Using the Lithium Densifier while polishing created a slurry that filled in most of the small air holes in the surface. GlassArt Design’s EcoLuxe 100% recycled glass is available in an unlimited palette of opaque or translucent color treatments. Back in 1996, a young scientist from Berkeley, California – Don McPherson – added broken glass to cement and produced the first prototype of recycled glass countertops and one of the largest manufacturers of countertops from recycled glass in the US – Vetrazzo – patented the process. What a beautiful finished product. Pat down the edges with a trowel so they are flush with the form. 427 N 10th Avenue – Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401 The form wall liner is your grinding guide. If the more "conventional" countertop materials like granite, solid surface or laminate don't appeal to you and you're looking for something with a unique look, it's worth it to take a closer look at recycled glass. Resistance – as mentioned above, the countertops have a very high resistance to temperature changes, they do not melt or burn. If we were using a non-color enhancing sealer we would have used the Pro-Formula Acrylic Slurry instead of the lithium densifier. Sealing the form with a bead of 100% Silicone will make it water tight, and fill any gaps at the corners or between the liner and the form base. Great instructable! Tent the form with a thin covering of plastic to create a humid environment. GEOS Recycled Glass Surface is a new environmentally friendly countertop material made from recycled glass and a proven proprietary binder that ensures a strong and durable countertop that does not require sealing. The casting table should be protected from weather and direct sunlight, preferably indoors. of the glass aggregate and blend. Sand as evenly as possible, including the 3/4” edges. Recycled Glass Countertops are beautiful, durable, and easy to clean! The CHENG Foam Form Walls and Liners are available in 2" and 2-1/2" heights. Apply the sealer to the entire top and edges with the roller. Spread the mix and push it into the corners with gloved hands or a trowel. ft. counter top. Once the terrazzo mixture is level with the top of the form and no more concrete is required to fill the form, turn the vibrator to a low setting. Advantages and disadvantages of recycled glass countertops, Recycled glass countertops pros and cons, how to choose and what to look for. You will achieve this through lower maintenance costs, significantly less slab waste and the elimination of ordering excess inventory. Coatings can be applied to provide either a gloss or matte finish with the color. Wow... breathtaking! Wear a particulate mask and disposable gloves while mixing. If you have access to a table saw this can easily be accomplished with precision. Nowadays many people prefer to use environmentally friendly materials and it is not a surprise that products like recycled countertops have found their place in many modern kitchens. Their visual interest is hard to surpass. Use the lithium densifier while polishing to create a slurry to fill in air pockets as you go. This top is installed in the CHENG Warehouse and is used for packing and shipping. For this 24" x 91" recycled glass countertop we cut the 3/4" melamine form base to 28" x 95". Copy this code to embed this photo on your site: Awesome ceramic tile countertops in unique kitchen interiors, How to choose the best kitchen knife set – buyer’s guide and chef’s tips, Organization systems for kitchen drawers and cabinets to maintain order, Kitchen island with breakfast bar: types and design ideas for your home, Gorgeous Spanish style kitchen – cozy interior design ideas, Banquette seating in the kitchen – super cool ideas for your breakfast nook, Unusual kitchen islands – unique designs to express your individuality, Kitchen island with table – how to create a functional dining area. If this were a kitchen or bath project we'd likely sand and seal an additional two coats to create a higher quality finish. The silicone that was applied and tooled when sealing the form has created smooth edges that don't need finishing. Before removing the concrete from the form, we use a grinder to flatten any areas of concrete that might be too high or that have run over the edges of our form. After the aggregate is uniformly exposed, the densifying process can begin. Those who are not attracted to multiple colored glass chips can take advantage of the customization options which almost any manufacturer offers – the customer can choose pigments and glass elements for the countertop and have an individual and unique work of art as a centerpiece in the kitchen design. This is commonly referred to as the "cut" because you are cutting into the surface of the countertop to expose the aggregate cast into the concrete. There is a third version of these countertops based on glass only production process which uses recycled glass alone to form new solid counters with a homogenous look. Recycled glass countertops, based on resin have a higher price tag, but due to the fact that epoxy resin is not a porous material, the counters will not absorb odors and are resistant to stains and bacteria growth. Once the countertop is removed from the mold, it must always be supported every 12 inches to make sure it doesn't crack. When you see them for the first time it is inevitable that you ask – how did they do that? Don't be deceived by how straightforward demolding this recycled glass countertop is. Beauty, and design are also important factors, and recycled glass countertops offer unmatched options. GlassArt Design offers a variety of edge finishes, ranging from jagged edges to a flat polished edge to bevels and rolled finishes. Designed to be used for countertops, tabletops, and backsplashes. Good answer, thanx! Please visit our showroom to see samples or contact us to learn more about this eco friendly product! A sampling of our available glass textures are below, contact GlassArt Design today to learn more or talk to us about other textures! It is not necessary to cut the form walls to length before attaching them to the melamine base. of recycled blue glass aggregate into the terrazzo mixture and blend with paddle mixer until all glass is evenly distributed. ;). GlassArt Design offers a wide variety of glass textures. Since we are going to seal this project with a sealer that forms a topical membrane we won't need to use pads greater than 500 grit. Recycled Glass Countertop: This bright blue recycled glass countertop was made as a shipping and packaging table in our Berkeley, CA warehouse. Shake the Liquid Modifier well before pouring it into the 15 gallon mixing bucket. Perhaps no surface in the home gets used as much as the kitchen countertop, so durability and ease to clean are necessities. Back roll the sealer to smooth out the finish coat. We recently started carrying Basalt Rebar, which at 3mm thick has the strength of 3/8" steel rebar. Will it be strong enough? In addition, they are resistant to scratching and chipping and do not get stained. The countertop contains 75 pounds of recycled blue glass and 50 pounds of Surecrete’s Terrazzo Mix. Before making a concrete countertop, consider how it will be supported. Pour a liberal amount of sealer on the countertop. Casting a recycled glass terrazzo mix is very similar to casting ordinary concrete with one notable exception – the aggregate is really sharp. Trim the 1” form liners to length leaving them a hair short. What was the cost of materials, including the mold, to produce this slightly more than 15 sq. For this project we used two table vibrators, one at each end of the casting table. 6 years ago Wait a few minutes. A sampling of our available glass edges are below, contact GlassArt Design today to learn more or talk to us about other edge finishes! Check out the. It's perfect for reinforcing thinner castings like this one where ghosting in the surface from the rebar underneath can be a problem. If any impurities or debris are present in the final coat, they can be sanded down and the sealer can be progressively polished up to a 2000 grit wet-sand. E-mail:, Commercial Glass Solutions, Products and Services. The glass pieces incorporated in a monolith surface, gleaming under the light, look like magic! This bright blue recycled glass countertop was made as a shipping and packaging table in our Berkeley, CA warehouse. Polishing your recycled glass countertop will take a considerable amount of time and patience. If you opt for an epoxy-based countertop, you can use any domestic cleaning product. Spread the sealer with a high density foam roller, working the sealer into the surface, covering the entire countertop in a uniform layer. Contact GlassArt Design today to learn more or to discuss your project needs! Using our simple foam rail and adhesive forming system we were able to build this entire countertop mold in about an hour. It is much easier to shape the underside of the recycled glass countertop before demolding. Vigorously mix until all the concrete mixture is thoroughly blended and free of lumps or unmixed material. Adhere double stick carpet tape to the bottom of the form walls. Reasons to be Cautious about Crushed Glass Countertops. If you've over filled the form, screed the excess concrete off the casting with a clean, straight edge of wood or steel. Let the first coat of sealer cure for 24 hours before sanding and applying the second coat. Add the entire bag of Indigo Pigment to the bucket of Liquid Modifier. We can custom-coat glass of any thickness with any color. Mark the form base with a pencil, laying out the 24" x 91" dimensions of the finished countertop. While reasonably strong, if a lot of weight is placed on a corner, it might crack. What exactly do you mean? The form should be filled completely and evenly. All work is performed at GlassArt Design, located in the North Loop of Minneapolis. This means that without regular impregnation with special sealants, just like granite or marble, your table top will be covered with stains, it can absorb unpleasant odors and even contain bacteria. Glass Recycled Surfaces is an environmentally friendly, fully customizable and more durable alternative to granite countertops. Add final 25 lbs. At this stage, before polishing, the finish is consistent, with only a few specks of recycled glass showing through. For this project we used an Alpha WDP-120 polisher attached to a HEPA vacuum cleaner, which helps minimize dust. Yes you could purchase a slab and install it by yourself, but you risk losing the warranty. Don't touch the unsealed surface with your bare hands - the natural oil on your hands will stain the concrete. Mix 6 ounces of sealer using 4.5 ounces of Part A and 1.5 ounce of Part B (3:1 ratio). But for this project we need to cut them down to 1".