Charcoal and anthracite are also used as fuel and reductant. 216 views. This category of pig iron is used in the genres like machine tools, general engineering, and automotive parts manufacturing. Pig iron is the product of smelting irone ore with a high carbon with a fuel and reductant such as coke, usually with limestones as a flux. There are several different ways to get steel from the initial iron product, but all focus on significantly reducing the amount of impurities, particularly carbon, in the material. It has very high carbon content along with silica and another constituent of dross. Until the development of steel, iron was a primary building material throughout the world, for everything from skyscrapers to steam engine components. Pig iron of a type used to make ductile iron, stored in a bin. It’s called pig iron because when being cast, each ingot being cast looks like a Piglet suckling milk from a sow. Pig iron is made by smelting iron ore into ingot form, in a blast furnace. Pig iron is often used as an intermediary step in creating steel. Pig Iron is Iron with a high carbon content. Creation of pearlite in the final casting … Pig iron is used for making steel and pure iron units. Steel, … Pig iron is produced by smelting or iron ore in blast furnaces or by smelting ilmenite in electric furnaces.