I am saying that the love is a treasure which multiplies continuously till the old age. I will never leave you nor hurt you. The poem that I wrote was similar to this and I... My sweetheart from now until forever. As if I had wings, it seems that I flew. All other content on this website is Copyright © 2006 - 2020 FFP Inc. All rights reserved. I've never imagined that there can be this day. I fell in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time. It's the twinkle in your eye that I only see when you look at me. If you were my rose, then I'd be your sun, A day that love will find its way Taught me love what it's all about. I'd change my orbit to banish the night, That can heal a frozen heart. And I think I'm crushing, if you only knew. I desire you when splinters of light appear The beams blast from afar, Of all the tears I've ever shed, I love you with all my heart I want to give a special Valentine to you, Love that never inspires romance is stagnant and stale. i love this poem, continue to write poems you're good at it! With all my love you could not measure, So on this day I shall always treasure. I would be your tears; It is the content that matters. This Valentine poem could be sent to any number of people, including friends at work, your boss, acquaintances, people you admire from afar and more. I love you as my Romance is love in its active state, ignited and inspired. Love is when I looked in your eyes Valentine's Day is an opportunity to ignite our existing relationship with romance, and love with an added dose of romance will result in a stronger, longer lasting and far more satisfying relationship. I love you for a lifetime, Even though I hardly see my girl, I know she's the world to me. VOTE. Your heart is mine. All I want to say is I love you. Stuck by me through it all. Be my Valentine. The copyright of all poems on this website belong to the individual authors. Poem About New Love And Our First Valentine's Day, Poems That Bring Awareness To Alzheimer's Disease. Keep them coming. And the dew lazily joins morning sky. my love for you is forever; Each day I feel like I'm floating on an endless cloud. I know how this feels! Born in your eyes. You are my valentine; you bring me pleasure. In fact, if you're taking the time to write something of your own, you're probably on the right track. Happy Valentine's for ever and ever. As we watch the sun go down, Love is the fart of every heart, for when held in it pains the host, but when released pains others most. is your favorite day this year, This Valentines Day is my boyfriend and my first together and this poem says it all. True romance are words from your heart to hers. But the sun is no match to your powerful smile I love the way the poet is using comparisons to express the emotions of love and devotion in such a deep, romantic and poetic way. I want the soothing softness of your kiss. Be my number one, my soulmate. Do not allow anybody you see to steal your heart, but allow someone who can be your soulmate. If I were a Singer, I would sing you a song. You light up my world, and you put a smile on my face. Conceived in your heart, Read Complete Poem I could watch the sunrise, I could watch the sunset. Taught me a lifetime of things I never knew. I could walk in the rain without getting wet. By Joanna Fuchs Valentine's Day Love that never inspires romance is stagnant and stale. There's just so much about you I completely understand. My heart is yours. Romance is love in its active state, ignited and inspired. I want you, forever. I love it when we spend every minute together. Romantic Poems for Valentine's Day. By Mr G Hughes Published: February 2014; You are my valentine; you bring me pleasure. Happy Valentine's for ever and ever. Your poem really reminds me of my past. Out of my heart and into your soul. As long as the fish can swim, I sit back down in silence and try not to leak a sound, a muffled fart made its way as I looked down at the ground. When arias, pining birds to mates sing, Valentine's Day is the Holiday of Romance. Don't go for the "roses are red, violets are blue" variety of poems. Not what you do or say. is hold you tight and shed a grateful tear. Valentine's Day prompts me to express what I often think but don't say out loud: I admire you; I respect you; I'm happy to know you. A short poem to your Valentine can easily be more powerful than a long one. I was supposed to make a poem for a boy in my class and this poem inspired me. Even when death separates us, Thank you, Bobby. Not only for a day. I hope you feel Valentine's Day Of all the things I did to you,