For the Season 7 character, see Cinderella. Sean, the baby's father, later arrives at the hospital and brings the baby, now named Alexandra, a pair of tiny slippers. Do you see this as more of a new chapter in the story? Gold catches her in the act, but she maces him and steals a key from him. A golden creature makes itself appear out of nowhere: the Fairy Godmother. I think you’ll see that the Cinderella mythology crisscrosses with some other things that hopefully provide some opportunity for surprising places for villainy and heroism. KITSIS:  And Mekia [Cox], who’s playing Tiana, is also fun. EDDY KITSIS:  You can call it anything you want. Portrayed by: She was previously a young poor servant, who eventually became the wife to Prince Thomas after sealing a deal with Rumplestiltskin. But we have both been her prisoner... And tonight, I can finally escape. What are you enjoying about flipping things this season, where Henry, who as a young boy was the one who kicked this whole journey off by wanting his mother to believe in magic and fairy tales, is now the one who needs convincing by his own child? What can you say about those characters and where they’ll fit in, this season? For years, Ella is tormented by her stepsisters Clorinda and Tisbe, usually under Tremaine's influence. KITSIS:  We’ve always said that evil isn’t born, it’s made, so we never wanted to be a show that spoke in black and white terms because there is no black and white. However, the wound is a fake, all a distraction so Lady Tremaine is able to grab the gun and ambush her stepdaughter. Ashley, Mary Margaret and Ruby go to a bar that night, and Ashley starts drinking, admitting that it's her first night out since she had the baby. He is unable to finish his thought for the man walks past them but not without bumping into Ashley and catching her off-guard. HOROWITZ:  Jared [Gilmore], who played Henry for six seasons, was amazing. Knowing Rumple is behind this, she confronts him, and she assures that she won't be seeing him again until her debt is repaid, since she dabbled in magic and the price has gone up. She comes to believe he hates his brother David, who his birth parents decided to keep instead of him. Emma has a stern talk with Mr. Gold that leads to him agreeing to let Ashley have her baby, just so long as Emma herself owes him a favor. Dirty-blond KITSIS:  Last season, we ended it the way we would, if that were the end. Distraught, Ella runs away from the ball, losing one of her glass slippers in the process. The wizard Rumplestiltskin offers the couple a chance to gain money for their impoverished farm if they forfeit one of their twins to a barren king and queen. She eventually finds Clorinda, wounded, at the pumpkin farm belonging to Jacob. Every year feels like a new show, but this premise incorporates a requel. HOROWITZ:  It’s a risk. KITSIS:  For us, Regina was always the mayor or the queen. Gus, once again a mouse, starts nudging at the box she locked her mother's key in, and now believing in magic, she uses it on a wardrobe. One of the things that we hope to signal to the audience, from the onset, is that we’re not redoing Season 1. KITSIS:  Absolutely! Who will be causing the most mischief, or stirring things up the most? Blue This said, Sean comes in, on a break from the cannery, and proposes to her. So, it depends which side you’re on. While everything seems happy, with Thomas even proposing the name Alexandra for his and Ella's unborn child, Ella suddenly feels a twinge and needs her husband to go draw her some water from the well. Collider:  Would you guys prefer that the word reboot not be used to describe the new season? "Worse place"Underworld (formerly)Royal castle (formerly)Sheep farm (formerly) KITSIS:  We thought, if you can reboot superheroes, why not fairy tales? We chat with 'Once Upon a Time' creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis about why Season 7 is a reboot and a sequel, the new curse, introducing Tiana, and more. "The Shepherd" Enraged at this supposed "injustice", Tremaine decides to "pause" her life and she uses the key to travel to the Land of Untold Stories. Prince James Everyone wants to feel hopeful. ("The Snow Queen") When Snow and Charming set off to run an errand regarding the town's newest villains, they hire Ashley to babysit Neal. Ashamed to not be in rags, she assumes Thomas won't want her, but he does. There’s an off-kilterness and a sense of fun to it, as well, that we think is really cool. What we wanted to do was to tell a story that will hopefully be an epic love story, where we can capture the spirit of romance. ("The Other Shoe"), Prince Thomas goes on to marry Ella, and she grows excited to see the palace's fireworks being blasted in her honor, for she never thought that such an occasion would be just for her. Around Season 4, we started to think that maybe this could be a reality and that we could do this. As Ruby goes over, Ashley admits that she's right, and Mary Margaret commiserates. !” She has that Macaulay Culkin ability to just carry a scene. How is grown-up Henry different from young Henry? Rumple steals the Fairy Godmother's wand and manipulates Ella into making a deal with him. Rumple explains that he can make all of Ella's dreams come true, by allowing her to attend the royal ball. No matter how much you love your character and how much your audience loves them, after six seasons, it’s great to have an opportunity to play something that’s the same, but a little bit different. Occupation: KITSIS:  Alice is fun. ("Tiny"), After his death, James' soul resides in the Underworld as sheriff of Underbrooke, where he is unable to move on because of his unfinished business. Nobody had done a show this crazy, with this many worlds and characters. First iteration of the character, and played by guest star Jessy Schram. She does so, just as she's about to kill the footman, and she reveals she's engaged to the prince. KITSIS:  I would say that they’re going through some changes. Ashley, meanwhile, is able to bury the hatchet with her sister and therefore stop feeling as though all her happiness with her husband and daughter is a lie. ("The Shepherd", "Lady of the Lake", "Murder Most Foul"), Six years later, James runs away from home, out of fear of his father George's wish for him to become a knight and kill things. After James walks off into the hallway, David enters the diner from the front door, in time to see his brother disappear into the back room. See "Family" Eye color: In Hyperion Heights, she becomes Weaver's informant Tilly. "Murder Most Foul" Relatives: It’s not a qualitative judgment on any of them. And so I... put on an act. ("Unforgiven"), With a whole host of new arrivals from the Land of Untold Stories now occupying Storybrooke, Ashley heads on over to Granny's Diner to find out if any of them have kids, so as to offer them her daycare services. GALLERY. KITSIS:  Where the first season of Once was the Snow White mythology, we are doing the Cinderella mythology. Once Upon a Time Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. He then uses it to open the front door to Granny's and gets in. A portal opens and she prepares to leave through it, but Clorinda arrives and stops her, revealing the prince loves Ella. She explains that he's out looking for her and she's marrying his footman, Jacob. Wishing to help, Anton goes to fetch treasure from his home for them. Ruth refuses, however, when Rumplestiltskin implies both children will likely perish during the winter, Robert concedes to the deal. Clorinda tells Ella how she and Jacob plan on running away and living on a farm together, but her stepsister warns that Tremaine will hunt her down before suggesting an idea. ("The Other Shoe"), Sometime later, Ella is sweeping the floor of her stepmother's estate, looking longingly at the castle where the prince's ball is taking place. Just to lose characters and pretend like the show is moving forward felt like a stall to us. Second iteration of the … Stabbed in the back by the Behemoth Emma takes this a bit personally, since Neal isn't actually Mary Margaret's first child, but she tries to shrug it off like it's nothing. As soon as he does, he grows ensnared, giving the princes enough time to lock him up. After parting from her, James smugly comments that now he sees why his brother likes her, which makes Mary Margaret flinch backwards in recognition of who he really is. Gender: As she greets him, a key drops from her mother's dress, and she recalls stories her mother told her about a magical key that fits its description; a key that can take you to a Land of Untold Stories. Everything that was mine. Seeing Regina in a bar and in this new role has been a lot of fun to write, and seeing what Lana is doing with it has been great.