legend and spot the Hoodoos of Bryce Canyon as you wander along the Queens Garden Trail. © Copyright 2020 PlanetWare Inc. All rights reserved. Required fields are marked *. Coming from the East Coast originally, I have spent many long hours experiencing the open highways of America. Since that time her travels have lead her to visit over 60 countries, marry a fellow globetrotter, move intercontinentally nine times and create a temporary home in four continents! Your email address will not be published. Broome is also Australia's pearling capital, and you can learn about this fascinating history at The Broome Historical Museum. Viewing the Horizontal Falls from a jet boat is one of the most popular things to do up north in the rugged Kimberley region. Nughana On Twitter Tourists Attractions In The Upper West Region. You can explore these strange-looking rock spires via a scenic drive or walking trail. Individualize your wardrobe by shopping at one of Portland’s many thrift stores and discover how the locals keep their fashion weird. Sabina |, I haven't seen so many of these but I'm definitely adding them to my bucket list now! I had no idea of the amazing beauty I was about to discover in the fairy tale lands that make up the National Parks throughout the Western United States! Guided tours are also available, with camping along the way or, if you don't want to rough it, you can stay in nearby hotels and lodges and rest your weary limbs in a plush bed. Sunset camel rides are a popular way to soak up the scenery. Tours usually depart from Broome or Derby and include a scenic flight over the jaw-droppingly beautiful Buccaneer peninsula, a wild stretch of red, cliff-fringed coast washed by turquoise water and dotted with hundreds of tiny uninhabited islands. Say hello to some of America’s most famed presidents as you check out this iconic landmark. Strangely, the region even offers its own mini replica of Stonehenge. Go native and spend the night outside Bryce Canyon camping in a riverside Teepee at Ruby’s! Your email address will not be published. A track running through the Yampire Gorge leads to most of the scenic highlights of the park. Natural attractions beaches western region is famous for some of the best beaches in ghana. READ ALSO: 5 simple things every tourist … Hunt for ghosts in one of the several ghost towns outside of Butte, Montana and discover why local minors abandoned places like Terrys landing and Junction City Long ago…or did they? Backed by striking red cliffs, this impressive shoreline stretches for 22 kilometers, with sweeping white sands and turquoise waters. It's also one of the top fishing destinations in Australia. Become a botanist and discover the twisted Joshua Tree, uniquely growing in this vast protected area of Southern California. What makes it a place to visit is that this village is located on a lake. Nzulezu is a village near located about 90 kilometers near Takoradi, the capital city of the Western Region of the country. All rights reserved. I am glad you liked my article. Thanks to a mining boom, it's now the fourth largest city in Australia, flaunting its wealth with shiny skyscrapers, hip boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and buzzing entertainment venues. Wilderness adventures are a top draw. Attractions and excursions in the central region of ghana. Stunning beaches, secluded bays, steep sea cliffs, deep caves, rugged headlands, and fields of wildflowers are some of the highlights, and you'll see plenty of wildlife along the way. You should do it. Find what to do today this weekend or in july. Ghana is indeed an incredible and diverse country and there are many great places to visit. Here are the top 5 tourist sites in the Volta Region: Afadjato. Do a loop drive along America’s deepest lake and stop at one of its frigid swimming holes. The only way to experience this remote attraction is on an organized tour by seaplane and/or jet boat. The tourist industry in ghana is known to promote sustainable tourism which includes. Recommended for 4WD vehicles, the road threads past rugged red-rock gorges, outback cattle stations, aboriginal communities, croc-filled rivers, savannah, and magnificent mountain ranges. Made with love by: buerorama & 23karat Impressum und Datenschutzerklärung, Are you and your backpack going on an exciting trip and you would like to share your experiences? Bates Cave, to the north of Hyden, has Aboriginal rock paintings and handprints. El Questro is one of the most famous. Powerful tides of up to 11 meters squeeze through two narrow gorges to form this curious natural phenomenon, which is also one of the top outdoor adventures in Australia.