Work up an appetite and eat like the Italians; slow and with lots of wine. Eat it: Pasticceria Savia, Catania (, #arancini e #rocknroll #pasticceriasavia #catania #ontheroad #beatifulplaces #goodfood #sicily #italy, A photo posted by Vincenzo (@vinsvs) on Aug 11, 2016 at 4:42am PDT. There’s no denying this will be your best experience (in the world, ever), though a few of the faves have opened up stores in New York City, so you can also find a great pie there. photos, top to bottom, by: keepwaddling1, brianandjaclyn, CarlYoungdale, 3oheme, tuscanycious, WordRidden, dblackadder, different kinds of coffee drinks in Italy, things you didn’t know about the Cinque Terre. Where we ate it: Pizzeria Giuliano | Naples. Except, you don't. Just order a “Tagliatelle alla Bolognese” and you’ll be fine. Perhaps the most famous Italian food export, pizza is easy to find pretty much anywhere you go in Italy. Where we ate it: Ostaria Boccadoro | Venice. I’ll start this list with my all time favourite (and perhaps yours) – Gelato. Here’s a list of seven suggestions for what to eat in Italy, plus the cities and/or regions where they’re from (and therefore, usually, best). Prosciutto is the most famous of these, and I swear it does taste better when you eat it close to its source in the Emilia-Romagna region, but there are so many porky variations available in Italy that you’re encouraged to try and compare as many as you like. You’ll find many variations on the classic dish and in all honesty, sometimes a more contemporary take outdoes the original… but in Italy it is hard to come by a bad house-made Tiramisu! I’m a huge food connoisseur and I’ll be traveling to Italy in a month! Get the latest news and updates emailed straight to your inbox. Bruschetta is made with garlic rubbed bread, topped with a variation of toppings including tomatoes, cheese, onion, cured meats and/or vegetables. The best parmigiana I had was in Positano at Le Tre Sorelle. I’m sure there are plenty more that I’ve yet to discover. As a huge fan of ice cream for my past 20-something years of existence, I was in a world of delight when I first arrived in Italy at 17 years of age and tasted my first gelato. The impressive guest list includes Madonna and Richard Gere. Rome – Da Danilo // Da Sergio // Da Enzo // Milan – Ristorante Da Oscar // Florence – Antico Noè // Venice – Al Chianti. Where we made it: Ingredients from Mercato Centrale | Florence. Italy is renowned for its sensational cuisine and while everyone’s palette is different there are some things you…. It’s spit-roasted with myrtle and rosemary by a one-hundred-year-old fireplace in the candle-lit dining room with the smell of the local herbs permeating the air. Yes, there’s a regional pizza consortium. How can something so simple be so moreish? One of Italy's purest food traditions is also its most glorious—antipasto, or appetizers. It’s no secret Italy has amazing food. You can even have pizzas worth writing home about in cities from Venice to Palermo, or anywhere in between. This is an easy dish to try and recreate back home, and luckily you will find the standard of foccacia bread fairly similar across Italy. #ItaliaMade #TagliatelleAlRagu #EatingThroughItaly #Greatservice #Travel #FoodTv, A photo posted by Alexa-Writes (@totalkenomove) on May 27, 2016 at 1:55pm PDT. Italy has the most amazing cheese and meats. For the real deal, look out for gelato that isn't brightly coloured (real pistachios are not neon green, for example), and that won't stand up in tall towers (adding preservatives will do that). I was only here for one night, but while working my way through a gargantuan traditional Sardinian feast, a couple at the neighbouring table mentioned that their friends in Rome regularly come to Sardinia just to eat here (although I expect they enjoy the stunning scenery and beautiful beaches too). We tried it in this little beautiful restaurant in a little medieval town and it shot straight to the top of pasta dishes I love. It’s made from basil, pine nuts, parmesan or pecorino cheese and garlic. Usually served in a creamy sauce, gnocchi is incredibly indulgent but entirely delicious – you must try it at least once! The origins of this great dish aren’t that clearly defined. Where we ate it: Amazing Italy Tour | Emilia Romagna. That second cooking is where the dish gets its name. Eat it: Bel Soggiorno, San Gimignano (, Pappardelle al cinghiale vs risotto porcini e tartufo il tutto con vista panoramica! Where we ate it: Cum Quibus | San Gimignano. Your email address will not be published. Osteria Toscanella in Florence is famous for its Fiorentina, and there are rustic eateries throughout Tuscany that grill them up right. I’ve been visiting Italy for many years now and whenever I go and in whichever part of the country I am in, I know I am going to eat well. Gorgeous Italy draws travelers keen on exploring her stunning scenery, unique culture, and gastronomical delights. This blog post contains affiliate links which means if you click on a link I may earn a commission at no cost to you. The king of Roman pasta dishes, a creamy, peppery mix of eggs, pecorino cheese and crispy guanciale (cured pigs cheek) stirred through al dente pasta. Naples – Da Michelle, Pizzaria Starita, Di Matteo. The city famous for its cuisine lies in the heart of Emilia-Romagna, the region famous for its high-quality ingredients. Until now. The light (but flavorful) broth allows the flavor of the pasta filling to come through, which is important, given that there’s such a small amount of filling in each bite. My own version of this dish can be found in my online magazine, Travel With Kat. Pizza of course! The flavours went so well together, would love to recreate this at home. Check out this round-up that includes some of the best pizzerias in Naples. Anyway, it’s often served as a first plate in many places in northern Italy but in Milan, they sometimes choose to serve it with shanks of meat, called Ossobuco. My travel insurance company of choice is World Nomads. These look really amazing. Leaving in a few days for Venice, Ravenna, and parts of Abruzzo. They also serve a delicious local red wine. Though there wasn't room for risotto on this list, there is space for risotto's best friend: arancini. Our base is in the Cala Gonone area but we have a hire car, so we shall be exploring. My favorite gelato, the one I dream about, is one particular flavor at a tiny neighborhood gelateria in Milan. Who doesn’t love bruschetta!? There’s space to pull in at Baunei with a lovely view to the coast. Buy this one from the US or this one from the UK. Trofie al Pesto, which is trofie pasta with basil pesto, is amazing. The exact ingredients used can vary but for a real Roman Carbonara, expect: Pasta (Mainly spaghetti or rigatoni) combined with Guanciale (cured pork cheek), Pecorino Romano, egg and black pepper.