It’s also a health-minded hub with juice bars and boutique fitness studios on nearly every corner. Of course, picking a city to live in is a personal choice. Places like Tulsa, Chicago, Seattle, Echo Park California, and so much more would be great to experience while you’re young and figuring life out. The reason? Methodology: Every year Greatist gathers statistics from a number of sources to assemble our list of the 20 best cities for 20-somethings. 4 for overall professional opportunities and No. Even though it’s more affordable than New York and San Francisco, the Windy City isn’t cheap. SF provides access to fresh and healthy foods; makes it easy to walk, bike, or metro anywhere; and has exceptionally low stress levels. But there are constipation remedies and preventative measures you can take while flying to your…. The most populous metro area out of the 25 Best Places to Live for Young Professionals, the District of Columbia is best known for being the nation’s … 17 and quality of life rank of No. The Ultimate Bushy Brow Kit: Supplements, Serums, Tools, and Tutorials! The city scored high on the American Fitness Index for both activity and movement. The tradeoff is the city's quality of life rank of No. It has nearly everything millennials are looking for (the most out of any cities on this list! Number of entry-level jobs per 10,000 residents: 73. If your main concern is staying healthy, the larger of the Twin Cities might be right up your alley. Nearly 15 percent of the area is parkland, meaning most of the population lives within a 10-minute walk to a park. Metrics included the number of entry-level jobs per 10,000 residents, housing affordability, annual job growth rate, recreation ranking, unemployment rate, and number of leisure establishments in the area. Number of entry-level jobs per 10,000 residents: 42. 6, which came in part from its abundance of recreational activities and single people. 9 and fairly high quality of life score. Looking for love? 18, Minneapolis is a great option for people in their 20s. 19. With the second highest monthly median starting salary and a median annual income of $59,553, it's not surprise Arlington ranks No. Number of entry-level jobs per 10,000 residents: 122. 17 and quality of life rank of No. The city also makes up for its less-than-stellar professional opportunities rank of No. Whether you prefer memory foam, hybrid, or innerspring, find your perfect queen mattress on this list of the 9 best mattresses of 2020. 1 for quality of life. 12 and quality of life rank of No. The 20 Best Places to Live if You’re in Your 20s in The U.S. Liz Flynn 1 month ago Whether we’re 20, 40, or 60, there’s certain things we all look for in a place to live. This killer combo makes San Jose a no-brainer, unless you’re the type of person who hates money, health, and happiness. Even better? Criteria considered for this year’s ranking included: fitness (based on the ACSM American Fitness Index plus bike friendliness, walkability, and access to the outdoors), cost of housing, public transportation, bars, dating scene, stress levels, and job prospects. Philadelphia might just be the perfect location for 20-somethings. This seaport city is one of the most well-rounded locations on our list, offering everything from access to the great outdoors to a lively nightlife scene. The coastal city’s array of beaches and nearly year-round sunshine are a huge reason why. Number of entry-level jobs per 10,000 residents: 29. Ireland is one of the fastest growing countries in the world, and the capital Dublin is … But successful millennials seem to think it’s worth it—in fact, they now make up the city’s largest group of renters. The median annual income in Fremont, California, is $71,593, the third highest of the 150 cities analyzed. It’s the perfect playground for active and adventurous 20-somethings. It earned a professional opportunities rank of No. That’s partly because it’s easy to walk, bike, or ride the L to Chicago’s myriad restaurants, dive bars, and cocktail hotspots. 'Nightlife and numerous activities' is extremely vague and would describe most largish, and even many not so large, cities in the world. Your 20s are perhaps the most transient time in your life. 46 for overall quality of life. One of the many reasons Miami is such a pleasure to live in: It’s easy to get around. Although the public transportation system can be a bit frustrating, the city is super bike friendly and walkable. 16 and quality of life rank of No. 10 overall is Tulsa, Oklahoma. Seattleites sure are smart cookies: The city is also one of the top 10 most-educated cities in America. Plus, the food scene is hot and affordable, while obesity rates remain low. St. Paul, MN. Denver, Colorado, has the eighth best overall professional opportunities and an overall quality of life rank of No. Our nation’s capitol is ranked No. WalletHub ranks Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the second best city for families and the sixth best for entrepreneurial activity, which makes the city the fourth best in terms of overall quality of life and No. Phoenix. Despite being one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, this proudly weird locale remains pretty cheap, making it a solid option for 20-somethings. "It's easy to navigate, everything's kinda cheap, there are great colleges, and California's a … To read more about the study's methodology, check out the full report here. San Jose is doing something right. Health-forward folks can frequent the FRESHFARM Market for—you guessed it—fresh fruits, vegetables, plants, herbs, and baked goods. The dream of the 90s is alive in Portland—at least, that’s what Fred and Carrie have been saying since 2011. And when you’re not at work, you’ll never be bored. Feel free to send us an email, and we’ll consider it for next year’s list. There’s a lot to live up to when your slogan is “the most livable city in America.” But St. … With more than 100 colleges and universities in the greater Boston area, Beantown is full of 20-somethings. Or friends with benefits. Affordable housing options is one of the many reasons Fort Worth, Texas, is one of the best cities for overall professional opportunities and No. 36. See a certified medical professional for diagnosis. How do you know if you’re a COVID long hauler? Number of entry-level jobs per 10,000 residents: 9. Hawaii’s capital city is where you go when you need a major change of scenery. With all the tech companies and startups that call ATX home, Austin has the third best job market in the country. And considering all the Cuban-inspired celebrations and sceney South Beach, it’s no wonder Miami was named one of Travel + Leisure’s Best Cities for Nightlife. D.C. isn’t just about politics. Houston, Texas, boasts the highest monthly median starting salary of the 150 cities analyzed, earning it a rank of No. They city's low unemployment rate and large cluster of young, educated people with access to arts, leisure, and recreation establishments especially makes this true. Of course, these are not in any order and there are SO many more places that you could live in during your 20’s. It’s also one of the best places to live if you’re single or a recent college grad, making adulting there a lot less scary. It’s OK — Here Are Recovery Tips, Want to Experience More Joy? It follows, then, that the city earned a professional opportunities rank of No. A Complete Intro to Introversion, Crying at Work? Number of entry-level jobs per 10,000 residents: 16. By clicking ‘Sign up’, you agree to receive marketing emails from Business Insider © 2020 Greatist a Red Ventures Company. WalletHub also ranks the city as the second best for entrepreneurial activity. Its blossoming arts district has theaters, galleries, and shops for creative folks looking to deviate from the norm. With a professional opportunities rank of No. Number of entry-level jobs per 10,000 residents: 85. And all that young blood is forcing the downtown area to transform. Overall the city ranks No. 41 for quality of life. And thanks to world-class museums, theaters, and landmarks, you’ll never be at a loss for first-date ideas or weekend adventures. Or swipe-righters. At $82,129, Plano has the highest median annual income of the 150 cities analyzed. Number of entry-level jobs per 10,000 residents: 16. Editor’s note: This list is presented in no particular order. Our content does not constitute a medical consultation. With the second best workforce diversity levels and tons of entry-level jobs on the market, Irving, Texas, ranks No. It’s easy to meet other career-driven people during happy hour at one of the 100-plus craft breweries and microbreweries. Virtually across the board Aurora scores above average in both quality of life and professional opportunities categories, with a respective ranking of No. Number of entry-level jobs per 10,000 residents: 48. This city is particularly great for young people in part because the city offers affordable housing and has tons of single people. ), but there’s also a new set of go-to destinations for young people—some of which are quite surprising (see: Madison, WI). 44, making Oklahoma City an optimal choice for the young worker. Many people dream of trading their small, suburban towns for the bright lights of New York or Los Angeles.